Friday, November 02, 2007

closing my eyes and thinking of England

I despise shopping.

But I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day and realized that I am starting to look like a goddamn hobo. I figured I could either hop a train for California to pick grapes for the winter or bite the bullet and buy some new clothes.

So I started easy. Socks on Wednesday. That was pretty painless - just a matter of making the stop. Today was bigger - new shoes. I have been saying I need new shoes for longer than I care to disclose. And it's no small potatoes either; I have very demanding feet - wide, with a high instep, and oh yeah, I often wear orthotic inserts. God that makes me sound dead sexy, doesn't it?

But I was determined, so I took my duck feet and went to a quality shoe store, where I found three pair that actually fit. The first pair were so butt-ugly that I wanted to cry, the second pair were actually really cute Mary-Janes, and I was tempted, but the third pair was just right, not as sassy as the Mary-Janes, but way more practical for wearing with pants.

I am pretty damned proud of myself, even though Jerry guessed that they cost 1/8 of their actual price. So I guess they are not all that cute. Still it's a good start.

Next week - a new jacket, a couple of pairs of pants, and gitch without holes in them. Oh and gloves that actually match and have no holes in the finger tips.

And then when we head to Ontario next weekend for Jerry's mom's birthday, she won't be tempted to drag me shopping and buy me ugly pink sweaters.

Here's the Get Me All Jacked Up and Let Me Loose in the Store Friday Random Playlist:

Left and Leaving - the Weakerthans
Ana - Pixies
Survivalism - Nine Inch Nails
Lethal and Young - Hawksley Workman
Look for Me (I'll Be Around) - Neko Case

Can't See Me - Ian Brown
Dead - Pixies
Mausoleum - Manic Street Preachers

Tralala - Lush
Nature of the Experiment - Tokyo Police Club

Have a fabulous weekend, you well-coiffed and stylish beauties. Buy yourself something insanely expensive.


Dale said...

Gitchy gitchy yeah yeah get them. I only like shopping for me but barely.

Toccata said...

I hate shopping under pressure. We had a family reunion a few years back which involved having a family portrait done. When my mom asked me what I was wearing I said my black velvet skirt. Her response was, "That old thing!" I was then forced to shop with my mom which ranks right up there with a dentrist drilling in my mouth.

p.s. It was a very nice black velvet skirt. Poor skirt, I don't know what it ever did to get mocked so.

justacoolcat said...

You broke my heart with the first line you goddamn hobo, but the post kept getting better and better. Not that's Survivalism. Is there anything Rock Stars don't know? I can't wait to see your whole new get up.

mellowlee said...

I love getting new socks n shoes! I just got some new socks last weekend, so no more Sunday Socks for Mel n Barb yay!

When I shop for cloths I just kinda run into the store, grab a shitload of cloths, try them on, and take whatever fits. Thankfully I don't shop that often. It gets damn expensive!

Have a groovy weekend hobo lady *HUGZ*

mellowlee said...

PS I just submitted two pics I did of loki to It takes 24 hours to be approved, so when/if they are, I will email you the link :O)

Anonymous said...

geeez..i probably have more clothes than you

and whats wrong with hobos?

phlegmfatale said...

Would you be going near Toronto when you go to Ontario? Girl, girl, girl! You GOTS to get you some Fluevogs. Seriously. Try the men's, if you need them that wide. They're a bit heavy, but you'll love the shit out of the Angels Michael shoes, and they are some of the best-constructed shoes I've ever seen this side of $500. Also, while you're in the store, try on the men's (just size it down 2 sizes) and see if they don't work better for you. Incredible arch support in these puppies, too, and really good, thick leather. Good stuff.

I'm proud of you for making yourself shop. It's terrible to catch one's reflection and abruptly acquaint with an exterior that does not match one's rich inner vision. Eep. NOT that that happens to me or you, ever. *blink* *blink*

phlegmfatale said...

OK, it's like, 5:30 and I'm repeating myself. Still riding the wave of Emma Pollock/Neko Caseness that was last night's show in Dallas. I think I can go to sleep now.

It's been fun catching up on your blog. Sorry I've been so scarce, but I've been busy having my arse kicked by the world. Time to kick back, eh?

Allison said...

"I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day and realized that I am starting to look like a goddamn hobo..."

You honestly kill me.

Ah, shopping is one thing I don't really enjoy, although I can, but I'm an in and out shopper. I have to buy a winter coat and I've been putting it off. I haven't had matching coat/mittens for years, probably since when they used to come with the string around your neck. Damn practical if you ask me.

Good luck with the rest of your shopping. Just keep repeating, if I shop now, no ugly pink sweaters ;)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Shopping ain't so bad as long as you don't obsess about having to do it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So I can't count on you to be my personal shopper, Dale? Is that what you're saying? Thanks, thanks a lot.

Obviously said black velvet skirt must have done something to displease your mom, Toccata, but probably all very innocently. I am a firm believer in wearing something until it dies. I wore my wedding dress (just a dress, not a big white poofy thing) to every social function for the first 5 years of married life.

It's all about Survivalism, whether in the trenches or in the mall. I shall have to take photos, Just A, although lately the camera does not love me. Perhaps it will love my new clothes better.

Sunday socks! That's a perfect description, Mel, Sunday underwear too, and I don't mean the kind with the day of the week printed on them.
It sounds as though you shop very much the same way that I do. No wonder I end up with some odd looking clothes.
hahaha Loki is going to be a LOLCat? I can't wait to see that! He is pretty lolz.

You probably have better clothes than me too, Kelly. There's nothing wrong with hobos, it's just that I am certain to kill myself attempting to jump a train.

We will be bypassing Toronto, heading directly to London, Phlegmfatale, but I will check to see if anybody carries Fluevogs in Calgary. For the next time I need shoes.
Did you write about the NP show? I'm heading over to check! I'm glad to hear it was worthy of your fataleness.

That shall be my mantra for the week, Al - no ugly pink sweaters, no ugly pink sweaters! That's actually a brilliant motivator, not enough to hit the mall on a weekend, but very very close.
Why don't they put strings on mittens anymore? So you strangle a few kids each year, that's a small price to pay for not having to wear blue mitts with black mitts imo.
Coats are one of those things that are so easy to put off buying. You know that it's bad when your husband, who has been after you to buy a fall coat for two years, finally gets you a store certificate so that you are forced to.

My problem is, that if I don't obsess over having to do it, I always find something else to do instead, Dr M. I have never found shopping to be a recreational activity.

phlegmfatale said...

There is a John Fluevog store IN Toronto
242 Queen Street West
(416) 581-1420
Mon-Wed: 11-7 / Thur-Fri: 11-8
Sat: 11-7 / Sun: 12-6

Yeah, it was great, I'll blog it later today. Slept til noon for some reason. *wink*

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for the info, PF! I won't get there this trip, but I've got it written down!

John Mutford said...

I always put off new shoes, too. They're such a commitment aren't they?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Exactly, you understand my pain then, John. And what if you decide the next day you hate them and you just spent a gazillion dollars on them?

Deb said...
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Deb said...

That had too many typos for me.

What I tried to say (instead of erjkm fkew)

On a GOOD day I look like a hobo. On an average day, a hobo who's been dragged behind a dump truck through sandpaper fields.

I, too, need clothes. But I HATE, HATE HATE shopping (yes, the caps were necessary). I'd rather rub my eyes with vinegar wipes. I usually end up finding tons of cute stuff for Linds.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

On a GOOD day I look like a hobo. On an average day, a hobo who's been dragged behind a dump truck through sandpaper fields.

Oh Deb, you've got a way with words, girl! We really should go shopping together sometime. We'd either give up after 10 minutes, or we'd blast through 15 stores in half an hour and end up with 45 items.