Thursday, August 09, 2007

I am in my element

A wonderful thing happened yesterday morning. I woke up to a cloudy sky.

People here think I am barking mad when I tell them that it is too fucking sunny here, but it really is. It's been relentlessly cloudless for the past 5 weeks or so, and with the high altitude, the sun is really very harsh. But for the past two days, the sky has been that wonderful mix of various greys and blacks that make my heart glad. And last night it even rained. And it rained some this morning as well., with promises of more overnight.

Not even the sun-mad Calgarians can complain about that, seeing as most of their favourite camping grounds were closed over the recent long weekend because of extreme fire risks. So now everybody is happy.

It was a perfect Radiohead day. Not that Radiohead is necessarily rainy day music, but they are not exactly the Beach Boys are they? Thank god.

Is there a weather type that makes you happy, at least for a few days?


BeckEye said...

I wonder what a Radiohead cover of "Fun, Fun, Fun" would sound like?

Serah said...

I like a comfortable kind of day. Sunny but not necessarily cloudless. Preferably, jeans, sunglasses and a tanktop kind of day without requiring a hoody even at night.
That is kind of a lot to ask for on the westcoast.

Evelyne said...

I think that today was a perfect day in Montreal, perfect weather to only wear a t-shirt and jeans. It wasn't too sunny and it was just a little bit windy. There were clouds in the sky so it looked really nice. And the day started with some clouds, but they didn't stay for too long. But I really enjoyed the rain earlier this week. I really like days in autumn (early).

And Radiohead is perfect for the kind of day you had

Allison said...

Overcast and with a light breeze and scattered showers.

Yeah, not so typical, but I love a sprinkling of rain.

Glad you're getting a break from the hot sun.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Somehow it would get turned into a cryptic warning about globalization, with undercurrents of the consequences of climate change, thanks to the t-bird. That's how I see it anyway, Beckeye, and of course it goes without saying that Thom would be glorious.

You didn't mention what kind of shoes you would wear on such a day, Serah, but I have a feeling they might be really cute green ones. And then of course, it would rain.

You need a few clouds to make things interesting, I think, Evelyne. I'm not ready for fall yet (although today certainly feels like fall) but I do love early fall weather too, especially in central Canada where the colours are so incredible.

Yay! Another rain fan! I think sun is overrated, Al. It gets all the publicity and then it makes people do stupid things like colour their skin orange with some gunk in a bottle in the winter.

Karen said...

Oh Barb, you had me until the mention of the dreaded band...

It's been fabulously cloudy and occasionally rainy up here as well for the past few days. And, thankfully, the forecast is saying while it might be sunnier this weekend, it's still only going to get up to 21 by Sunday (whew!). Everyone here too is saying I'm crazy for thinking fall has arrived but they'll be changing their tune when it hits +35 again before halloween.

Beth said...

I love rainy days — especially those days filled with big, booming thunderstorms. I used to think I was made for the Pacific Northwest, but my friends there say they don't really get thunderstorms. Can't live without 'em.

mellowlee said...

Cloudy days are my favorite too. Thank goodness I live in Vancouver haha! People do look at my weird when I tell them that

ah, word verification hates me today!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wonder if there is a word for fear of Radiohead, Karen? There should be.
I hope you have the perfect day for your marathon on Sunday - cool, not too sunny, and a little breeze. Run!
I actually this is just a brief respite in the weather. Although leaves often start yellowing in August here, they are still intact.

I guess they just get the steady rain up there, Beth, not the dramatics. Thunderstorms are great as long as the wind behaves itself. Tornadoes are nobody's friend. And naturally if my power gets knocked out when I feel I need it, that's not a selling point for me either.

Word verification hates me every day, Mel! I wish they would have a simplified option for those of us with occasional dyslexia.
I figured everyone in Vancouver loved rain, but then again not all of us in Calgary love the sun.

Deb said...

I get happy when I wake up to clouds too...does that mean we're getting old?

Will said...

Unfortunately, living in San Francisco, with the weather as crazy as it is, no weather type can really make me happy. When I was in school however, I used to love when winter came along. Not the rain so much, just the weather that required a coat. It was always a comforting. However, now, winter comes in July and that is not so comforting as it does not bring holidays along with it.

John Mutford said...

I love most storms if I'm inside. Blizzards, thunderstorms. Anything that doesn't hurt me despite it's potential.

JustRun said...

You cloudy weather people, I just don't get it. But I'm glad someone enjoys them because they're going to come around no matter what.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You mean because of the cataract thing, Deb? Or is that just me? I don't know if it means we're getting old, I've always liked clouds. Maybe I've always been old.

Winter without holidays is pointless innit, Will? But I realy must point out that in most parts of the continent, rain does not mean winter. Do you ever get snow?

Blizzards are the best, John! Especially when they start early enough that you KNOW you are not going to work the next day, but not too early that you can't get home first.

We do seem to be a majority here, don't we, Justrun? I'll let you in on a secret: after three days of rain, I am ready for sun again. Don't tell anyone though.

Will said...

Nope. No snow.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would find that very strange, Will, but I guess not if that's what I grew up with.