Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All secrets sleep in winter clothes with one you loved so long ago, now he don't even know his name

Sadly, we do not pass by this store on our commute.

We do, however, snicker daily at Adventures in Scuba and Treasures of China and argue which is the more awesome name for a place of business. Adventures in Scuba sounds like the kind of place that you may never want to leave, but Treasures of China has the added bonus of having an intramural team at Eva's school named after it.

"Who are we playing against in basketball at noon?"
"Treasures of China."

"Oh man, they're brutal!"

Treasures of China (the intramural team) also had the added panache of having had Steven Yang play for them. Yes, that Steven Yang. Of Steven Yang fan club fame. He's a legend.

We also drive by the Shepherd King Lutheran church, which we always think of as the Stephen King Lutheran Church. It would make for a better sermon, I think.

And recently, to our delight, they have put a little marquee sign outside our neighbourhood mall advertising Bout of Elegance. Personally I am glad they cheaped out of the sign size and letter usage, because that is infinitely better than Boutique of Elegance. Makes it sound like you could catch something there that you would be ashamed of.

Do you have any favourite signs that you regularly pass by?


Will said...

Now that I am faced with the challenge, I cannot think of amusing signs that I say. Once I saw a store in SoCal called "Video Hot" - that should count for something.

justacoolcat said...

I actually read it first as "Stephen King Lutheran Church". Talk about the fear of God.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm saving mine for a post that I'll do soon. Stephen King Lutheran cracks me up. I love you people.

Karen said...

I drove past a church last year that had a sign outside proclaiming "We Drive Out Demons". I sooooooo wanted to go inside but the voices in my head wouldn't let me.

Allison said...

That is a great question! However I can't think of a single funny thing to say that I've seen lately.

I keep seeing funny things on labels. Like coke and juice...on my cherry coke...pop this. Nothing overly exciting though.

I too read "Stephen King Lutheran Church" before the whole sentence as it was in bold. I think I'd go there.

John Mutford said...

I do pass the "Road to Nowhere", but also there's a building called "the Aristocrat" which makes me think of the movie/joke and then I try not to imagine the weird crap that goes in there.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It counts for much, Will. I wonder if you can get Disney videos there?

Or perhaps fear of authors, Just A. I tell you, if IO ever see a clown standing outside that church, I am getting the hell out of there.

You big tease, Dr M! Well, you are forgiven because we love you too.

Those damned voices never let us do anything fun, Karen! The demon-driving is something that I would have loved to have seen as well, plus the sight of you spinning around upside down as you tried to approach the church.

pop this cherry coke - well I would drink a can for that statement alone, Al! How sassy! I wonder how many people starting attending Stephen King Lutheran for the name alone and ended up staying for the after-service doughnuts?

"The Road to Nowhere" sounds so romantic, John. I have not ever seen The Arisocrats, so I'm afraid I'm not in on the joke. I know I am lame.

John Mutford said...

The Aristocrats is probably the only movie to get a NC-17 rating purely based on dialogue. Basically, all it is is a collection of famous comedians telling the same joke.

Anonymous said...

There's a sign in Winnipeg for "Back Door Grooming". Turned out it's a place you take your dog to get clipped and the entrance is at the rear of a mini mall.

Anonymous said...

I'd TOTALLY attend Stephen King's "Lutheran" Church.

I bet the bouncer usher boys would be hot, heh...

Anonymous said...

hahaha, "Back Door Grooming"....I was gonna suggest that one too, Mom. It just sounds so naughty, like the kind of salon you'd visit before a hot date. hehehehe.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yes, I remember hearing about that film now, John. I'll need to watch that sometime.

OH YES, Back Door Grooming! I remember hearing legends about that place, Berni! Makes you wonder if it was intentional or just really poorly/brilliantly thought out!

Totally hot, Michelle, with little red tails and cute little horns. My kinda church as well.

Hey the whole family is here, Beth! I love this!
It was you who first saw that sign, wasn't it? It's the kind of place that makes you wish you always carried a camera.
"the kind of salon you'd visit before a hot date" - Nice!

mellowlee said...

Bout of Elegance is a great sign :O) My favorite was a large sign which ran the entire length of a convenience store on the Lougheed Highway which said "Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich" I'm positive they didn't sell fried chicken donut sandwiches, but the thought of it always makes me laugh!

Deb said...
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Deb said...

The Chinese try really hard to impress us here. We have restaurants named:

Good Foody
Excellent Food
Best Restaurant
Master Hung

Only the best for Richmondites.

And there's always this beaut, that has me a little perplexed:

Deb said...

O.K....I've been trying to link you somewhere, but it isn't working!

So I'm afraid you'll have to copy/paste to see this little gem:

Anonymous said...

Not as funny as those, but I took a picture of street sign in NYC one time
It said: Don't even think of parking here

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha "Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich"! You never know, Mel, it was a convenience store after all. And what could be more convenient when you are on the highway, than something like that? All your food groups represented.

It's so true, Deb, Chinese restaurants always have the best names. One of my favourites in the Happy Lucky Family Restaurant. Doesn't that just give you the warm and fuzzies.
And re the link, I've been through some haircuts which made me wonder if I had in fact been to a hair saloon instead.

I like that, Gifted Typist. It's direct and assertive. And it actually reminds me of one I saw on the outside of a church once: You park, you preach.

Anonymous said...

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