Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the monkey speaks

The caped crusader of the primate community, the big banana himself, Dr Monkey von Monkerstein, consented to answer a few of my probing hard-hitting journalist-type questions the other day. And he was all nice and complimentary and stuff, so you really should head over to his most excellent blog and take a look-see.
Next week the second annual Polaris Prize will be awarded. You may recall that Final
Fantasy won the inaugural prize for his groundbreaking album "He Poos Clouds".

If you aren't familiar with the Polaris Prize yet, it's sort of the Canadian equivalent of Britain's Mercury Prize, which celebrates the most creative and artistic Canadian album of the year, regardless of genre or record sales.

Here is the shortlist of this year's nominees

Pretty awesome list this year, wouldn't you agree?

I love a bunch of these albums (and these artists), but my heart and my vote (if I had one) is with my homeboy, Chad VanGaalen. He is quite simply, a genius.

Although I have seen him in concert a number of times, I was still really really bummed to find out that we are going to be in Ontario the weekend that he will be playing the Grand Theatre. One of my favourite musicians at my favourite venue and I am out of the province.

Chad, you really should have checked with me first, dude.


justacoolcat said...

Chad, you should reconsider the date. Barb has friends in high places.

I am familiar with too few of these artists so I guess I'll start with Chad.

Toccata said...

You know, I just cannot warm up to Feist. I swear it was that, in my opinion, horrific rendition of an already horrific song by the Bee Gee's. Seriously, does any Bee Gee song need to be covered?

Wow, didn't mean to come and rant on your home turf.

She's Crafty said...

My vote is with Julie Dorion, only b/c I feel that everyone else is already finely on their way. Not that I don't think the entire lot deserve the recognition - I love them ALL!
Ouch...I'm just gonna ignore the feist dig ;) Opinions are opinions and the world would be awefully boring w/out them!

Allison said...

Awesome list indeed. Ah, music. Ahh...Canadian music :)

As you know, I do love Chad...Burn to Ash was playing in my ear just a few moments ago actually. However, I would have to throw support behind Arcade Fire...not that they really need it though...but I absolutely love Neon Bible. Its the one album this year I listen to weekly.

And I kind of have to agree with Toccata on the Feist part, I just never warmed to her. Perhaps I should give her another chance.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My friends are not always high, Just A, you're just starting rumours!
But you can't go wrong starting with Chad, so all is forgiven.

No Bee Gee song ever needs to be covered, Toccata, you are perfectly correct, and ranting is encouraged here. I've never really warmed up to Feist either, to tell you the truth. I always think her songs sound really nice when used in commercials, but could not listen to an entire album.

Sorry I can't really back you on the Feist love, Serah, I have nothing against her, just nothing for her either.
Julie Dorion is the only musician I don't know on the short list, so I'd better go listen to some music.

While Neon Bible is a hell of an album, Al, I gotta stick with my homeboy, even though he himself disses Skelliconnection. I mean, how can you not vote for a guy who, when asked why his album should win the prize, answered "it shouldn't, it's not really very good"?

Bubs said...

Wonderful interview, wonderful nominees. It's nice to know that if I ever have to escape Jeebusland I can head north.

John Mutford said...

I'll back Serah up on the Feist love, though I liked "Let It Die" slightly better than "The Reminder".

BeckEye said...

Arcade Fire just has such a unique sound, so I'm voting for them.

What? My vote doesn't count? Damn Canadian award shows.

JustRun said...

The first thing that comes to mind? Wow, that's a lot of primate. Or is it primatia?

Oh here I am again, making up words and contributing nothing.

Beth said...

That is an awesome list. When are you going to be added to the Polaris Prize voting group?

mellowlee said...

That is a pretty great list! I hope it goes to Chad too!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I will personally cut a hole in the fence and hide you in my basement, Bubs, when you escape to the true north strong and free (and at par with the US dollar).

She has a lot of fans, John and she has a fabulous voice - I just can't listen to her for very long.

We can't even text our votes in or anything, Beckeye! Are we archaic or what?

Making up words is one of the finest contributions a person can make Justrun. Otherwise we'd still all be grunting and pointing.

This is an excellent question, Beth. I think I've spent enough money and done enough gratis pimping for the Canadian music indsustry that they could at least ask me what I think.

He's got some very strong competition, Mel, but I've got my fingers crossed.

phlegmfatale said...

Chad vanG fucking rocks!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

PF, amen to that, sister!