Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Should I stay or should I go?

I had a job offer this morning.

I am seriously thinking of saying yes, but of course I am torn, having been at my current job for almost nine years. You feel a considerable bit of loyalty toward people with whom you have worked for that long.

I know you have been listening to me qvetch about my job for a long time now, how the commute has become insane, how I don't love it anymore as there is nothing left for me to do blah blah blah. But for some reason those festival promoters have yet to throw bags of money at me to help them lure musicians to town and raise excitement levels amongst the populace, so I stay. But I was curious enough about the offered job to apply, obviously, and now I must decide.

So I'm doing a survey. I am forever advising people to develop pro and con lists to help them make decisions, so I guess it's time I take my own advice.

  1. daily commute will be reduced from 1.5-2 hours down to 14-16 minutes
  2. my current position has essentially run its course and there is not much left there for me to do
  3. parking fees would decrease by $1,500.00/year
  4. I want to try something new and different and cheese is always fun
  5. I really like this shop, I like the seminars and the tastings they hold, and their philosophy
  6. this job would be relatively stress-free
  7. quitting a job is always fun
  1. big salary reduction (less than half of my current salary)
  2. increased likelihood of working evenings and weekends
  3. harder to schedule events in the long-term because of possibility of shift-work
  4. I will miss the satisfaction of completing big projects
  5. won't get to play on the computer at work
  6. change is always stressful

What would you do?


Beth said...

What's most important to you? My sister took a 50-percent paycut last year. She's still smarting a bit in her pocketbook (luckily, her husband makes a good salary), but she's happy and energized for the first time in ages.

On the other hand, not being able to make plans far out ... well, that's gonna cut into concert times. Yikes!

Allison said...

Hmmm...those are some big cons, but I have to agree with Beth, what's the most important to you and what will make you happy in the long run?

I don't envy you having to choose. But you gave me the best advice when I was choosing grad schools...flip a coin. I was totally bummed when the one I didn't want came back at me and thus, knew the choice I had to make.

Keep us posted!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I would pick which ever one I thought I would be happiest doing.

justacoolcat said...

Go. You had me at #1.

justacoolcat said...

Stay. You had me at Con #1.

Anonymous said...

Hello, what is your time worth? 1.5-2hr commute time has a price. Specific type of business dress no longer required? Parking fees. STRESS from commute. Fun factor? Meeting new people. Can you pay the bills on new salary? If so, go for it. DON'T burn any bridges. You may want to go back later> Good luck.

mellowlee said...

Hmm. What would I do...Well I hate working weekends and evenings, so I would stay with the old job. I agree with Al, try the coin flip :O)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for your input, everyone, I appreciate the advice. Right now I am fleshing out a proposal which I believe would result in a win-win-win (to quote Michael Scott) situation.

Beth the amount of pay cut was rather a shock, but it's the evening and weekend bit that is the sticking factor. I may have a solution though. I'm so glad to hear that the risk worked for your sister. That is indeed heartening.

Al the coin toss seems to be inconclusive this time around for me. Damned Libras can't make a decision!

That's one of the issues, Dr M, there are aspects that are great about both situations. Also issues, but I guess no job is perfect.

You are a big bloody help, Just A, and you're not even a Libra, as far as I know.

Thanks for weighing in, Anony, those are all valid points and I guess it's simply a matter of assigning weight to the different factors. Don't worry, I hardly ever burn bridges.

I think I may have found a way around that issue, Mel. I'll let you know if it works out.

John Mutford said...

See I always burn bridges. I love watching them go up in flames. So, what would I do is a poor question to ask. Personally, like anon said, I'd ask if I could pay the bills on 50% less. If so, I'd do it. Money's important but it;s not everything.

BeckEye said...

I think the huge pay cut and shift work would be the deal breaker for me.

Grumpy Old Bastard said...

Don't do it, Barb...not without serious thought. Job satisfaction needs to be considered. If your present job has become a dead end and you can afford a cut in wages - do something you love.

Sorry if I'm coming on too strong here, but consider if you really want the cheese job, if it would be rewarding. Otherwise you're trading one bad situation for another.

Just my two cents...


Toccata said...

I almost quit reading at the drop in commute time and thought, "Are you kidding me? Quit, quit now." But, then I read the cons and one question I would ask myself is would my new job interfere with the time I get to spend with Eva? Don't you do part of the commute with Eva? Also, weekends teenagers are "free" and do you want to give that up? Whatever happens and whatever you decide of course it goes without saying I want only the very best for you and to hell with what's best for either work place.

Deb said...

I'm terrible with decisions.

I usually do "eenie meenie".

Sorry, not much help.

But money isn't everything and, if you're stale, need a change and are "stressed out", why not?

You only live once and dying in traffic wouldn't be much fun. Did that come across right?

Karen said...

Personal happiness or a fat wallet? If you guys can afford and won't be hurting financially, I say go for it. It's often said that those who are really successful succeed because they do what they love. Many a millionaire has taken a huge paycut to start their own business doing what ever their hearts desired! Think of it that way - you could eventually become the Big Cheese!

Karen said...

BTW, two words:

Jalapeno Havarti

'nuff said.

JustRun said...

I think, in times like these, we already sort of know what the right decision is and yet we look for that extra push to go in the direction we know we need to. That said, happiness and low stress counts for a lot, so I'd lean that way if it weren't going to impact my life in a way (financially) that would cause even more stress.

gifted typist said...

I know this dilemma well. I've been in it often. Here is what I always tell myself: life is short and it's not a rehearsal. Carpe diem. I know it's philosophical but without knowing more, that's all I can offer.

PS, sometimes having a thursday off is better than a Saturday...

Evelyne said...

It's a hard one, and I honestly don't know what I would do... those are big cons but the pros are also important, depending on what your values are and what you want to do in the next few years. Sometimes I'd like to be able to pick both options, making the decision process a lot easier.

Teddy said...

Hey Barb,

Caught the thread late in the game, so most of what I would have said has been said.

Except for this: does your life suck right now? Cos if it doesn't, that pay cut would be a big bag of discouragement for me.

Now, if the current job sucks, or there's potential for you to be downsized away, then I'd say "go for it".

But if not, well, you have more options when you're well fed and able to go out to the occasional concert and stuff, n'est pas?

I've been off for almost three years unpaid sabbatical, and although I've made more money than I would teaching, it's still hard to give up an otherwise good job.. It's why I go back in April.

Good luck!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My abysmal math skills have finally revealed that the pay cut is actually larger than I thought,John. Although as you say, while you were watching those bridges burn, money is not everything.

The shift work, or even the threat of it, is a huge negative, Beckeye, I am a creature of habit, and I actually like to spend time with my family.

GOB, that is such an excellent point. And trust me, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and evaluating the past 24 hours. And hatching plans.

Thanks, Toccata. It's true, my time with Eva (and Jerry of course) is very precious to me. I don't want anything to interfere with that. In a couple of years, she could well be out of the house and then where will I be? That is a very important factor.

Oh god, I think about the dying in traffic thing frequently, Deb! Naturally I am a premium driver; it's all the other assholes I'm worried about.

Jalapeno havarti! I have a bit of an addition to that, Karen, I have to admit. Do I sense a similar dependency in you? The thing is, I'm not certain if my big love is actually cheese.

I think you are right, Justrun, instinctively we know what is the right step, it's just a matter of stopping and listening carefully to your true desires. And that takes a lot more introspection than most of us are used to.

Days off during the week are great, Gifted Typist. I already only work 3 days a week. I know, I am spoiled rotten! I have no cause to complain about anything. And yes, life is really really short.

I'd love to take both options too sometimes, Evelyne,and you are so right when you mention the future. Perhaps couple of years down the road would be a better time to make a change.

There is definitely a case to be made for a job that challenges you intellectually, Teddy, and my current job certainly does that. I'm the dumbest person in the group.

Thanks again, everyone for your great input. I am getting closer and closer to a decision all the time, and you have been really helpful in making me evaluate my priorities.

Bubs said...

The reduction in commuting would result in approximately 15 days (!) less spent in the car per year. Factor in your gasoline costs, too, in addition to the parking costs.

Still, though, any advantage in less time commuting would be eliminated by the extra shift work on nights/weekends. Ugh. I've done that for 19 years, and I've about had it. I don't think I'd ever take another job that requires it if I could help it.

On top of that, you'd have to take a 50% pay cut to work nights and weekends?!?

Stay where you're at. You must be doing something right these past 9 years.

Todd said...

am i to take it you've applied to get a job working with cheese? or it's a cheesy job? :P Because if you will be working with cheese, I can only speak from experience by saying that it's great fun!!

The pay cut is hard, but if you can pay the bills, go for it. The reduced travel time will mean you can do more with your days, and the reduced pay won't hurt as much because you'll be saving a good 1500 on parking, and tons on gas.

I'm with Allison, Flip a coin, lol [actually, I am leaning towards the new path if the od one has gone stale...] - Good luck with the decision!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

One good thing about long commutes, Bubs, is that is where I do all my critical listening to new cds. Yeah the possible shiftwork is a huge negative. My hat is off to you for putting up with it for 19 years.

I'm glad to hear that cheese is fun, Todd! Does it feel like I am copying you? Where do you buy your shoes anyway?
I have done the mental coin toss, and have made my choice, which I think will work out really well, in the end.

kelly said...

one other con......
too much cheese will bung you up.

oh yes and all your friends will be trying to get free cheese

..if money isn't an issue...job satisfaction and daily peace of mind are pretty important....

tough decision

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And the family would be encouraging me to bring home samples all the time, Kelly, causing me to gain 150 lbs.

phlegmfatale said...

Um, I scanned later posts, so I know the outcome of your job change possibility, but I'll comment here that the increased possible workhours might offset the time saved commuting, and that coupled with vastly decreased wages could be a recipe for additional stress and resentment.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is almost exactly the way it finally added up in my skull too, PF. It's good to have my theories confirmed by an independent source.