Friday, August 31, 2007

what a long strange trip this has been

11.5 hours there, 10.75 hours back - potty breaks were more orchestrated than an Indie 500 pit stop. We were a finely tuned, highly trained, road chewing machine.

road games played:

- Marry, Shag or Cliff
- Who would win in a fight?
- that song title game where the final letter starts the next song title. It's harder than it looks as it would appear that all song titles end in either "e", "s", or "d"
- and a new one I invented called "Five Dice Game", named after a scorecard that my sister showed us for which she was trying to remember the name (and it turned out to be nothing but a generic version of Yahtzee) in which you have to name five things which fit into a category, like song titles that name a mode of transportation or song titles with containing names of countries


- best travelling cat in the history of travelling cats (and she only puked once and not on the new carpet either and only peed over the edge of her litter box once). But she did growl at my sister and brother in law after they arrived home before us one day.

- Heather's new dimples

- fart walks through the cemetery

- Kristen bringing only one shoe with her from Winnipeg to wear to the wedding, as she thought the other one might be at her mom and dad's place.

- Beth's Tim is apparently a media darling. He appears to be the favourite subject of the front page of the Melita Times, having appeared there more times than anyone can remember and they've only lived in town for half a year. We imagine next week's edition will lead with the story "Tim L brings salmon sandwich for lunch two days in a row".

- An evening of remembering Kristen-isms, like the time their family was travelling in Italy and the girls stayed out late to play with some Italian boys. Beth told Kristen to tell their mom and dad that they were "mingling with the natives" and 4-year-old Kristen came home and told them that they were "nimbling with the Indians". Or the time she told her teacher when they were doing family trees that she was half-German, half-human.

- The finger puppets we brought for some birthday gifts - Ghandi and Che Guevara (although I believe Kafka and Ghandi are pictured).

- Bruno's Spotted Dick.
Made by Heinz, no less.

Into each life a little rain must fall:

- the fly that snuck into the car at that gas station with the nasty bathroom at Moosomin, Saskatchewan and stayed with us for the duration of the trip.
- pulling my lateral muscles in my back moving a box of books. That smarted for a few days.

the best bits:

- Jerry going on two fishing trips with the menfolk
-said menfolk participating in drunken sandwich making

- getting to see the entire family

- being able to visit my mom every day, and twice on Thursday.

the neat stuff:
- that cat at the tea room that had tufts of hair in its ears like a lynx

- the 97-year-old lady in the wheelchair at my mom's place who, when stopped from leaving the building by her wander guard, caught sight of us waiting for the door to reopen, and broke into a huge smile, jazz hands awaving, and exclaimed "I caught them!"

- seeing Margaret Laurence's grave stone

- finding that hep album, oh those sassy Neepawa Variatones

- fishing stories

-telling the roadside veggie guy that corn on the cob was double the price in Calgary. Apparently this is not quite correct and I will likely put him out of business when he jacks his prices accordingly.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

What a cute bunch of people! I especially love the hottie with the finger puppets.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

She's my favourite too, Monkey! Drop dead gorgeous, that one.

mellowlee said...

Oh!!! I want some Kafka and Ghandi finger puppets! Excellent! It's great to see Bruno looking so happy and healthy :O) Thanks for posting the gravestone of Margaret Lawrence. I really really love her book The Stone Angel best.

Dale said...

Wonderful photos and commentary, you make family seem somehow worthwhile. Interesting.

Serah said...

Looks like you had a lovely trip.

It makes me want to visit Manitoba, I have a gazillion relatives there. Granted I don't know them very well, or remember them much either - Only my cousin Chris who came up for my Mom's wedding 17 years ago. That's bad isn't it?

phlegmfatale said...

Wow, great pictures, fabulous travelogue. Glad you had such a grand time with dear ones. awwwww good kitty! Yer ma is adorable!

John Mutford said...

The Kafka puppet looks suspiciously like Mr. Bean. Oh well, in any case you had your finger in some very important people.

The road games are making me long for another road trip.

justacoolcat said...

Exhausting. Looks like a blast and kudos to that travelling kitty who'll I'll have to hire when I work for NASA.

`77 sounds . . .. oh the pain

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They're made by the Unemployed Philosophers' Guild, Mel, and they also make Freudian Slippers, which I think is hilarious. We found them at McNally Robinson bookstore.
Bruno still has to be careful not to let himself get overtired, but otherwise is doing really well.
We went through the Margaret Laurence house as well, which is only a couple of blocks from my sister's place.

And you, Dale, make family seem interesting. Which is very worthwhile. So between us, we have all the bases covered, I think.

We are all guilty of that, I think, Serah. My nephew lives 5 minutes from us and we haven't seen each other in about 3 years. But we did meet up in Manitoba. *hangs head in shame*

Thank Phlegmmy. My mom is pretty cute, isn't she? And she's really funny too, she can tell the most accurate stories about stuff that happened 40 years ago, and then turn around and tell you that she went to a wedding last night. At least she has fun in her mind.

Hey, you're right, John, Kafka DOES look like Mr Bean! I was really tempted to get the Eric the Red puppet too, because Vikings rule. And Vikings sure knew how to do road trips.

Sputty would be an excellent space cat, JustA. She can keep the puking to a minimum, if called upon. I'll start working on a contract now.
I kinda wish I had bought that Variatones album, but I think my sister already has a copy. At one time, it was requirement of town membership.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a wonderful time...good for you

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A good time was had by all, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barb for making us look and sound so interesting. Kristen could perhaps start up a Shoes Without Partners group; my Socks Without Partners is very successful.

Deb said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this...I "lingered" around the pictures for a good 15 minutes.

Your Mom looks sweet...was she "shuffling up and dealing" in that one pic...I'm quite sure she is.

Ew on the fly dealio. Freeloadin' stowaway.

And your cat is the best.

Oh, and lastly...that is the cutest picture of Eva on the top there. But, in looking at her mother, I can see where she gets it.

Thanks for sharing these....really great stuff Barb.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Berni, you kill me! Have you made this suggestion to Kristen? And can I sign up with your Socks without Partners group?

Awwww, thanks Deb! Mom does look like she's in Vegas doesn't she? But alas, no, we were just down in the Orchard Lounge - not even any drinks served there.
I like that pic of Eva and mom too. So much blue!