Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oh shit

I'm not saying it was the last person who used the laptop,it could have been anybody. But the laptop now gives me a big juicy system error when I try to open it. And after talking to the $70.00/hour troubleshooters that Toshiba sent me to, it would appear that it has a worm or virus.

We have to wipe everything out. So now I have to find my Windows disc and call him back, but I'm going to wait till morning. Fuck it. I'm going to watch tv or something.


Beth said...

Oh, that so totally sucks. I still can't get rid of that pop-up crap on my PC, so I may be restaging this weekend, too.

Hope you found something cool to watch on TV.

mellowlee said...

oh NOOOO!!! Get well soon Barb's laptop

Will said...

My condolences ... and best wishes.

Karen said...

Egads! This has been the year of computer problems for you hasn't it?

Dale said...

At least you look pretty in yellow?

John Mutford said...

That is so crappy. Have you tried doing the Fonzy thing and give it the old donkey kick?

Johnny Yen said...

I've only got one word to say: Apple

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh no, not you too, Beth! These things drag on forever don't they?
Fortunately Robot Chicken took my mind of things.

Thanks Mel, I am spending way too much time on the phone with tech people for my liking.

Thanks Will, I think I will be able to work as an IT guy by the end of this saga, or at least talk like one.

One thing after another, Karen. Maybe it's time to go live on that desert island.

Thanks for noticing, Dale. That's one of my favourite outfits.

I'm sorely tempted to do the donkey kick trick, John, but somehow I think that might affect the warranty. I could be wrong though.

I thought Apple folks were too busy fixing all the iphone problems to give tech support to Mac users, Johnny.