Thursday, August 30, 2007

Caution: tipsy blogging ahead

You should see the size of the wine glass I am holding in my hand right now. It makes it rather difficult to type, but whatever.


In fact, I had the boxes down to the mailroom at 3:15pm MDT. However by the time I sent some required efiles to the granting agencies and cleared up my shit that I had strewn about, I ended up walking out of the office at exactly the same time I normally do. Which was mildly disappointing as I had visions of myself swanning out of the office a couple of hours early. In my vision I also drove away in a sports car with the top down, giving the finger to my building as I passed.

But I always knew there would be a giant glass of red wine at the end of it all.

Speaking of sports cars, on the way home there was a little red MG trying to merge onto the Deerfoot at one of the god-awful merge intersections , so I let him in of course, and he gave me a friendly little wave, which is always nice. But then he needed to get into the next lane in order to get off the feeder lanes, and the guy in the van next to me wouldn't drop back to let him in. Naturally MG dude had to slow down in order to to wait for an opportunity to get into the right lane, and I could see what he needed to do, so I backed well off, so he didn't have this big honking urban assault vehicle on his ass, and then when he finally was able to merge, he gave me another friendly little wave. That was nice. I'm glad there are some considerate drivers out there. You go, sports car dude!

After the last 3 weeks of grant application drudgery, driving to Manitoba, followed by grant application panic, I am just aching to do nothing but hang in my sweatpants with no makeup on and finish reading Harry Potter this weekend. Naturally this is not going to happen. I've just been informed we are having company all weekend. I love our impending guest and normally I would be thrilled, but his timing is gruesome.

And I forgot we are going out to a mega-concert tomorrow night too and I am really looking forward to it (668, are you still planning to come to Calgary for this show?). But I just wish I had a couple of days to veg out first. Oh well, there'll be plenty of time to sleep when I am dead.

I AM going to finish Harry Potter this weekend though god-damn it, because it is really exciting (Neville Longbottom, you rawk!)and it is almost time for the fall reading challenge. Hey, if you want to get involved in this reading challenge, talk to Karen. The summer one was super-duper and I read all my books (once I finish HP). It's kind of neat to keep track of what you will and have read and to see what others are reading.

Okay, my glass is empty. Going to the kitchen for a refill, maybe order a pizza.


Serah said...

Finishing big tasks is quite a relief isn't it. It seems that I am back to doing stock again until things calm down and the back to school rush is over. I have 7 skids arriving to our tiny backroom in 2 sets of 3 and one skid by itself. At least there will be no stock on Friday to make me all sweating and nasty befor I go downtown. And I have Wolf Parade to make up for all my hard work! There will be plenty of beverages too!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about your huge sense of relief as I was driving home from Brandon tonight, so could not raise a glass as promised. Glad to hear you started the festivities, Barb. Now just turn the lights low and give your guest a supersized glass of wine, too.

John Mutford said...

I almosy wrote an similarlu influenced post tonight but o resigned myselk to simplty posting annoying commenr on my frioens blogs

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am so sad that i can't go to the show! tickets were mega expensive to fly out on friday. really expensive. insanely expensive. $200 one way expensive. seriously.
so, we were going to drive there and we figured we would still make it. but instead, we are flying now. but not until saturday morning. early saturday. really early. like i have to get up at 4 am early. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at the email you sent last night :) I'm glad the grants were submitted and you enjoyed that bottle of wine!

Fact. Summer is over.

Karen said...

Congratulations on finishing the grant application Barb. Wooooo Hoooo! You rock the casbah! And I'm so glad to hear that despite all that you had going on this summer, you managed to finish (almost) your reading list. I'm getting uber excited for fall - my pile of books awaits me on my coffee table. Now where's that apple pie and ice cream???

PS: thanks for the plug!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Good job, now sit back and relax. And make that kid clean the bathroom.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Plenty of beverages and no nasty stock sweat sounds like a perfect Friday night, Serah. Not so shabby on the Wolf Parade front either! We'll be at the Tokyo Police Club concert.

This is an excellent suggestion, Berni. Still had to clean the bathrooms, but nixed the dusting.

I am honoured, John. It's quite special to have someone make the effort to come visit when they are knackered.

That's a damned shame, 668! I would love to have met up and I think it should be a good show. But $200 one-way is beyond ridiculous.
Next time! And get some sleep on the plane!

Fact. Red wine and the internet is always a wise choice. That was the best clip that you sent Al. I'm still quoting from it even though I am no longer drunk!

I am looking forward to the fall reading challenge, Karen. I will get my list together this weekend and post something on the fall reading blog. I am excite!

We all pitched in, Monkey, and the place is now passable. In fact, it's even good enough to invite you and your crew now!