Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NOW I'm excited

I can't remember if I ever mentioned that I am volunteering at the Calgary Folk Festival this year. I got a swell gig working the Record Tent, helping people find cds and making musical recommendations about other artists they might like or other cds by the same artists which are good, that sort of thing.

The volunteer coordinator asked that we do some homework familiarizing ourselves with the musicians attending this year, which I am very happy to do. It's like telling me for homework I have to eat a piece of chocolate fudge cake or something.

As a run-up to announcing of all the musicians, the folk festival has a tradition of leaking one name per week for a couple of months, sort of as a teaser to whet your appetite. And the past two years, the folk festival has featured absolutely mindboggling musicians, so every Monday I have been checking the website, all a-twitter. And have not really seen any names that have gobsmacked me.

I was actually starting to get a tiny bit concerned that I would be able to work up enough enthusiasm for the featured artists to actually do my required homework, even though I know full-well that many of the best memories come from making new musical discoveries.

That all changed today when the full line-up was released. OMG - did they ever come through! Some of the people I am excited about seeing are:


Neko Case
Rufus Wainwright
Hawksley Workman
Final Fantasy
Geoff Berner
the Sadies
the Cape May
the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Great Big Sea
City and Colour
Sarah Slean
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Connie Kaldor
Oh Susanna
Chumbawamba (remember them?)
- and lots more!

Now if you'll please excuse me, I've got some homework to do.


Toccata said...

That homework assignment had your name all over it. That list! The top three alone make the festival worthwhile. I hope you get to see Sarah Slean so I can read one of your reviews about her. I have not been all that overwhelmed by her but I know people that have seen her in concert and think she is fantastic.

Deb said...

perfect gig for you Barb, I agree with tc.

You probably don't even need to research - I'll bet you can pull the stuff right outta your head. As a matter of fact, they're lucky to be getting your services for free. Now that I think of it, they should bloody well pay you. Top wage. O.K., I'm missing the whole "volunteer" point here, aren't I?

K.B said...
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K.B said...

Oh I remember Chumbawamba, is it even possible to forget them?

But I had no idea they were still at it.

Karen said...

SInce when is Chumbawumba considered folk music?

Oooh though, Rufus Wainwright, Hawksley Workman, Great BIg Sea, Sarah Slean. I hope Edmonton's festival this year is just as good!

John Mutford said...

Great line up! Some of these you're already on top of anyway, right? Gotta love homework assignments where you know the stuff ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Just delurking here to let you know of a great web site with lots of folk music (24hours) and info.
Have fun volunteering for such a great venue.

justacoolcat said...

I'm pretty sure half on the list are not "folk musicians" though they are musican folk.

John Mutford said...

To all those pointing out the lack of folk music at the folk festival, have you ever seen the line ups at the Montreal Jazz festival? Isn't Bob Dylan supposed to be there this year? Maybe they could do a red rover with the Squirrel Nut Zippers or something.

Becky said...

Wow! Lucky! So far the Edmonton list has only had a couple of really exciting artists. You guys get Geoff Berner and Hawksley Workman, I'm jealous... I might have to head down to Calgary :)

JustRun said...

Wow, people I've actually heard of! Cool! ;)

Sounds like you'll have a great time.

hilary m. said...

I heard the line-up yesterday.
I've been waiting to see him in concert since I first heard him. (I secretly, really, really, really want to meet him also).
And Neko Case, Final Fantasy, Hawksley Workman, The Sadies! I'm so pumped. How are you going about your Record Tent homework Barbara? I'm not so sure where to start...

Evelyne said...

Blogger ate a comment one more time tonight, I thought that at one point Blogger wouldn't be hungry anymore and would stop to eat comments, oh well it's just a dream.

Can it really be called homeworks? I'm sure you'll enjoy the festival, it sounds like a lot of fun, except for Rufus Wainwright. I don't know why but I don't really like him, it might be because my roommate listened to his cd a little bit too often last year, I guess that I should give him a second chance.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm pretty excited about the list too, Toccata. I've seen a few of the performers but some of them, ahem Neko Case, I've been waiting for a long time to see.
I'm kinda on the same wavelength as you regarding Sarah Slean.

You are too kind, Deb! But no there are quite a few performers I have never heard of, but now maybe I can fake it with knowing some of the others.

They got knocked down, but they got up again, KB. I checked their site and they are still together with musical styles that are ever evolving apparently.

The folk festival is way beyond strictly folk, Karen, and personally I applaud that.
A lot of the performers make the rounds of the festivals so there's a pretty good chance some of them will come to Edmonton.

Those are the only kind of homework assignments I generally get decent marks on, John. So bring them on!

Hi Gina D, welcome! Delurking - such a great word! Thanks for the sites, I'll be sure to check them out.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think "folk" is a pretty broad category, Just A, but yeah the boundaries are being stretched. WHich I am good with.

I guess maybe we shoud just call them all music fests, John. Bob Dylan at Montreal Jazz? Right.

You should come down here, Becky! I've been lucky enough to see both Geoff Berner and Hawksley Workman and they are both so great! When does Edmonton release their list?

See, we like some of the same music, Justrun!

Me too on the Rufus thang, Hilary.
I haven't started any homework yet, but I think I'll start at their sites and hopefully listen to some of their music online. If they have no sites, hmmm, not too sure.

I've had a few comments gobbled up the last few days as well, Evelyne. Grrrrrr!
Not a Rufus fan? I guess any music that is forced upon you endlessly can get annoying. Maybe you'd like him better now.

Becky said...

The full list for Edmonton comes out on May 30th, I believe. They're only leaking names now.
We had Workman and Berner last year, they're awesome! They don't usually book the same performers two years in a row, but I'm secretly hoping.
Folk fest voluteers rock *high five*

mellowlee said...

Damnit, blogger keeps chewing up my comments and spitting them out! OMG, I so want to go to that festival! Hey, Great Big Sea seem like a blast, and Rufus? OMG!!! I would want to jump up on the stage and give em a big SMOOOOCH haha! You are going to have a great time!

Dale said...

Wow! What an excellent line up! I'm really excited for you!! And gee, I wonder if you'd mentioned this mysterious festival before? Haha. It's gonna be good times!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You never know, Becky, you might get lucky - you could always check their websites and see if they mention anything. I know Owen Pallett had the folk fest on his site weeks ago.

I'll bet Great Big Sea put on a livel show, Mel. And Rufus, well he's just divine, isn't he? I am going to plead and beg not be be working at the record tent during his set.

hahaha I guess I have rather gone on and on about the folk fest before, 'tis true, Dale. But I'm a firm believer in hitting people over the head repeatedly.

Will said...

Wait ... didn't Neko cancel last year ... but this time you really will get to see her? Or I am just mad? Great lineup!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neko did cancel last year, plus she never tours with the New Pornos, but apparently this time she is coming here for real. They even ran a story on the front of the paper, just to shame her in to not cancelling, I'm sure. Now just watch, I'll likely have to work the Record Tent while she is playing or something.