Monday, May 21, 2007

What do you do on a cold rainy holiday Monday?

You don't have to do any yardwork, so you can make yourself a new workout cd instead. And if you happened to miss Random Playlist Friday, you can share that with your friends instead. I reached back into the vaults for a lot of these songs and it's kinda fun to sweat to the oldies actually:

When my heart walks down the street Victoria Day workout cd:

Turkish Song of the Damned- the Pogues
Hateful - the Clash
Miss Lucifer - Primal Scream
Young Lions - the Constantines
Machinehead - Bush
Heart of Glass - Blondie
Flower Gardens - Chad Van Gaalen
Walk Idiot Walk - the Hives
Barbed Wire Love - Stiff Little Fingers
Put Out Your Lights - Matthew Good
Blues From a Gun - the Jesus and Mary Chain
Allison - Pixies
I Can't - Radiohead
In the Morning - Junior Boys
When My Boy Walks Down the Street - the Magnetic Fields
This is How it Feels - Inspiral Carpets
Backdrifts (Honyemoon is Over) - Radiohead
People as Places as People - Modest Mouse
Bloodbeat - Patrick Wolf
Heavy Weather - Jarvis Cocker
Black and White Unite - Belle and Sebastian
Every Car You Chase (the Snow Police) - Party Ben mashup
(damn, I was going to put up mp3s for a lot of these songs, but mydatabus has made changes to how things can be linked and until I figure it out - no songs for you!)

Have you seen The Last King of Scotland?
It's quite evident why Forest Whitaker received as many accolades as he did for his portrayal of Idi Amin. He is mesmerizing and charming and terrifying. His transformation from a successful coupe leader to a murderous and clearly insane dictator is riveting.

James McAvoy, who is being touted as the new "it" boy, plays Nicholas Garrigan, the young Scottish doctor who is lured away from working in a small rural Ugandan hospital to become Amin's personal physician. Garrigan's character is roughly based upon an actual person, but the actual events in both the film and in Garrigan's actions are highly fictionalized. McAvoy does a credible job of showing how Garrigan's naivete and increasing sense of entitlement allow him to be continually seduced into ignoring the increasing evidence of genocide that is occurring as Amin slips further into madness. He also has a lovely little bum, which we were shown in the buff a number of times.

Oh, and Gillian Anderson has a small part in The Last King of Scotland, and there is nary a shred of Dana Scully in her performance.

This is not an easy film to watch at times, but I guarantee you will not quickly forget it.

I realize I should have announced this week's Labia Award winner yesterday, but since it is a holiday here in Canada, I figure I am entitled to an extra day to make a decision.

And really, how could I resist this label, brought to us by:

If you are enjoying a statutory holiday today as well, enjoy the rest of it; if not, at least Monday is over with.


Allison said...

That is one mighty fine playlist!! I may have to steal that order and try it out myself.

I've been meaning to see the Last King of Scotland, but it keeps getting passed up for something else, one of those films you have to be in the mindset for.

Enjoy the last of this long weekend tonight!!

John Mutford said...

I liked Last King of Scotland a lot as well. I also could see why there was so much fuss over Forrest. But then, I've read a few really nasty reviews on James McAvoy who I thought did a great job.

Great workout list- though I admit, I wasn't expecting to see Bush (insert obvious joke here). The mashup at the end is awesome.

Toccata said...

I could have used that CD yesterday during our rainy day. That list could have got me moving.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I actually put "Allison" on there in your honour, Al, as quite a few of the songs came from you in the first place. Turns out that "Turkish Song of the Damned" is on the slowish side for a start-off song, though.
You definitely have to be in the mindset for Last King of Scotland. We watched Stranger Than Fiction the night previous and there's no way we could have switched the order around.

Forest Whitaker was superb, John. I guess he had a difficult time losing the Ugandan accent after filming and also getting Amin out of his head.
I had heard a few bad reviews about McAvoy as well, but I thought he did well. Would you have recognised Gillian Anderson if you did not know she was in the film?
That was one of the mashups that Fearless presented. I think that one is extremely well done.

I need a knew workout cd every few weeks to keep me moving, Toccata. Although I currently have about 30 to choose from, I always need to fool myself into thinking I'm doing something different.

Johnny Yen said...

I will probably watch it eventually. Really good book on the subject-- "Ghosts of Kampala," by George Ivan Smith. Smith was the British ambassador to Uganda at one time.

A friend of mine's family were refugees of the Amin dictatorship. His father was a university professor, and would certainly have been killed.

It's amazing how decolonialization led to even worse governments, in a lot of cases, by people from that country.

Anonymous said...

I knew I hadn't had that dream for nothing! LOL!

I haven't seen Last King... but i am looking forward to it. With the exception of Michael Caine, Children of Men was abysmal in my opinion.

Will said...

Great mix ... and cool to see the Party Ben mashup in there. Seems like that one is making the rounds ... I heard it's really big in Ireland. And "Stormy Weather" by Jarvis kind of reminds me of R.E.M. and "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." Great song.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's true, Johnny, and Amin's genocide almost pales by comparison to Rwanda, say.
When I was in graduate school, I knew a lot of students from countries that have since become quite dangerous - Iran, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Myanmar - and I often think about them.

That dream was pretty darned creepy, Leazwell, but it did garner you a much covetted Labia Award.

The whole Jarvis album is pretty brilliant, Will - I just love that he is just as cool and just as good as ever, if not more so.
That Party Ben mashup is one of the better ones, I think - very seamless.

BeckEye said...

I'd like to get a workout CD of just the "breathe in, breathe out" part of "Machinehead" on a constant loop. Then maybe I wouldn't hyperventilate from trying to move while being so ridiculously out of shape.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I like your thinking on that, Beckeye. And I like how Bush has given exact instructions on the breathing bit - very helpful.

Dale said...

Wow, quite a list! And quite a labia too!

I enjoyed the performances in Last King of Scotland (and your excellent review) but I really felt it was so point of view that it was hard to know exactly how much horror there was all around until the very end when the stats came up.

phlegmfatale said...

Um, I've recognized the yummyness of James McAvoy for some time. I seem to be a sucker for the Glaswegian lads, as two other actors who done smote me hail from Glasgow too. But here's the kicker - I dug Jamey in his faun getup from the Narnia movie-- that's not pervy is it? I didn't think so. Perfectly normal to me.

"oh, and bring those little horns, boy."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You make a really good point, Dale. And that must have been intentional, don't you think, as Garrigan had blinders on to what was going on until the very end as well. Very powerful film.

Well now I want to see the Narnia movie, Phlegmmy! A faun getup may not be a little nudie bum, but it's not bad!

Dale said...

That's where I knew the McAvoy guy from! Narnia, of course. Thanks Phlegmfatale for reminding me.

Barbara, I know you'll faun over him.