Sunday, June 24, 2007

and there we were without our camera

The other day Johnny Yen mentioned that he never leaves the house without his digital camera anymore, and with very good reason, as it turns out. The craziness must be spreading northward because lately our war cry seems to be "I wish I had the camera with me!" Today was no exception.

I would have loved to have shown you the sign outside the travel agency that read "Europe for sale". Price was not mentioned, but naturally Eva had to know whether or not the United Kingdom was included and how far into Russia that extended. Any ideas on what the asking price for a rather nice landmass would be?

I also really wanted to show you the spy car that we were stopped beside at the lights, which had "SPY SHOP" written in large bold font all along the side. And the phone number, 668-1007 (oooh 007 - clever), scrawled across the back windshield. I'm hoping this is not the car that they use for surveillance, as I would certainly suspect I was being tailed if I saw that parked in front of my house, but maybe not everyone shares my keen powers of observation.

We did not see any New Balance Joy Division running shoes in our journeys today, but I can sure show you a picture.

Did I just hear Ian Curtis rolling around in his urn?

The judges agreed to work this weekend, so we are happy to present this week's winner of the highly coveted Labia Awards is:

Beckeye - "Nothing says 'I'm sorry for being a pantiless alcoholic' like a new mini-Escalade"

Nicely done, Beckeye. This is why we depend on you to keep us abreast of all the news that's fit to cringe at.


Danny Tagalog said...

Oh my God.

New Balance Joy Division 'sneakers'! The 'sneaky' New Order, eh! Not something Curtis would have approved of to be sure! Still you can't deny how cool a record cover it was...

I wonder whose decision it was...

This spy business is a bit worrying, but all part of the unseen system they wish to unveil.

mellowlee said...

LOL! I've seen signs like that in travel agency could be straight out of Engrish. So funny!

BeckEye said...

Maybe it was the band Europe? I don't think they've worked since 1987, so it's possible that they're putting themselves up for sale.

Ah, my 2nd Labia Award. I'm so honored and I have so many people to thank. DId I thank Chad Lowe last time? If I didn't, I'd like to thank him now. And of course I'd like to thank Britney, who's doing triple duty right now since Paris is in jail and Lindsay is (really?) in rehab (again?). Thank you, Brit, for not allowing my snark to dry up.

Allison said...

Joy Division sneakers? Say what?

That sign is great! Everything was camera worthy this weekend it seems like.

There was a spy shop in Vancouver that I always wanted to go into, but never did. I have never seen a spy car though, well I guess its not a "spy car" so much as a car with a sticker, or advert. Those, I have seen. But a lot of them keep telling me to honk if I love Jesus.

Johnny Yen said...

Wait, does this have anything to do with the Doc Martens ads with the dead punk rockers in them?

John Mutford said...

Maybe that car was a ruse and their real car was behind you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was a cool record cover, no question, Danny. And the sneakers look rather cool too, but it's just so wrong, innit?
Perhaps the spy car was so blatant to distract us from more nefarious goings on?

Were you tempted to go in and find out how much of a mortgage you needed to take out to buy Europe, Mel? It would be kinda cool to own Europe.

Probably not a huge asking price for the badn then, I'm guessing, Beckeye. I could probably afford that.
You may indeed have thanked Chad Lowe on your previous, and also well-deserved, Labia Award, but I'm sure he will be happy for the gratitude. And of course, where would any of us be without Britney?

A spy car telling you to honk if you love Jesus - now THAT would be worth a photo or two, Al! I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Yeah those Joy Division sneakers pretty much gobsmacked me. I mean a t-shirt is one thing, but.

Good point, Johnny Yen. I forgot to check who the ad agency for New Balance, but maybe the dude who got fired over the Doc Martens ad is behind this. (And Joe would never have approved!)

Gaaa! I never considered that, John! They are more clever than I thought.

JustRun said...

I always have the camera now-a-days, too- I hate when I forget it. Which is why, this past weekend when I was participating in a relay race and thought I saw a famous singer at one of the exchange points I about cried because my camera was in the van. Of course, it likely wasn't a famous singer but rather just my heat exhaustion/sleep deprivation.

Evelyne said...

I think that I saw a sign saying the same thing in Montreal but it was the United States, but who would like to buy that?

Maybe that the driver of the Spy car is someone being tailed?

mellowlee said...

It would be cool Barb, but no, I didn't think of asking. I just laughed!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well as long as you weren't seeing dead people on your relay, it's all good, Justrun. The picture would have been blurry beyond recognition anyway and nobody would have believed it was a famous singer. It's hard to snap and run!

I think you are right, Evelyne, it might be a little harder to find a buyer for the US - there's that one annoying tenant who thinks he owns the place to get rid of first.

Yeah I wouldn't have asked either, Mel, I'm all talk, in the end.

Will said...

I want some New Balance Joy Division shoes. And, yeah, I'm pretty much in agreement that the digital camera must be taken - everywhere ... just so much to document. As for the sale of Europe, it may seem like a great deal, but once you convert those Euros to dollars, it probably ain't.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Dammit, you're right, Will! Once again I forgot to factor in the conversion factor.