Tuesday, October 30, 2007

46 hours of Martha

Not only is it a raucous giggle-fest when I get together with the Marthas, as I did for our annual (soon to be bi-annual, I hope) Womanly Weekend recently, it's a highly-educational experience as well.

This is what I learned this year:

- a stove is a poor replacement for a fold-out couch.

- 3 of the Marthas can spend an hour choosing which ring to buy, whilst the 4th can spend an hour buying used cds.

  1. - murder mystery dinner theatre is only theatre in the loosest sense of the word. Dinner as well. Example: Martha, trying to choose a wine: "what is being served tonight?" Waitress: "meat."

- Eliz is the best Martha with whom to share a bed (since the fold-out couch turned out to be a stove), as she tosses about and snores the least.

- drunks who make pteradactyl noises in the parking lot at 3:00 am make me long for laxer gun laws in this country.

- Marthas will always bring far too much food and drink to any gathering but will usually forget something like pyjamas.

- watching My Fair Lady on tv affects different Marthas differently. One will sing loudly, one will wax on about the superiority of old films, one will point out the crappiness of old films and fall promptly asleep, and one will watch demurely.

- antique stores are largely full of crap, but are a great place from which to escape a sudden snowstorm when you are wearing a t-shirt and no sweater.

- insane cackling and out-of-control giggling is good for the soul.

- we need to book our next Womanly Weekend right now.


justacoolcat said...

"a stove is a poor replacement for a fold-out couch."

I'm currently burning mine and I'd have to disagree.

I love the rings, but would choose CD's over rings anyday.

BeckEye said...

"Insane cackling and out-of-control giggling is good for the soul."


Glad you had a yabba dabba doo time.

Bubs said...

Marthas sound like a lot of fun to hang out with. It looks so nice and mild and sunny in those pictures though...and you got a surprise snowstorm?!? I'll never complain about Chicago weather again.

Allison said...

Hmm...I wonder if you were one of the ones who spent an hour ring shopping? Methinks not ;) I'm trying to figure out where you fit in the My Fair Lady bit though.

Sounds like a great weekend, and I love the photo of you and the car. I often think what's missing from cars these days is more jewels, and a bumper sticker that says bedazzle this.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sleeping upon a stove is less than ideal though, Just A. MInd you sleeping upon a fold-out couch is also less than ideal, so perhaps you are right.
CDs win everytime!

You saw us in our Flintstone outfite, Beckeye? I wasn't going to post pictures of those! Too embarassing!

Calgary has the insanest weather sometimes, Bubs. During a chinook, we can have a 20C temperature increase within an hour. No wonder we all have sinus problems.

That car was pretty cool, wasn't it, Al? I was getting the vapours in the store itself, but that could just have been from shopping overload, being more of a go in, buy, and get out shopper myself.
Right you are about the rings versus the cds! As for the My Fair Lady episode, I was the one belting out "all I want is a room somewhere...". Loudly and badly.

Toccata said...

That post was a great way to start the day. Gee, I'm trying to figure out which Martha was into buying the CD's.

Warning: there's a teacher's convention in your fair city starting today so if you see some poor lost soul reading a map while standing in the middle of traffic that would be my sister.

Deb said...

Well I think they should make a Martha movie - I'd watch it for sure!

Sounds like you had a blast. I totally am with you on the gun laws and antique store crap.

What a great bunch of coconuts you are.

Anonymous said...

Just spent last Friday night with four female classmates from high school. We are all the same age and from the same area and are meeting again in April to celebrate our 50th year. Mirthand merriment is indeed good for the soul.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

If I see a teacherly-looking person about to get taken out by an urban assault vehicle, I will swoop in and pluck her out of there, Toccata and then take her home and feed her cookies.

Well we are certainly some kind of nut, Deb, whether coco or pea, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure you would like the Marthas though. They're a hoot.
What is it with antique stores? If you saw the exact same thing at Goodwill, you would call it old crap.

I love hearing tales like that, Leazwell! That's a long time to maintain a friendship, how lovely. And what a great way to celebrate a milestone.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You chicks know how to party.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We teach courses in partying, Dr M! We specialize in too much food and drink bringing classes and also in driving around town looking for a nightie seminars.

justrun said...

"a stove is a poor replacement for a fold-out couch."

Yes, but so much lighter to move. :)

Sounds like a weekend that definitely needs to happen twice per year.

Beth said...

I wanna be a Martha! I can spent an hour picking out baubles AND used CDs.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Too true on both counts, Justrun. How they can make something uncomfortable also so heavy is a miracle of modern engineering.

That automatically makes you an honourary Martha, Beth. We need people who can multi-task.

phlegmfatale said...

Is that fantasy in yellow and other colors the official Marthamobile? I hope so. Oh, and where do I sign up for one of those party seminars? Y'all are definitely my kind of trouble.

LOVED that Dune LOLCAT, btw. Cat torture is fun for cats AND people.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How I wish that was the official Marthamobile, Phlegmfatale, but sadly, no. We sure acted as if we owned it though, didn't we? I'm pretty certain you could teach a few of those Martha party seminars yourself, my dear. We need to recruit you for the next round of shenanigans.

phlegmfatale said...

I'd LURVE to be in on the next round.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll sign you up to teach the fabulousness class then, Phlegmfatale.