Friday, September 07, 2007

This one really is for the freaks

I never quite know what to make of the conversations I overhear at my hairdresser's. They seem to discuss salad quite a lot.

And it drives me crazy when my hairdresser pulls out the blowdryer and insists upon blow-drying my hair and playing with it for another 20 minutes after she has finished cutting it. I just have to wet it and start all over again when I get home because it has turned into a giant fro with weirdly straightened bangs plastered onto my forehead.

Today I stopped her as she picked up the blowdryer and insisted she let me go home with wet hair. I saved myself a good hour.

However, despite her odd hairdresserisms, when that woman gives my head and the back of my neck a deep massage for 10 minutes as she is putting conditioner into my hair, I fall head over heels in love with her.

Does that make me a hypocrite?

Here's this Friday's random playlist, dedicated to the freak in all of us:

Underdogs - Manic Street Preachers
Sweet and tender hooligan - the Smiths
Eleanor put your boots on - Franz Ferdinand
Sub-domestic - the Constantines
Sympathy for teen spirit - DJ Moule mashup
Living in the future - John Prine
Luno - Bloc Party
The reasons - the Weakerthans
Barbed wire love - Stiff Little Fingers
Oh, MJ! - the Little Ones

Get out there and strut your crazy stuff this weekend, you gorgeous freaks. Don't make me come over there and massage your head.


BeckEye said...

No Guided By Voices' "Hot Freaks??"

Danny Tagalog said...

Hi Barbara,

Been waylaid and out of blogland for a while. This is going to continue for a while, sadly, but should end next Spring. So, my visits will be sporadic, but I'm looking forward to catching up on all.

You're right about England - V for Vendetta increasingly doesn't appear so over the top/ludicrous!

From: A grimy tender hooligan

Allison said...

I just had my hair cut this week and my hairdresser straightened my hair, of course when I try and do it myself it never looks the same. Ah well.

That is one fine playlist!! Hope you have a great weekend. I'm just chilling in the airport waiting for my flight :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It didn't show up on the playlist, Beckeye, but it sure would have fit right in, had it been in the neighbourhood.

I'm sorry to hear that, Danny, I shall certainly miss your insightful posts and your great music picks. I wish you well with your endeavours and look forward to catching up with you when you return.
As for the situation in England, life imitating art is not always a good or benevolent thing, is it? Take care, my friend.

Safe trip, Al! Have lots of fun and blow off that summer already! I'm looking forward to lots of "this is me with" pics.
Why do hairdressers try out fancy-assed stuff on people's hair that no mortal could ever duplicate?

Conky said...

Barb...plz take your kid and go see SUPERBAD is a bonding experience....

Anonymous said...

I cut my own hair, so I don't have any "hairdresser stories". I always look salon fresh.
At least, that's what Bill here says (usually he whispers it in my ear. That just drives me crazy)....

justacoolcat said...

I love the scalp and arm massage. Do you also get the parafin hand soak? It's delightful.

Great list.

Deb said...

It was like I wrote that hairdresser bit....I also have to "fix" my hair after they've blowdried it to look like a wheatfield. And the conditioning process is pretty much heaven.

mellowlee said...

Nah, I think if everyone got a good head and scalp massage weekly we may achieve world peace ;O) If I could afford it, I would go in weekly just for a wash and blow dry for that reason :O)

John Mutford said...

Personally, I love the straight razor shaves. Ahhhhhh.

Will said...

It's all about saving yourself that hour ... I can get haircuts on my lunch breaks now which is great. It's like I don't lose any time at all. Don't think that you're a hypocrite...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We do both want to see Superbad, Jen. We were kinda planning to hit the Calgary International Film Festival, but Superbad is sorta like a film festival movie, innit?

Hi there, Dick Small, welcome! If Bill says your hair looks fabulous, that's good enough for me. Besides, the man cannot lie.

Arm massage? Hey, I am getting ripped off, I don't get the arm massage or the paraffin job. Next time I am going to your hairdresser, Just A.

hahaha Deb, a wheatfield! I have visions of you standing in a field with your hair blowing straight back like a cheesy music video. Actually you could pull that off.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You know, Mel, I remember reading about some Canadian politician who spent a few thousand a month on her hair and wondered how is that even possible, but I'll bet she gets weekly head and neck massages. The Canadian tax payers are still waiting on the world peace but I am sure it is on the way.

You have to be on very good terms with your barber for those though, John or at the very least have ascertained that he is not a serial killer.

And if you can eat your sandwich while getting that haircut, Will you would even have time to go for a pedicure as well. It's all about the multitasking, which makes everything good.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Living in the Future is one of my favorite Prine songs. I saw him and Nanci Griffith in concert about ten years ago and I loved it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You're back, Monkey! Welcome home.
That would be a great concert, I have never seen Nanci Griffin, but did finally get to see John Prine last year. He's a legend. And we share a birthday!

Conky said...

yes SUPERBAD is a cultural exploration of todays youth...for sure it fits under film fest must sees hahahaha bring tissue cuz youll dribble down your leg though

Serah said...

I used to have that problem with the hairdresser. Sad to say that it means she doesn't know how to style curly hair and is just using you to play with it - not your fault.
My hair dresser now is fantastic!
I need a trim.

My weekend was rad. Wolf Parade was tops!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll just wear a diaper or something when I go see it, Jen.

And the weird thing is, Serah, she's the owner of the shop. I think she's just getting lazy though.
The Wolf Parade show sounds like it was a blast!