Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10th To-Do List

1. get older

2. ignore self-imposed rule about only blogging one post per day and blog until fingers bleed. After all, that's why I have my laptop sitting beside my pc today, isn't it?

3. at some point, have big workout, as the fat-gathering years are now upon us like never before.

4. burn copy of new Radiohead cd, In Rainbows. After all, it's a little hard to hug a digital file.

5. be thankful that I live in a world that now has new Radiohead music.

6. try not to cry when listening to House of Cards or Reckoner or Nude.

7 pick Eva up after school, go for coffee, and continue this conversation from the morning commute: "Patrick Wolf fans are so lolz, it's like if a hipster had babies with a unicorn."

8. admit to putting The Magic Position.mp3 on repeat a number of times on the way home.

9. tell everybody about the Weakerthans concert last night.

10. catch up on a few days worth of neglected newspapers.

11. maybe go for bike ride, as I haven't had the bike out of the garage all summer. Or maybe not.

12. go to Co-op to pick up sushi for supper. After all, when you think sushi, you automatically think Co-op, don't you?

13. open those tantalizing presents lying the kitchen table, which are both suspiciously cd-shaped and I'm hoping/expecting one to be the new Weakerthans cd, Reunion Tour, but have no idea about the other.

14. get the best spot on the couch and watch some mindless tv with my family. The only thing that would make a better end to the day would be if The Office was on.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Is today your birthday? If so then HAP HAP HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite Canadian!

Deb said...

15. tell yourself how awesome you are (from me)

* * * * *

There are some people in this life
who you know, from the beginning,
are zombies. I mean special.

Their words fit together better,
their thoughts are brighter
and they make you smile (and sometimes shoot milk outta your nose).

They do things that others just don’t do
Like grow rhubarb
and eat oatmeal and curry anything.
(They’d probably eat curried oatmeal if you made it.)

They paste James Blunt cutouts on their daughter’s door.
Just because they love her.

They fight the little fight
and take on Office Depots
and slow drivers in the wrong lane.

They support hand clappers,
the lactose and gluten intolerant,
girly-girls in pink and those who hate pink,
“flower” children, monkeys, cats, phlegm
and me.

They play, do plays and play themselves down, because they’re modest like that. And they’d much rather make you feel special than tell you that they are.

They are in the know but not know it alls.

They are cutting edge dressed in comfy casual.

They don’t try too hard to please, but please many.

They love music, know music, share music, review music and
are music in this world of noise.

They touch all who surround them (but not in THAT way, perverts).

They are brilliant but pretend they’re average.

They are YOU Barb.

Happy Birthday my dear girl.

You are a classic and I’m honored that you consider me a “friend”.

Love & best wishes,
Deb & family.

(and damn if I didn’t misplace your address and couldn’t mail a card, like I’d wanted to. I guess there’s always next year...I’m counting on it).

Teddy said...

HBD, indeed.

And weren't the WKTNs awesome? Did you like Last Town Chorus?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It is indeed, thanks Dr M! That means a lot coming from a friend who happens to be one of my favourite bloggers. And a fellow October-born!

Deb! You just made me cry! I'm completely at a loss for words, that is so beautiful. I am truly honoured to have a friend like you, even if you make me all verklempft. Thank you.

Thanks, Teddy. The Weakerthans were as good as I have ever seen them and, come to think of it, I've never seen them put on anything but a stellar show.
I quite liked Last Town Chorus - loved what she did with that steel guitar, actually.

strangemange said...

hey girl.

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get all the goodies you'd like and surprised by some awesome shizz you weren't expecting - and of course, momumentally huge amounts of love, light, & music.

It's your day, go get a pedicure! :D

Happy birthday beautiful,

jim dandy said...

I wondered about those zombies gathering in the street in front of my house. I see now that they are holding a banner up facing says...
Happy Birthday Barb!

Allison said...

Okay, Deb just made me tear reading that. I don't think I can top that, nor will I try as it was bloody well brill.

I'm glad to have you part of my e-family. You're the uber cool Aunt that everyone wishes was their Mom (tell Eva she's lucky). But mostly I'm glad to call you, friend.

Happy Birthday!!

p.s. Can I steal number 7 as my quote of the week? I'm hoping to see him at the end of next month.

p.p.s Enjoy the sushi!

phlegmfatale said...

Happy birthday, you fabulous thing, you!

Is it any coincidence that I've got the coolest word verification ever here in teh form of gijgilix?

I think not!
Raise some haiull, baby!

B said...

Happy Birthday. Barbara's rule. ;)

(PS Deb sent me over, she said we had to, on her blog.)

Gledwood said...

OK Debs told it was your so:

Happy Birthday 2u
Happy Birthday 2u
Happy Birthday Dear Barbara B
Happy Birthday 2u!

Beth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Of course you'd have a birthday the day after John Lennon's; cool people enter the world in bunches. I hope you're hung over tomorrow.

Now I gotta find time to catch up on your posts ...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

happy birthday...may you get so much new music your ears bleed with joy. :)

ps.. and may any word verifications you get be less than five letters. which is so not what i'm having to type now.

Evelyne said...

Happy Birthday!

Points 7, 13 and 14 sounds like the coolest ones to do.

Again, Joyeux Anniversaire Barb ;-)

Berni said...

Happy birthday, lil sis- you just keep on improving. I'm sorry that Deb stole all my best lines! Have a fine evening with mindless tv- any leftover pumpkin to go with that? Love you!

Jas Bhambra said...

Happy B'day, barb. Hope you had loads of fun onyour special day! :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So sweet, Michelle, and your wishes make my day. You nailed it, aside from the pedicure part (that's in a couple of weeks), but there was some stuff I wanted and other stuff I did not expect, but now am really excited about.
Big hugs to you and the GOBSter and the girls.

Hi Jim Dandy, welcome! You have zombies gathered outside your hour? Lucky! I think I trained those zombies a few years ago, in fact.

Awww, Al, you're so sweet, thank you. I am so proud to call you friend as well. Hearing about your adventures is the highlight of my day.
Yes, feel free to use #7! I hope you do make it to a P Wolf concert - can you imagine the awesome hipster bingo you could play there?

"gijgilix" - I am going to use that as often as humanly possible tomorrow, Phlegmfatale. We Octoberites seem to be taking over the world.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi B, welcome! So nice to see another Barbara around the internetz. Thanks for the good wishes, I'm so glad to see you obeying Deb!

Did anybody ever mention what a great singing voice you have, Gledwood? Thanks so much for the good wishes.

Thanks, Beth! I didn't realize that John Lennon was practically my twin, but now I feel uber cool.

What is it with that wv these days, 668? Thanks for the ear bleeding wishes. I am getting close to that point, which makes me supremely pleased.

I did not get around to everything on the list, Evelyne, I think I need a second day to do this birthday thing right.
Joyeux Anniversaire sounds so much cooler than Happy Birthday.

Thanks, Berni, that Deb sure knows how to sweep a girl off her feet, doesn't she?
There's only a timy sliver of pumpkin pie left over, but we have cake!

Jas, you got me hooked on that delicious hazelnut cake you brought in yesterday! I bought one today! It was soooo yummy! thanks!

JustRun said...

HA! Another Libra! :)

Happy Birthday, Miss Wittypants!
(That is my new name for you.)

BeckEye said...

Happy Birthday!

Is there an option to fall asleep on the couch and snooze right through Thursday and only wake up in time for "The Office?" Now, that would be a great birthday. The best ones are spent unconscious.

John Mutford said...

You know how I like to poems, so I wrote you one especially for your birthday.

"It's your birthday.

And that's all I got so far, but more will come next year, I'm sure of it.

junky said...

Happy Birthday Barb, you share the day with my mom and 2 of my nieces, busy day around here.

Toccata said...

Oh my gosh, I'm always a bloody day late! Ok, I now have almost all of the important dates from the Zombie household on my calendar. Well, I certainly hope it was a fantastic day.

You know what? I'm not a day late. Sadly, I just realized today is not the 11th and therefore tomorrow is not Friday no matter how much I want it to be! Well at least I sneaked in under the wire to get off some incohorent but warm felt birthday wishes to you. Here's hoping your next year is an awesome year.

Dale said...

Happy Birthday you old zombie! That didn't come out right.

May your bitrates be satisfying enough and the cake be soaked in booze.

Splotchy said...

Happy belated bday!

justacoolcat said...

Happy Birthday!

Let me guess, 24?

New and Used Records said...

"Patrick Wolf fans are so lolz, it's like if a hipster had babies with a unicorn" is music quote of the fucking year.

and here's another rap...

Happy Birthday
to the BTZ
with radiohead mp3s
that she got
for buying the box set
40 quid
but it's totally worth it
and you know
thom knew it was your birthday
was sure to release it then
that's not just hearsay
because they know
that you're the biggest fan
and they know
that Jerry's the man
this a birthday rap
from New and Used Records
we ain't Michelle Branch
so don't call us the Wreckers
just wishin you the best of days
and hoping In Rainbows gets many, many plays

New and Used Records said...

and thom sings the chorus

mellowlee said...

OMG, I missed your Bday!!!
Happy Belated Birthday Barb!
I'm glad you had a great day, and what a great way to celebrate with great new music :O)
Deb's comment was so awesome *sniffle*
I'm at work later, but I will return once I'm home to check out those downloadables *Very Big Birthday HUGZ* xo

NotSoccer Mom said...

happy birthday, here via Dr. M.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha "Miss Wittypants" I like it, for some strange reason, Justrun. Yay, Libras unite!

I don't usually get unconscious on my birthday until after the 4th bottle of wine, Beckeye, but I do like your idea of staying home from work to wait for the Office. I'm sure my boss won't mind. How about yours?

Lovely start, John, thanks for the thought! May I suggest you don't actually quit your day job yet though? Although I am sure the remainder of the poem will be sublime.

Hi Junky, thanks! 3 in 1 day in your family? Well that's just insane! Obviously you buy cards in bulk.

Oh my, your message just killed me, Toccata! I'm so sorry the week is dragging on, but I am not giving up my birthday to get Friday here faster haha. And please tell Sammy Jo that the mouse was very tasty.

Thanks, Dale, my bitrates were just right, and although I did not dump my glass of wine onto my cake, I enjoyed both.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Splotchy! I feel only marginally creakier.

Thanks, JustA - yeah somewhere around that number, you old smoothie.

Oh Will, you have still got it, my friend! I was actually just rereading the crazy-assed rap you wrote for me last year. This one is even finer. You are too much.
And thank Thom for me for the chorus, you guys sound great together.

Thanks for the hugs, Mel. You have got to get yourself onto the website to get some good Radiohead lovin. Heck download it onto the work computer too - your boss will thank you.

Hi notsoccermom, welcome! Thanks for the wishes and making the trip all the way over here!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Dcup, right back at you!

Todd said...

i've been so behind in the blogging world - hope you had a great birthday!! Hopefully you got out to do everything on your list - especially the sushi! Mmm... :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Todd, it was a really great day. Sadly, as per usual, half the things on my list remain undone. I need a clone, I think.