Monday, July 16, 2007

we lost one but we're still kicking

I was really saddened to hear about the death of Bluma Appel last night. She was such a colourful character (I mean, look at that hat) and she worked tirelessly to promote the arts in Canada. She became an Officer of the Order of Canada, and I'm glad she had recognition for all the advocacy she tirelessly pursued and all the philanthropy that she spearheaded, but I get the feeling she just did it for the sheer joy of it all.

She will be my mentor,even though I don't have either her money, nor her boundless energy. You did good, Bluma.

And waiting in the wings to spearhead Canada's arts community, is none other than our own little Jen, it would appear. Turns out that Jen's muse is the god damned heat. Now we're all tired of the heat too (although there's a lovely cool breeze blowing here right now), but as of yet I have not been inspired to write a song about it. Not like Jen has. It's so beautiful, I swear it will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened sun abuser.
- Jen C

its too hot
im too fat
the sun is the devil
i wear too many clothes
to protect the fragile of heart
from my mammoth self
its too hot to live
its too hot to live
yeah baby
fuck the sun
bring on the rain
and wind
and S.A.D. weather
so i may flourish
its too hot
yeah baby
rock on

the end
Stand up and take a bow, Jen!


Beth said...

I love Jen's poem. Sadly, I'm not familiar with Bluma Appel.

Allison said...

brilliant. well done, jen.

JustRun said...

I am both the opposite and the same as that poem.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Isn't it a master work, Beth? Bluma was well known in the Canadian arts community, but it's a small circle.

Who knew that such eloquence could exist in this heat, Al?

Now I have to go back and figure out which parts are which, Justrun.

justacoolcat said...

I hope that poem burns up in the sun. (no offense Jen)

Now bring on the beach.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I get this sneaking suspicion that you like summer, Just A. Just a hunch. Me, I like the ice cream part. And outdoor blogging.

John Mutford said...

Spread the sun like the wealth, Alberta. Gee whiz! The hottest we've had all summer is 17 degrees and just when I thought it was finally safe to wear a t-shirt, we were dive bombed by the biggest horde of mosquitoes (does that have an e?) that you've ever seen. I don't believe one is ever meant to go outside in the north.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

17? What's all this talk of global warming hitting the north especially hard then, John? Although once the glaciers are gone I'll bet the mosquito problem gets worse. Sounds like the north is a little like Winnipeg - you can never go outside.

John Mutford said...

Pretty much like Winnipeg yes. In fact, there's was an armed standoff here the other day that left a fair sized chunk of the town off-limits. Throw in the Blue Bombers and a few Salibury Houses and you wouldn't know the difference.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Just have to work on getting a giant yellow naked guy on the roof of the legislature, John,

Deb said...

Jen is a genius. Did she crawl inside my brain or something?

Dale said...

I was sad to hear about Bluma Appel too. I didn't know much about her but I've sat through many a performance in the Bluma Appel Theatre, home to the Canadian Stage Company. I think they should stage a play based on Jen's excellent work!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jen usually only makes it a habit to crawl around inside people's brains at Hallowe'en, Deb, but it's quite possible she got tired of waiting this year.

That's a great idea, Dale. Can I leave it with you to bring it up at the next meeting of the board of directors then?

Conky said...

I feel like a gosh darn celebrity...IM TAKING THIS SONG ON THE ROAD!!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maybe you could open for Matty, Jen. Of course, you'd either have to write a few more songs or sing that one 8 times.

Conky said...

i could do more full of stupid ideas!