Saturday, October 13, 2007

the zombie sleeps tonight

Is it sad that I am so glad to be staying home tonight?

I guess that's one of the perks of having been married for 300 or so years, you don't feel the obligation to always be out socializing. Unlike when I was in university, when I thought that if I didn't have anything to do on a Friday or Saturday night that I was a loser. I know, I was really pathetic and insecure. Mind you, I was also really poor and didn't even have a tv or anything decent to eat, so staying in was pretty boring and frankly, a little depressing. (Somehow I still always managed to have money to go drinking though, hmmmm)

Maybe I was just a late bloomer, that's sort of more high school mentality, don't you think? You would think by university I would have had a little more self-confidence, but no. I was reminded of all this as I was listening to Definitely Not the Opera today, where the theme was high school. They delved into all the insecurities and the cliques and those dreams about being naked in high school looking for your locker.

One thing which was mentioned that I found interesting was that people never stop thinking about their high school days, no matter how old they are. Hence, the popularity of John Hughes movies and 80s nostalgia. Apparently your high school experience is what defines you, as it is a microcosm of adult society and people will always look back to their high school days for a guideline in their lives.

Which made me realize that I never think about high school. Ever. Couldn't give a shit about it. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. It wasn't bad, but I wanted to get on with my life.

I'm not really sure what that says about me. Probably just that I am doing too much navel gazing today.

But I am curious about your high school days and how you think back on them. Were they the defining days of your formation? Do you have those high school anxiety nightmares? Am I just a maladjusted freak?


strangemange said...

First off, I gotta say that my favorite song off the new Radiohead is "Nude." We listened to it, all together, in the car for our pilgrimage to our favorite Asian market & man, that song slaughters me. Right after I emailed you about my triumph over actually paying for music (hahah) I burned it... Thom Yorke makes driving through Tacoma MOST enjoyable.

Then I go check the mail & see that Jen sent me some "Hospital Music." Did I say I was blissed yet? :D

Barb, I'm totally with you on high school reminisces. I went to my 5 yr reunion, mainly because I graduated from a class of 147 so you know, we all knew each other from way back & we all grew up together. I realized, in a most eye-opening fashion, that these people didn't know shit about me & I didn't want them to know me. It was a time in my life, I'm in another phase, it was interesting, see ya 'round...

Speaking of navel gazing. I was in the shower the other day, doing the usual belly button scrub, and realized that I could see my pulse in my navel if I stood still long enough. It freaked me out, 'cuz you know, after having a kid you get to see the umbilical cord & placenta & everything & I realized good goddess... I really was born.

i have no idea why i said that. :D

Grumpy Old Bastard said...

There is nothing wrong with staying home on a Saturday night. I should note that staying home on a Monday morning is frowned on by most employers. This I have learned the hard way.

I have no real warm fuzzy feelings about High School, which I attended in the late Paleocene. I was, er, somewhat lacking in the social graces. I was voted "Most Likely to Gain Employment as a Speedbump" by my classmates. I majored in animal husbandry, until I was caught at it one afternoon. (Apologies to Tom Lehrer...)

I have not attended class reunions and I'm not likely to reconsider this position. I have nothing against the people I graduated with. This still does not make me want to spend 4 hours in a Holiday Inn banquet room with a no-host bar with any of them.


strangemange said...

I forgot to add - I LOVE your personalish blogish postishes. You prove that zombies have feelings, too.

It makes me wanna embrace my inner undead, which makes me kinda sound like I wanna hug my rotting intestines.

GOB is speaking true, he eschews all things high school. Unless it's schadenfreude, which as we all know, is MOST excellent for the soul.

BeckEye said...

I stayed in tonight too. I've been in and out of bed all night. :)

High school was horrible. I always felt like I was too old for it. I don't think about it often, but when I do, it's never fondly. I was probably like Ally Sheedy's character, only better dressed without the dandruff. I wasn't popular and I wasn't a nerd, I was just there. Well, sometimes. I was quite the truant!

Now, college. That's where it was at. I think about college A LOT. Such fun times.

Allison said...

I think about high school now and again, it wasn't that long ago, but like you, I couldn't wait to get out of there. High school was crappy in the melodramatic teen angst way as it is for most, but I was just really bored half of the time and wanted to do more. I was akin to Ally Sheedy's character, in a sea of jocks. There were fun times, sure, but I look to university as the guideline to my life and I think I always will.

I remember coming back home for the Christmas holidays in my first year and people saying I had changed, and all I could remember was thinking, no I've always been this way, now I'm just more vocal ;)

As for staying in on a Saturday night, I did it in university and still do now from time to time. Sometimes you just have to be, right?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nude is in my top three, Michelle, I'm still most hung up on House of Cards. Can't stop listening to the whole album, actually, and isn't it the best Sunday morning music ever?
I'm glad you have Hospital Music, that is such a powerful album. It amazes me how Matt can mke music like that out of the horrors that he has gone through this past year.
I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only person for whom high school is a non-entity.
hahaha I am sitting here gazing at my own navel now, and can see no evidence of a pulse. Perhaps I am dead! More likely though it is hidden under the fat layers. I will have to take it on faith that I was actually born.
And definitely Schadenfreude is the most underrated pleasure of them all.

"I have not attended class reunions and I'm not likely to reconsider this position. I have nothing against the people I graduated with. This still does not make me want to spend 4 hours in a Holiday Inn banquet room with a no-host bar with any of them." This is precisely how I feel, GOB, you are spending entirely too much time inside my head.
I have to say though, you have done pretty well for an animal breeding speed bump. Just sayin.

College (or university) was definitely where the fun started (and for the most part, ended), Beckeye. I still am friends with many of my university friends, but as for high school, as you so aptly put it "I was just there".
(I kind of love staying in on Saturday nights now, actually.)

I pretty much flew under the radar in high school as well, Al, so I can relate to what you say about people thinking you had changed, when in fact you were being your real self.
I think if the internet had been invented back in my day, I would not have minded staying in on Saturday nights. I likely would not have drank so much, but I would have replaced that with internet addiction. Here's to all the Ally Sheedys.

jim dandy said...

I like the John Hughes movies even though they don't remind me of my high school, they remind me of the 80's. (I didn't like school or the 80's and have no interest in reliving either of them.)
I went to school in the 70's and my fondest reminders of MY school days come from the likes of, Detroit Rock City, Dazed and Confused, That 70's Show, and Cheech & Chong records.
That being said, I now stay home instead of going out to party on the weekends too. Albeit my only companion these days is my cat, and I have more fun being in with her than out with anyone I know.
Am I pitiful? Maybe.
A freak? Probably.
Happy? Oh yeah!
Party on Dudes, and Be Excellent to Each Other!

justacoolcat said...

About time you take a night off!

Well, this movie is further proof I am not human. I never think about High School.

mellowlee said...

I really couldn't stand high school, and don't really think about it very often. My facebook is full of people from my past, including jr high, and high school, which I find hilarious. There are people on there who added me, who never really took the time of day to talk to me back then. I wonder why they bothered to add me now? Maybe THEY like to look back at those years often. *shudder*
Ally Sheedy was the character in The Breakfast Club I most relate to as well Al! I found the other kids at school often either scary or ridiculous.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I didn't mind high school so much, in fact I'd have done anything to prolong the length of the day in high school so I would not have had to go back to my aunt's house at night. I loved it when I went off to college because I was finally on my own for a bit.

Toccata said...

I couldn't wait to leave home but it didn't have much to do with high school but my house as in away from my mother. My mother and I are now extremely close but in high school man could we fight. You name it and we fought about it. I swear even if she said something I agreed with I would have to take the opposing view just because. You are so lucky to have the kind of relationship you have with your daughter.

Allison said...

I have to second Toccata's comment about your relationship with Eva, Barb. I have a much better relationship now with my Mom, and I think it will continue to get better, but growing up. Quite horrible.

And to Mel - that is one thing I find funny about Facebook, and for that reason I hardly have anyone from high school on there. *shudders*

Dale said...

I am happy to be a maladjusted freak. I didn't enjoy high school and wouldn't go to a reunion if you paid me. Unless you came with me. And paid me.

Evelyne said...

I didn't enjoy high school that much, and also wanted to get our of there. However, I had some teachers that I truly respect and that made high school a lot better, you know those classes that you can't wait to go to even if it's a French class? Unfortunately, there are too few of them.

Jas Bhambra said...

I stay home all the time Barb! :)

I loved my school days. They were carefree. And not as stressful like it can get here in N. America.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Happy freaks are my favourite kind, Jim Dandy! Isn't that the great thing about not being a teenager anymore, you can say to hell with what is cool, if I want to stay in with my cat I will.
Oh yeah, Cheech and Chong - hahaha I think we used to recite their albums by heart.

You must be part zombie maybe, Just A; zombies have forgotten they ever went to high school. And that's the way we prefer it.

Isn't that weird, Mel, that people from high school (and junior high?!) are looking you up now. I think it shows they either have no lives now or they are so immersed in the past that they want to hang onto everything from those days, including people for whom they didn't previously have the time of day. Interesting phenomenon.

That's bad that you didn't have a good place to go home to, Dr M. That must have made those years pretty miserable. I guess we were all more than ready to leave home after high school, but some of us needed it more than others.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You must have been a feisty one, Toccata! I'm really happy that you and your mom get along so well now though.
I really am lucky that Eva is such a great kid and is so nice to her old mom.

It's hearing about how other people fought with their moms that make me extra grateful for the type of relationship that Eva and I have, Al. I can't say I fought much with my mom, but I just didn't tell her anything. (I was protecting her from the horrible truth!)

I've got a better idea, Dale. Instead of me paying you to take you to your high school reunion, why don't we stay in and watch tv and talk shit about everybody on the blogs. Way more fun.

You are right, Evelyne, there were a couple of teachers that really made a difference, that really inspired and guided. And then there was the evil guidance councilor, but don't even get me started there.

You had a really great homelife, by the sounds of it, Jas. I think you are the only person I know who didn't want to leave home. And that's really nice.

Danny Tagalog said...

I hated the teachers and loved my mates who were into music ands sport. I realised that you cannit rely on a teacher to give you useful info!

Marriage is a wonderful institution. It needs to be preserved - mine gets better as time goes by...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aww that is so sweet, Danny; I trust that your wife knows this?