Friday, August 10, 2007

Smooth as a baby's bum

I get a facial a few times a year, which usually involves having my face vacuumed to get rid of the cruddy old dead skin. It's called microderm abrasion, which sounds kinda scary, like someone is going to take some #40 sandpaper to your face, but it feels strangely cleansing and besides it seems to suck all the wrinkles out. Today though, she wanted to give me a moisturizing facial massage.

This may shock you, but I have never had a real massage. Oh my hairdresser massages my scalp when she's washing my hair (which I love!), but I think I'd like to have a strip-down and lie on your tummy type massage some day. Because it felt so good to have my face and head massaged for a good long time. I didn't realize how much tension I hold in my temples until she pummelled the knots out of them. She had some kind of weird energy transfer hocus-pocus going on for a bit too where she would just pass her hands across my face without touching it (I peaked) or maybe she was just resting her hands, I don't know.

But the combination of the massage and the nice lavendar-smelling mask and creams she applied made for a pretty blissful experience. I wonder why I like the smell of lavendar, but I can't stand any other perfumed substances on my skin? It does remind me of my mom's garden and it's a strangely comforting old-fashioned type of smell.

How about you? Do you recommend I try a real massage some day?

And what bodily maintenance are you willing to pay other people to do for you? Me, I'm a firm believe in the pedicure. Strictly for medicinal purposes, of course. And I can't see myself ever dyeing my own hair. But I will shave my own legs, thank you very much. And don't even talk to me about Brazilian bikini waxes.

And now without further ado, may I present your Fresh-Faced Friday Random Playlist:
Bells On - Sloan
Teenage Kicks - the Undertones
Alison - Elvis Costello
Johnny - Violent Femmes
My Own Summer (Shove It) - Deftones
Chipped Paint - Shoulder
Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Last Great American Whale - Lou Reed
Twill - Elliott Brood
Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight


BeckEye said...

I've never had a real massage either. I've always wanted one, but then I hear horror stories about how they feel great at the time, but the next day you're all bruised up like you were having rough sex. All the bruising and none of the fun.

John Mutford said...

I hate massages. Giving and getting. Everytime I say that I get two reactions: 1. "You've never had a good one" 2. A look that implies I'm a prude. The first might be true, but the thought freaks me out and it's not going to happen. The second is simply not hooey. I'd offer proof but nah.

Allison said...

It amazes me that people pay to get their hair dyed, sorry, its just that everytime I go to the hair salon they ask me where I got my hair dyed and then I tell them it came from a box and freak right out.

I have never had a massage either, but would love too, but they are uber pricey and I hold so much tension in my shoulders they'd need a good few hours to work through it ;) But I think you should try it.

I'm with you on the pedicure. A must. I'm in need of one, but gonna wait until just before I leave. I love how you feel like you're walking on air afterwards.

Serah said...

I haven't had a professional massage but they can be quite helpful to get rid of all the tension knots. My mom just cashed in hers (she got it from me for Christmas). She really loved it and she doesn't like those kinds of things.

I have to use an scrubby sponge on my face and I use a hydroxy mask. It really is a requirement if I want to look fresh! As for the hair removal...yeah that's pretty personal, if I can't take care of it myself, it ain't happening.

Serah said...

I have never had a pedicure. And I am certain that I never will. I detest people touching my feet. I am super ticklish. I might kick someone.

Stephanie said...

dude will you please finish Harry Potter so we can chat about it already?!?!

Karen said...

Definately get a massage - they're fabulous. But be prepared to possibly fall asleep. They're fabulous!

And Elvis Costello made the list this week! Yay! He stayed at the hotel my mom works at last time he and the missus came through town.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Perhaps I should just go for the rough sex instead then, Beckeye, and pretend I have had a massage.

We demand proof, John!
I wouldn't imagine that everybody would enjoy massages, and can't understand that people would assume that.

You continue to impress me, Al. Isn't hair dyeing extremely messy? I would end up with a dyed face and neck and back, I'm sure.
There's not much better than a really good pedicure, is there? Our feet deserve it, damn it! You will need it so your feet will be comfy in the wellies you will be wearing all winter.

That was a nice gift for your mom, Serah. Was she a little apprehensive at first?
I'll bet a good esthetician could give you a pedicure without tickling you, as there really isn't a lot of tickling involved. More sandblasting than anything, really.

I know, I know, Stephanie! I thought I would be finished by now, but life got in the way. And the kid gets home from camp and expects me to be done and I'm not quite halfway there. I'm in so much trouble.

How cool, Karen! Did your mom spot him at all! He sure is a musical chameleon. I will always like angry young man Elvis the best, but I respect what he has done since.
I regularly fall asleep during facials (anytime I close my eyes really, I think I am chronically sleep deprived), so I'm sure I would be snoring up a storm during a massage. Unless it was the rough sex variety that Beckeye described.

Beth said...

I'm so low-maintenance on the girlie stuff. I don't color my hair. Rarely get a pedi, and never a mani. Haven't had a facial in years (but your post inspired me to book an appointment next week). Never had a real massage, either (and, lord, do I need one right now). I don't need waxing. My girlie addictions are baubles and cute purses.

BTW, now I'm dancing to "Teenage Kicks," which is playing only in my head.

mellowlee said...

When I worked as an aesthetician, I put people to sleep with massage all the time. It's my favorite service to do. My least favorite was waxing! Though doing a man's back wax was kind of fun. They really yell Hahaha!

I'm glad you had such a great experience. That's what I loved about that work, making people feel blissful. Too bad the place I worked in didn't pay decently.

I love lavender too. It's one of the top oils for relaxation, and it's antiseptic too, so great for facials. Try mixing lavender and peppermint oil in your next pedicure footsoak. SOOOOooooo nice!

Happy weekend Barb XO

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oops, sorry if I am costing you money on the facial, Beth! That's your natural hair colour? You have the most amazingly beautiful hair, but I'm sure nobody has ever told you that before. (jk)
I've never had a manicure either, but I am totally hooked on pedicures!
Yay Teenage Kicks, although I am more New Ordery myself today.

That sounds so nice, Mel. I'll bet you were an awesome esthetician! I love my esthetician, she really cares about her clients and always gives me a hug - I can see you being the same way. Anyway, I'm going to tell her about the lavender and peppermint oil in the footbath, as that sounds sublime.
I always think about the 40 Year Old Virgin when I think about men getting waxed! lolz!

Anonymous said...

omg...get to a spa get naked and have a hot stone massage...they are awesome..I do that a couple times a year.

I also go to a massage therapist once a month or so for a half hour neck and shoulder massage..just because

Johnny Yen said...

Great list!

Elvis Costello's song "Allison" exactly captures how I felt about seeing the love of my life living as a suburban housewife, with the idiot she left me for. "I wish somebody would turn out the big light/'Cause I can't stand to see you this way..."

New York is one of my favorite albums. I saw Lou Reed on the tour for that album, with my late friend Mark. The Feelies opened for them. It was great.

There was a punk bar in a blue-collar section of Chicago called "Over Easy," that had "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (b-side their cover of T-Rex's "Telegram Sam") on the jukebox. Man, I miss that place. It closed in 1986. I'll be mentioning it in a post soon about great Chicago bars that are gone now.

PS massages-- I'm not big on them, but right after I finished student-teaching in the middle of the most stressful part of my life (custody fight), I got in a bad car accident. My lower back had excruciating pain. My girlfriend at the time (later my second wife Cynthia) got me a massage as a present, and it knocked the pain right out.

Johnny Yen said...

One more PS: Lou's "painter friend Donald" in "Last American Whale" is John Mellencamp.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

In your line of work, I can see massages being pretty much a requirement, Kelly. Hot stone massage, eh? They look lovely in the ads, but I think I just like the looks of the stones they use. With my luck they'd use some old boulder from a construction site.

I love these little snippets of info that you always have, Johnny! His painter friend Donald was John Mellencamp? Really? I haven't listened to New York for a long time, but used to a lot; it was great to hear it again, and I need to dig it out.
That bar sounds great; I think a series on places like that would be a great read.
Sadly, I think we've all had our "Alison" moments, but they are a shock.

Anonymous said...

nah Barb...I think a massage is good for anyone. My work is no more stressfull than many other peoples work..its all relative. Its how we learn to deal with the daily stresses that make the difference.

My health plan pays for a certain dollar value of massages every year. Even without a referral from a physician. They have to be done through a registered massage therapist. Those are my back and neck ones. Go figure they won't pay for the spa treatments.

Joe said...

Get yourself a massage!

Seriously, they're great. If I had pissing away money I'd get one every week. I haven't had one in over a year, but I'm about to go this week now that my running mileage has increased so much.

The downside is they can be pricey, but if you're lucky you can find:

-a place that offers specials
-a massage school where you can get them from students (as an aside, that's how I used to get $5 haircuts and facials, by living near a beauty school)
-some chiropractors offices have a massage therapist on staff who might be less expensive than a "spa" massage therapist.

I might even go later today. I ran 16 miles Saturday and I'm still kinda stiff.

Beth said...

Natural hair color -- now with interesting shoots of gray! I'm going to keep it natural as long as I can; I want to look like Elsa Lancester in five years.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They won't pay for the spa treatments, Kelly? Bastards!

Those are great tips, Bubs! You should write a self-help manual.
16 miles! Way to go man! You are really getting into this running aren't you? You're a machine.

You will look fabulous, Beth! I was grey for about 100 years, having gone grey at 19, until I finally got tired of it.

phlegmfatale said...

i love the nouvelle vague version of teenage kicks

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh I haven't heard that, PF, I'll need to look for it.

Moxie said...

All the professional massages I have had were fabulous. If you are well-hydrated then the massage does not hurt as much - and a good masseur/masseuse will be able to tell you if you need to drink more water.

I miss getting monthly pedicures but cannot afford them at the moment. I do mine at home instead - I spend the majority of the year wearing flip-flops and/or open-toed shoes so the tootsies have to look nice.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Moxie, welcome! Good advice about the hydration. I like to think I am properly hydrated, drinking about 40 litre of water per day, but as I live in one of the driest places in NA, perhaps I am not.

I only do a pedicure every 6-8 weeks, but love having someone else do all the scraping for me.