Friday, May 25, 2007

too early to let the leg fur start growing back after all

What a difference a day makes. I've got all the windows wide open, there's gentle breeze wafting in through the screen door, and the grass is so green it's hurting my eyes.

But I am leaving that snow shovel by the door. I've learned my lesson.

Here's a random playlist to honour my American friends as they set off on their long weekend, providing you aren't half-tanked already. Ah hell, even if you are, this playlist still for you (but I'm leaving the "u" in all my words):
Go to sleep - Radiohead
Here comes your man (live) - Pixies
Roland the headless Thompson gunner - Warren Zevon
Behind the sun - Mixel Pixel
Wave of mutilation (BBC sessions) - Pixies
Free in the harbour - Stan Rogers
Billy Budd - Morrissey
Bodies - the Sex Pistols
When I wake - the Changes
Kissability - Sonic Youth
We went to the library after school, where I was shocked to discover that I hadn't checked anything out since February. I've been reading bought books, but still felt the need to justify my absence to the librarian.
I took out Carol Shields' Unless and a trashy Janet Evanovich detective novel (summer is coming, you know). And I found a few cds to borrow as well:
Gang of Four - Return the Gift
Lorrie Matheson - You Should Know By Now
Arab Strap - the Last Romance
and two Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder and Velocity of Sound
Have a gorgeous weekend, celebrating the birthday of Dr. Lenny Memorial, the great American inventor and father of, among other things, the beer helmet, four-down football, and IHOP.


Karen said...

I love the name of those shoes! Too funny!

Oooh trashy novels are sometimes just the perfect thing for a nice spring/summer day, aren't they. Does this mean you might join our great summer read-a-thon?

John Mutford said...

Let me know what you think of Unless. I liked it, but Debbie found it too boring.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They've got to be just the right sort of trashy though, Karen. I cannot handle the Danielle Steel type of trash, but a detective novel where the protagonist's grandmother goes to funerals for entertainment and insists on riding shotgun with her on her cases - that's my brand of trashy.
Thanks for the reminder about the summer reading list. Yes, I'll have to sign up.

I really liked most of Shields' other books, John. In fact Larry's Party is one of my favourite books, but I will keep you posted.

Joe said...

Thanks for the thought Barbara. This here is one 'Merican who won't be geezed this weekend--this was my first day back at work, and I'm working through the whole holiday. I like all the Pixies on your list!

I feel like Chicagoans are kindred spirits to Canadians--we too know the bitter disappointment of the late season snowstorm. We're just louder and not as polite as you guys.

phlegmfatale said...

I love the fact that those Fartin' shoes have velcro fasteners, which is kind of a farty sound, in a way, Velcro. Beeeerrrrrrrraaaappp!

Gang of Four is so great. And Here Comes Your Man is one of the best Pixies productions evahhhh... Surfer Rosa is pure-dee goodness. ear-rection inducing, even.

Malnurtured Snay said...

My shovel is by my door too, but mostly because I just cleaned my car out.

Danny Tagalog said...

Hi Barbara - Gang of Four always hit the spot - Pixies of course too. What a cover Surfer Rosa had. If I was a woman I'd feel forever inadequate after seeing that expression of beauty!

Allison said...

I've never listened to Apples in Stereo, you'll have to tell me how they are.

No snow here, but lots of rain. I'm glad it let up for you guys though, snow should not be allowed in May.

Anonymous said...

After mowing this morning I just stripped down in the yard and hosed off. Well, there's no pool and the shower wasn't going to cut it...yeah, it's warm here.

Have a great weekend, zombie baby

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And you are especially loud when the cicadas join in the complaint, Bubs. Have those bastards emerged yet?
Sorry to hear you are working all weekend. I do hope that it is relatively uneventful.
All that Pixies pleased me greatly as well.

Hey I never noticed about the velcro, PF! It must have been an 8-year-old boy who was naming those shoes.
Oddly, I have been listening to a lot of Gang of Four at work and a lot of Pixies on my commute. My computer is very attuned to my moods it would seem.

I would recommend you leave your shovel exactly where it is, Snay. Learn from my mistakes. Better still put it back in the car.

How true Danny, and she looks so proud and invincible as she haughtily stands there - that's a hard thing to pull off. No wonder we are intimidated.
You cannot beat Gang of Four or Pixies for ushering in a weekend.

It's kinda weird, Al. So far I like Apples in Stereo for a few songs - they sound quite refreshing - and then they quickly start to annoy me. I've yet to listen all the way through, but I would suspect they are best suited to a mixed cd.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sorry I missed you there, Leazwell! Aren't you the brave one! I hope your neighbours weren't home.

But now you've got the mowing done and can enjoy the rest of the weekend in style.

Deb said...

I have some "Fartin" shoes, although they're not labelled that. They're rubbery flip flops that make a farting noise every time I take a step. I bet those do too.

I have a shovel by my door but mostly it's for the next time the ex comes over and tries to steal my last cooler.

Dale said...

We're one step closer to peace in the middle East(ern) States with your good wishes Barbara! What's that smell?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You just know those shoes have to make farting noises, Deb. Actually, they would be really handy to wear when you need a little camouflage noise. No one would suspect it wasn't the shoes.
I'm assuming your shovel is not one of those wimpy plastic ones either.

Those were my shoes, Dale! And my American friends will back me on that.

Toccata said...

I just read you enjoyed Larry's Party. Me too. I'm a huge fan of her works and I owe that fact to my mother for she was the one that turned me on to her.

Mysteries are my guilty pleasure. That of course started with Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton.

*Although I love to read apparantly I am dyslexic. A fact I did not know until word verification came into my life!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Larry's Party was so great, Toccata, and I loved that I recognize so many places in it, with it taking place mostly in Winnipeg and all.
My mom went to a Carol Shields reading once and came back with an autographed copy of the Stone Diaries for me! How sweet is that?
The wv makes dyslexics of us all, I think.

Dale said...

Speaking of Larry's Party, the book wasn't bad but Canadian Stage Company did a musical adaptation of it a few years back starring Brent Carver. Let's just say the book was better.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yeah, Dale, I remember hearing about that and dying a little inside. Who ever thought that would be a good idea?
I do like that Winnipeg is building a garden maze in Shields' honour, though. That is fitting.