Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Has it really been that long?

How rude of me; it's been forever since I last posted a cat macro.
This should fix things.

It's also been forever since I worked as hard as I did today. I wasn't even supposed to go into work today, but I am starting to get a little antsy about this big grant application getting finished on time, and I'd rather put in some extra sweat now than wait until a week before deadline and give myself a heart attack.
And do you know what, it was really satisfying and reminded me why I used to love my job.
Turns out that everyone was assuming that the other person was going to be in charge, so we were floundering. Guess who caved first and declared themselves in charge? The same person who caves first at home and opens that bill that been lying on the table for a week, or caves first and picks up that sweater from the floor, or caves first and defrags the computer.
The mom!
This photo of Sputnik is my new wallpaper.


Joe said...

I love that chair!

mellowlee said...

Aw, that is some terrific wallpaper :O)

BeckEye said...

zzYou should get another cat and name it Sigue Sigue. Then the non-stop dance party would begin.

Jas B said...

Sputnik is a real model in the cat world! Love that picture.

Allison said...

It certainly sounds like you're getting things under control, and way to step up and take the reins! I hope everything with the proposal goes swimmingly and you're able to get most of it done before you leave on holiday!

Awesome picture :)

Karen said...

What a great picture of Sputnik! The first shot of the macro kitty freaked me out a bit but you more than made up with it at the end...

Beckeye: you're hilarious! There's an 80s reference I haven't heard in forever.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Me too, Bubs, it's the best chair! I picked it out of someone's garbage 15 years ago and it's been sitting outside ever since.

It makes me smile, Mel. Sputty looks like such a kitten in that photo.

Then the cats would just fight over which one has the danciest name and we can't have that, Beckeye. Actually I'm thinking her middle name could be Sigue Sigue.

She's a legend in her own mind, Jas. She is also the most photogenic member of the family.

I sort of surprised myself, Al, as I don't generally think of myself as all that bossy, but perhaps I am deluded. Making good progress and will give another big push today.

Beckeye is the queen of 80s references, isn't she, Karen? Don't your cats help you type sometimes?

John Mutford said...

Good for you stepping up like that!

The picture looks almost like a painting.

Beth said...

Sputnik knows how to work it! Sounds like you do, too.

Dale said...

Is Sputnik up there to toast the space shuttle launch? Meow.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You're right, it does sort of look like a painting, John. Must be some fancy-assed setting that Eva used on the camera. I wouldn't know, as I am camera-challenged.

I learned everything I know about working it from Sputnik, Beth!

Yes, and you should see her in her cute little astrocat suit, Dale! She is bossing everybody on the shuttle around.

phlegmfatale said...

all ur cat typing r belong to us

Barbara Bruederlin said...

U bin hanging out on I Can Has Cheezburgr, haven't you, Phlegmmy?