Thursday, May 24, 2007

what the hell is wrong with this picture?

Well, besides the fact that it is blurry and has no sense of composition, which is only to be expected as it was snapped by the world's shittiest photographer. But this is the scene that greeted us when we got up this morning, May 24 in case I need to remind you.

It's not quite the 15 cm that we were threatened with, but it did cause an estimated millions of dollars in damage to the city's trees. And do you know how hard it is to grow a tree here in the bald-assed prairie that lies in the rainshadow of the Rockies. Pretty damn hard, that's how hard.

Our first summer here, we thought we would try to embrace the culture of our new home and we went to the Chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede, which is held the second week of July. We sat in the stands, huddled under tarps, as the snow and sleet pelted us. July 13, I think it was. (Although the chucks were totally worth it!)

And yet I've gone for a walk in short sleeves on more than one Christmas Day. What a freaky place this is.

How's the weather where you are? OMG, how Canadian can I get?


Anonymous said...

High 20s, humid, sunny,and a smog alert in To. Man, we chose a good time to take Ellie on her first trip.www.

BeckEye said...

I'm sitting in my sweatbox of an apartment with the AC blasting. It's 74 and breezy outside, but it feels like 99 inside. I should probably go spend the rest of the evening out on the roof.

Allison said...

Hahahaha!! I just posted a bit on the weather too (Nothing shameful in embracing our Canadianism with talks on the weather ;)) But saying how its summer here. Holy crap, I can't believe that is what you all woke up to this morning.

If it helps, I was in a wool sweater today, but that's just because I can't part with my owls, even in 30'C heat.

mellowlee said...

Holy moly! That would be a shocker to wake up to. I was going to take some photos of Kerrisdale neighborhood today at lunch, but left my camera at my desk

Anonymous said...

very very nice...shorts and t-shirt weather

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

pooor calgarians.

it was warm and sunny in vancouver today.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Gotta love those smog alerts, Teddy! I don't remember them ever starting that early in the year before.
How's Ellie liking travel?

Spending the evening on the roof in New York City sounds so romantic, Beckeye! Will you wear your pearls?

Nothing like sweating for style, Al! But do we even live in the same country - snow vs smog and sweat? Holy crap, what a huge landmass! That's another thing we Canadians are good at discussing - how damn big Canada is.

I would much rather look at your photos of Kerrisdale than mine of my snowy front yard, Mel, for many reasons. Damn girl, you take some nice photos!

I was wearing shorts and t-shirt today, Kelly. While working out in the basement. Outside, not so much.

Some days we feel like the lowliest of the low, 668. This would be one of those days. And I feel really stupid with my hanging fuchsia sitting in the front hall.

John Mutford said...

This morning we woke up to 50 kmh winds with gusts to 70, 5 cm of snow. But I live in the Arctic. I got what I deserve. Still, any time you're down about the weather, just remember where I live.

Karen said...

At least you're not going to have to worry about the mosquitos that will be overrunning Edmonton this year. Your nice cold weather probably killed off all the little babies. We're already being swarmed. Can you say West Nile? Say it with me. I knew you could...

Allison: a belated HAPPY BDAY!

phlegmfatale said...

Yeah, that's some kooky weather, but I do like that photo.

Serah said...

Weather is mild but meh.

Hoping that it's nice at the Gorge this weekend. Scored tix to the Sasquatch music festival!!!!
Bringing the girl 'cause kids under five are free.

It will be Ella and two GREAT friends of mine all camping together at the "premium" site, which means bathroom facilities! And surprise guest appearance by this adorable guy that seems to like my company. (He was going first, so not camping together. This will be the first meet the kid encounter).

had to share that the word verification is dummp.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

John, that really sucks. And all my griping and whining can be ignored forthwith.

We don't get many mosquitos here, Karen. Too damned dry. Of course our neighbourhood manages to be the exception because of all the trees - it's a little Mosquitoville.

Oh you are too kind, PF - I'm a trrrible photographer. Maybe you need to put your glasses back on.
No, on second thought, don't.

"dummp" - how fitting considering the post.
Who's playing Sasquatch this year, Serah? They sure had a great lineup last year! Have a blast this weekend!

mellowlee said...

Thanks Barb :O) I will take some for you this weekend!

Toccata said...

You never should have packed up the shovels and unpacked the capris! Eva tried to tell you but would you listen? No.

Deb said...

it's a first - we're praying for minimal heat/sun to slowly melt the snowcap.

I heard of the good God, I think I'd die. It's a gorgeous mix here...yesterday was summer like, today, cooler - sun with a mix of clouds. (should I say "nananananaaana now?" bad.)

Evelyne said...

Sorry about the weather Barb, here it's sunny and way too hot and I'm typing this sitting under a huge tree on the campus at school (and I might have a sunburn also). Hope you'll see the sun really soon.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope it is a particularly photogenic weekend, Mel.

Arrggghhh! You are right, Toccata! As, of course, is Eva, but I'll never tell her that. That's it - the shovel is going back onto the porch.

Yeah I think a few broken trees is pretty minor compared to the threat of floods, Deb.
Actually it's really really nice here today, I have all the windows open and is everything ever green now. That's Calgary for you!

That's what I love best about laptops, Evelyne, being able to do your blogging outside. I feel less guilty somehow when I do that.

Becky said...

Ahh... Gotta love Alberta! I was born on August 20th here in Edmonton, in the middle of a snowstorm. That may explain the hard time I have choosing my favorite season.

I do so love being Canadian, with our weather talk and all our letter U's.

Anonymous said...

We coming up to Toronto in June. think we'll need to bring sweathers?? ;)

Dale said...

We were sweating our asses off when I heard about this. I thought of you first. And then I laughed. I'm sorry.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's all about the "u"s isn't it, Becky?
I love complaining about the weather, but I didn't realize that Edmonton got such weird stuff as well. But what a way to enter the world!

It'll likely be hot and humid in Toronto in June, Leazwell. All those lakes really steam things up. Now watch, it'll snow.

ALways happy to bring a little hilarity to your life, Dale. Don't worry - you're on my list.