Friday, October 19, 2007

Give me an F, give me a G ...

The Green Monkey has been running amuck again, this time challenging us to chose our assignments on the basis of a coloured shape. Perfect for those of us who are occasionally off-kilter at processing what we read. This is how it worked.

I chose the green triangle (of awesomeness) and was assigned the letters F-J, with which I had to come up with an alphabetized playlist. Here are my choices:
Fee Fie - the Hidden Cameras
This song is actually somewhat of a departure for this band. It's a little less rousing gay choir service full of holy rolling and hand claps and masked dancing boys, and more of a gay choir boy settles back, lights a cigarette and contemplates his life.

Go To Sleep - Radiohead
Amazingly this is my fourth foray into the green monkey music arena and only my second Radiohead offering. (I've been holding back). This song has some classic Radiohead lyrics, of course (we don't want the loonies taking over), but I particularly love Jonny Greenwood's guitar genius toward the end of this song. He uses some sort of digital patch over a random sequence of notes to produce that great video game sound. He really blows me away with this version performed on Live ... With Jools Holland.

Hyper-Ballad - Bjork
Arguably her magnum opus, Hyper-Ballad is vintage Bjork - poetic, mystical, odd. I love the juxtiposition of steadiness of the lyrical signature against the ever-building and ever-quickening musical backdrop, and then how it all drops back again, like a slowly building and then receding ocean wave.

I Fought in a War - Belle and Sebastian
I often find myself holding my breath during the opening of this song, so as to not miss a single note of Stuart Murdoch's pure and angelic voice, unaccompanied by instrumentation. In true B&S fashion, the most heavenly music tells the darkest tale.

Just One More - John-Rae and the River
This band was one of my most anticipated new bands at the Calary Folk Festival this summer, and boy did they deliver! This song is a great melange of indie, Motown, soul, and boy-girl harmonies in a drinking song. It's glorious.

To check out all the songs in the alphabet, including a surprising assortment of Z songs, courtesy of the newest Green Monkey Master - Beth - please head over to the domain of the Grand Master Monkey, Spotchy.


justacoolcat said...

I actually think your crush on Johnny is bigger than the crush on Thom's. I'm just sayin'.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My crushes know no bounds, Just A. I've got enough love for both Thom and Jonny. And a pack of others as well.

Splotchy said...

Another round of lovely descriptions of your selections!

And again you have introduced me to new music!

I look forward to you helming an upcoming mix as a Green Monkey Master!

BeckEye said...

OH! I'm really surprised to see a Radiohead song in your mix.

I just had to get that in there since you got on my case last time.

Jools Holland. Hmm. I know that name from do I know that guy? I seem to recall him being a member of one of the greatest bands in exisence...or something like that. Ah, it'll come to me.

BeckEye said...

Gimme a T!

I need it to spell "existence."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's a great public service you are so tirelessly doing with the Green Monkey Music Project, Splotchy. I'm looking forward to sitting in the driver's seat for my edition!

Jools Holland was in Radiohead? I jest, of course, Beckeye, but only because that's what we do. Do Squeeze ever make an appearance on Live ... With? That would be fun.
And please TAKE a T, I would not want to jeopardize your existence.