Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're going to be just like Virgins

Calgary is getting another big-assed music festival.

Sir Richard Branson swooped into town yesterday to announce that the Virgin Festival will be held here this June, I believe the week before the Sled Island Music Festival.

Yowza, I'm thinking of initiating hibernation this winter to prepare these old bones for all the debauchery come spring. Pass the melatonin please.

Virgin is inviting suggestions for bands which we would like to see at the festival. Here's the list that I just sent them:

Radiohead (yeah, and pigs can fly, but it would be a hell of a coup, wouldn't it?)
Belle and Sebastian
the Decemberists
Gogol Bordello
Jarvis Cocker
Bloc Party
the Jesus and Mary Chain (are they still reunited?)

David and the Citizens
Franz Ferdinand
Patrick Wolf
Manic Street Preachers
Lily Allen
the Hives
the Flaming Lips

Who would you like to see come to your town?

Today be Wednesday.

Time for the third installment of the Zombie files, those lovely little ditties which scare up warm fuzzy images of severed limbs and ghouls. This week, let me lull you into a false sense of security with:

Turkish Song of the Damned.mp3 - the Pogues
Over at the Frankenstein Place.mp3 - the Rocky Horror Picture Show

- don't go down into the basement -


John Mutford said...

My picks:

James Blunt
Kalan Porter
Enrique Iglesias
Jessica Simpson
Celine Dion

and that man that throws knives at the audience

phlegmfatale said...

Yeah - just like that David Bowie song - We can be Virgins, just for one day!

Deb said...

Holey quacamole I have not been here for several posts!

I think I was in a coma.

I don't really know where I've been, but I've got some catching up to do.

John's list is great. I think he forgot Creed though.

Linds went to the V fest here but mostly it was screaming bands. I did like "Rise Against" though...there's still a little wild woman left in this gal.

Allison said...

Wow, you're are most certainly going to have to go into hibernation this winter.

You list is pretty spot on. Right now I'm most want to see The Flaming Lips. I just think they'd put on a fun show.

Beth said...

HA! I was listening to "Over at the Frankenstein Place" yesterday at the office. And singing much too loudly at my desk.

And today I'm going to waste valuable hours making my festival list.

justacoolcat said...

Add the Polyphonic Spree!

They are coming tomorrow and I can't go. :-(

Barbara Bruederlin said...

With a list like that, I would be praying that one of those knives caught me clear in the throat, John.

One day is long enough, Phlegmfatale!

He did forget Creed, Deb, also Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne. Where's the guy's head at?
I always think they mean Rage Against the Machine when somebody mentions Rise Against; perhaps that was the whole intention in that name.

The Flaming Lips would be a blast, Al, you'd have to get right up close to catch all the extras though, I think.
I would love to see Gogol Bordello. Absolutely wild performances!

I'm really good at wasting valuable hours at work, Beth. In fact I think I will put on Rocky Horror Picture Show right now and annoy some people.

They'd have to hold it at a venue with a larger stage, Just A. We wouldn't want any of the Spree-ers getting bumped from the stage and ending up trampled by Virgins.

BeckEye said...

I hope the Virgin Festival and Slut Island Festivals aren't held during the same time, or there could be serious problems.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha there wouldn't be enough Long Island Iced Tea in the world to quench that one, Beckeye.

mellowlee said...

I heard about the festival on The Hour. Did you know George is coming to your town soon? That's what he said last night anyways. He's comin to Van city too apparently.

I love your list *G* I think I would add Arcade Fire. Probably more, but I just can't think at at moment.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Arcade Fire would be a good band at a festival too, Mel. I was aiming for bands which we rarely, if ever, get to see.
Somebody else told me about the Hour too. I actually haven't watched the show in over a year.

New and Used Records said...

Well I hope Radiohead does come ... if only to play a private show in your backyard.

To be honest, the only artist I need to see live in my town is Kanye West.

Oh and hopefully the Passionistas come to everyone's town.

BTW - I hear that Megatunes received our shipment of God's Boat. Thanks for the tip. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Will, if Radiohead ever plays a concert in our backyard, I expect you to immediately hop on a plane to get up here for it.
I need to give Kanye West more than the cursory listening I have given him though, since you always talk so highly of him and I really don't know his music at all.
I hope to make it to Megatunes soon, where I will make a big public fuss over the Passionistas cd!