Friday, October 26, 2007

Should I stay or should I go - the finale

I'm staying.

I have pondered and listened to (and read) some really great advice, which has forced me to honestly evaluate
what really matters to my life and what exactly I want from a job .

I also dug out my calculator, which it turns out I should have done earlier. It seems that I am actually currently earning closer to 3X the amount that the offered job pays. I
never really thought that money was that important, but I guess at some point it does become so. I can work far less hours at my current job and still come out ahead, so that's what I am going to do. I can put those hours to good use, mainly spend them with my family.

And all this soul-searching has actually given me a renewed appreciation for my job. I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for: a good salary, a great deal of autonomy, flexibility, and colleagues whom I care about. And I am damned good at my job.

I plan to tackle the issues of commuter-fatigue and reduced workload (which has been a cause of boredom) by reducing my work week from 3 days to 2, perhaps beginning as early as December. This actually fits in really well with some budgetary changes that I have had to make to accommodate the expedition of a contract recently. So I will save us some money by reducing my salary, I will still be making twice the amount I would at the new job, I would have enough work to keep me interested and motivated, AND I would only have to do the commute twice a week.

Allison asked me recently,
"why not take the time to search out something you truly love." And she was so right, if the folk festival or the CBC or a music promoter or a magazine were to offer me a job, I would leap at that opportunity, regardless of salary. Cheese is great, but ultimately it's not my passion.
It's been far too long since I last played along with the Friday Random Playlist. I'm ready to take my skipping rope and head over the the playground to see if the cool kids (or cool cats) will still let me play or if they have a new best friend now and will laugh at my moose sweater, causing me to run home sobbing.

This is what I am bringing as a peace offering. Wish me luck.

~ The Eternal - Joy Division
~ Tragedy and Farce (Karaoke) - Momus
~ Oxytocin - Arab Strap
~ Water - Holly McNarland
~ Mon Legionnaire - Serge Gainsbourg
~ Black Star - Radiohead
~ G.P.T. - Martha Wainwright
~ Blackout - Sloan
~ Electioneering - Radiohead
~ In the Future When All's Well - Morrissey

I sure hope those kids at the playground like Radiohead, or I'm euchred.
Have yourselves a great weekend, my little lolcats, and play nicely.


justacoolcat said...

I'm so glad you're staying. As a dirty capitalist I hope it was the money that was the trump card.

I'm digging the list too. You know my feelings on Arab Strap.

Are you familiar with The Films?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

wow, i go outside for a few days and miss so much!

i'm all for working less. :)

Todd said...

You only work that job 3 times a week? And now are going down to two? I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know what else you do during the rest of the week...

Anyway, I'll collect some questions and bombard you another time. For now, Congrats on making the final decision!!! :D Sounds like you are really happy with how it has turned out.

And don't worry, I'll enjoy the cheese enough for the both of us. ;)

BeckEye said...

Go on, take the money and stay. Hey, hey, hey. See what I did there? I just rewrote a classic!

I knew you'd hit my favorite Radiohead song eventually.

"Black Star," if you're interested.

Allison said...

It really sounds like you came to the decision that fits you perfectly. And fabulous that its given you a new perspective on your current job. That's important too and I think there are bigger and better things out there for you. All around a good week of introspection for you, eh? Make sure you do something mindless this weekend :)

I am going to have to send you the album I've been listening to this week, it won't trump Radiohead (clearly) but it fits the fall mood.

Strawberry Blondie said...

Sounds like a huge weight has been lifted now that you've made a definite decision. It's always nice when the option you choose comes with more money attached, too, what a good little bonus! Huzzah!

Strawberry Blondie said...

P.S. I noticed in your sidebar that you're going to see "My Name is Rachael Corrie". I can't wait to hear what you think of it -- I've heard it's spectacular and I seem to keep missing it. It seems to have just left every city I've been in since it came out, so I'll be living vicariously through your review of it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The money turned out to be surprisingly important in the end, Just A. I guess we all have our price
I love your Arab Strap story. (You are talking about the band, right? Just checking.) But no, I don't know the Films, were they one of your new cds purchases?

Working less is what I am all about, 668. The days are not long enough when I am not working.

It's true, Todd, I shamefacedly admit that I am spoiled rotten. And about to get spoiled even rottener. In my defence I will say that my family is surprisingly high maintenance.
You kow, maybe in a few years, the cheese shop will be the right move for me, but for now I am just happy to eat the stuff.

Oho! I see what you did there, Beckeye. I think the redux is better than the original actually. I am blaming it on the Black Star.

My navel is getting sore from all the gazing, Al, a mindless weekend is certainly in the cards. And I started off in that direction - I mindlessly set my alarm last night. God damn it, I was cursing myself at 6:00 this morning!
The album sounds divine, thanks, maybe it will melt this unwelcome snow and bring fall back.

Hi Strawberry Blondie, welcome! It turns out to be the best fit all round, I think, and the money never hurts.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oops, sorry I missed your second comment there, Strawberry Blondie, yes I am looking forward to My Name is Rachel Corrie as well. It's sure to be a powerful play and I have great hopes for a fine production. The threatre company who is putting it on here are known for tackling difficult and controversial plays. I will certainly keep you posted, and I hope you get a chance to see it yourself.

Anonymous said...

I am 100% with you on your decision. Sometimes when an individual sits back and evaluates their career and priorities, they come to the realization that they are extremely good at what they do and what is important. Perhaps you just need a bit more of a challenge with your job to make it interesting again. DON'T WORRY.....BE HAPPY.

Jas B said...

I am glad that you made the decision to stay, Barb. Loads of hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb,
Me again..
This %$#%$ computer has a mind of it's own.
I was at a conference all last week and one of the presenter's back ground music to his presentation was DON'T WORRY...BE HAPPY. Consequently the tune has been logged in my greyish matter since then. I also can not remember what the presentation was about. DON'T WORRY....BE HAPPY.
It take me slightly longer in the winter because I am dodging all those Albertans who are multi tasking or doing something important when they are driving. Really I deflate my bike tires to get more traction in the snow but this also results in more friction and harder peddling.
See you for the Grey Cup.............SASKATCHEWAN?

Dale said...

With Joy Division to cheer us up, I'm happy you've evaluated everything and are making it work your way.

mellowlee said...

Happy to hear that you are staying with your current job. It sounds like you've come up some good solutions; isn't it nifty when you can kill two birds with one stone!

I ended up staying with my old job too, (although I can't compare my 5 month stint there with your amazing 9 years, but still...) I realized that I really enjoy working with my current team, because they are truly my peers. With the other team, I felt somehow inferior, and I really don't think I could stand that for long! Plus, my municipal pension has just started to come off my pay, and I kinda like the idea of having more than CPP when I retire haha.

Hey, working two days a week will leave you plenty of time to do some research into writing jobs dontcha think!!! YAY! When I was taking this two year program called New Media Communications, there were some links our instructors gave us full of jobs in Media. I will see if I can hunt them down for you if you like....

Oh, with a list like that, I don't think you have ta worry *G* Maybe I should play too! Happy weekend xoxo

mellowlee said...

Holy-mondo-long comment eh? Sorry about that...I seem to be running off at the mouth/keyboard today!

Karen said...

2 days a week and you're still going to be earning more? Well, that does change things doesn't it? You seem happy with the decision and thinks sound as though they're going to work out well so I'm happy for you.

Alas...the cheese stands alone.

Karen said...

See what I just did there? I'm musical too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The self evaluation actually proved to be very useful, Bruno, maybe I should think about things more often instead of just operating on remote. ... nah
You had to listen to Don't Worry Be Happy all week? Yoiks. I will personally arrange that it not be played whilst you are here Grey Cupping. It is after all the least I can do to make up for all those Alberta drivers forcing you into snowbanks.

Thanks, Jas! I didn't discuss it with you last week as I was still in the throes of decision-making. I'm glad to be staying as well.

Joy Division - they are called that because they played such shiny happy music, are they not, Dale? At least I didn't use the Ian Curtis method of problem solving.

I love long comments, Mel! Chat away!
I'm glad you made your decision as well; I was thinking about you while I was pondering my moves and wondering if you had decided. How lovely to have a pension plan! I don't actually have one at work,
which I why I stay married. Kidding! Kidding!
If you do happen across those links, I'd love to check into them.

hahaha I see what you did there, Karen! I think you should team up with Tom Jones for a boy-girl harmony cover of The Farmer in the Dell.

justacoolcat said...

The Films was one of the CD's I didn't buy. Struck out at three places trying to find it. Here's a sample or two

Toccata said...

Congratulations on making a decisive decision and so quickly! I tend to hem and haw forever so I am very impressed. It sounds like an excellent decision. I just couldn't see you being all that happy working weekends. If you are able to reduce your time to twice a week then maybe you can try and work on pursuing what you are passionate about. You have a lot of readers that know the CBC, the folk festival or any magazine would be lucky to snag you.

Joe said...

I'm glad you came through your job dilemma with a sense of what's important and what's not. Glad to hear you've got a plan to make the job work for you.

Great little list.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Not a bad sound at all, Just A. Thanks for the link, and I hope you can score yourself some of their cds.

Awww shucks, you're making me blsh, Toccata. But thanks for sweetness and vote of confidence.

Thanks, Bubs. My dad always said you've got to have a plan, except that he was referring to mixing wine and beer, but it's a translatable skill.

phlegmfatale said...

Well, like myself (but in different ways perhaps) I do think it's a crime you're not making your living in something music-related, so maybe an opportunity will present itself to you. I'm not an oogy-mystical type, as you may have noticed, but I've observed recently that things come your way only after you acknowledge the possibility. Or maybe they're always there and you finally open your eyes. 6 of one, half-dozen of the other. Whatever.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hmmmm, that's food for thought, PF. And I think you are right, it's a matter of being ready to take an opportunity if and when one presents itself.