Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I wanna do this

Look at the tantalizing invitation I received yesterday! I can't make it to the Season Announcement (damn! and the Palette makes the best blackberry steamers in town, too) but I am very excited to see what Sage Theatre has on offer for their 10th anniversary season.
Check back here next week for the season lineup as it is released, or better still go to Sage Theatre's site. Or, best yet, if you can make it to the announcement, please let me know what I'll be going to see this year.
You are cordially invited to

Monday, May 7th
atThe Palette
(coffee shop in Art Central)

Get Closer
Come join Artistic Director Kelly Reay as he unveils the line-up for Sage Theatre's 2007-08 season. Coffee and muffins are complimentary, and surprises will be plentiful! Please be our guest as we usher in the milestone of Sage Theatre's 10th Anniversary of producing high-quality intimate theatre in Calgary.
I'm also excited about this - the inaugural Sled Island Music Festival. It's a celebration of indie music and will be held at various venues around Calgary, June 27-30.
Here's the line-up:

Fred Armisen
Axis Of Conversation
The Bigfoot Rocketship
The Black Dots
Azeda Booth
Castle Greyskull
Cat Power
The Consonant C
CPC Gangbang
The Dears
The Details
Forbidden Dimension
Ghosts Of Modern Man
Rebekah Higgs
Hot Little Rocket
Jagatha Christie
Jane Vain & The Dark Matter
The Johnsons
Les Savy Fav
Light City Fiction
Lonely Vulcans
The Marble Index
Mark Brittles Project
Mates Of State
The Mongrels
Mother Mother
My Robot Unicorn
The National Frost
The Nymphets
The Petites
The Remones
Ricca Razor Sharp
Rocket Smog
The Rocky Fortune
Curtis Santiago
Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome
The Summerlad
Twin Fangs
Chad VanGalen
The Walkmen

If you've made it all the way down here, you deserve a treat. This is the prettiest song I've heard in a long time:

Black and White Unite - Belle and Sebastian


John Mutford said...

I got such a kick out of some of these band names:

1. Jagatha Christie- reminds me of a band in Baroque a Nova called Urethra Franklin

2. Lint- I'm picturing black shirts under black lights

3. The Remones- Is this is a tribute band?

4. Lonely Vulcans- I hate to picture their fan base

5. Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome- I love this.

Dale said...

You're going to be a busy busy Barbara! Will Fred Armisen be coming as Prince or as himself?

Allison said...

My Robot Unicorn??? Seriously. That's going to make me smile for the rest of the night.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

oooooh, i'm thinkin' road trip time!

mellowlee said...

That list made my eyes go crossed, how fabulous! Hey, what's a blackberry steamer????

Toccata said...

Are you kidding me? How does Calgary snag such great acts? I think I need to hitch a ride with 668 on her road trip. I want to see Cat Power.

Will you be continuing to review the plays during next year's season at Sage?

I have to go and listen to Black and White Unite.

Toccata said...

Hmm, I'm just checking my dates. My students finish on the 26th and my art course doesn't start until the 4th of July!!

Unknown said...

THAT IS AWESOME. I read about Sled Island just as I got back here and I was like "YES! Now I don't feel as bad about missing NXNE!" I can't believe we're getting Les Savy Fav. And I opened for the Nymphets once! They are pretty crazy. Like, really crazy.

I kind of want to see Cat Power.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love saucy band names too, John. Jagatha Christie is great. The only one of those that you named that I have atually heard was Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome - they're really good!

Good question, Dale - he's got a raft of personalities under his belt that he could choose from. Prince would be an excellent choice.

Al, the only thing cooler than a unicorn would be a robot unicorn. Especially one that can sing and play instruments.

You SHOULD come here for this, 668, seriously. A lineup like that - how can you say no. And it would be serious fun to meet up.

That's one long list, innit, Mel? Should be guuud!
Ooo a blackberry steamer is this yummy steamed and frothy milk with a blackberry flavour shot. The Palette makes the best steamers.

You SHOULD come along on the roadtrip with 668, Toccata. It would be awesome to meet up with you, and the timing couldn't be better, right?
I was thinking of you when I was listening to Black and White Unite, probably because it's on Storytelling, which I think you would really enjoy. And yes, I plan to keep reviewing for Sage this year - I even bought season's tickets.

Maybe the Nymphets would call you up on stage with them, Ruhee. Pretty sweet lineup, isn't it? There're a few acts I'd really like to see (Hylozoists! Hylozoists!), but will have to find out what venues they are at.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am going to look into this. tickets are kinda pricey but at least you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Serah said...

Sounds like fun. I'm back from hiatus. Sorry to have been away for so long. It's going to take me a bit to catch up. If you are interested, I just posted my critic of Grindhouse.

justacoolcat said...

The Current 89.3 plays many of those bands, funky names and all.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You do get a lot for your buck, 668, but you likely also noticed they are only selling 500 all-inclusive passes. I'm going to stick to the individual shows, as I don't know who is playing at which venue (which is a factor for the teenager). If you to attend, I would love to meet up!

Hey it's been a long time, Serah, what have you been up to?

That was the radio station whose t-shirt you were wearing, wasn't it Just A? Are Current 89.3 online at all? It sounds well worth listening to.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i didn't read the info for the passes very well. i understand the pricing better now that i know it's so limited.

love to hook up. i will also probably be in your town for sloan at stampede

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh nice! Yes, let's do plan to meet. I'll be the one with holding up the big sign that reads "are you the neighbour of the beast?".

JustRun said...

Though I've heard of nare a one, some of those names are great!

Deb said...

Yea, I've heard of two of them!! The rest do have very interesting names...I'm with John on that.

You lead such a busy life my dear....I'm sure it's what keeps you so young! I'd like to use all of those names in a story.

Danny Tagalog said...

Is that the Japanese BOREDOMS? Go see them - they are phenomenal - check out the album, "Vision Creation New Sun" with some incredible drumming revealed.

I hear they are quite a live force - they tend to gig outside of Japan nowadays....

Les Rallizes Denudes? You'll be lucky to find copies of their works, but there are some gems to be found if you do. Could be hit and miss though..

You're making me want to go out and see more gigs again - or at least to get my present projects over and done with a.s.a.p...and that's a good thing...

Anonymous said...

I'm with mutford on this one and I'm totally gobsmacked that you can keep up with all these hundreds of musicians all the time plus all the other amazing things you do. You are so high calibre but of course that is what I like about you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aren't they beauties, Justrun? Wouldn't it be fun to have a job making up bands names (although I guess most of us do that in our spare time anyway)?

There are a lot that I haven't heard of either, Deb. Ha, I'd love to see you use them all in a story! You have 2 hours - GO!

Yes! They are in fact the Japanese Boredoms, Danny! They are definitely on my list of bands to see now, thanks for the heads up.
And the piece you wrote on Les Rallizes Denudes was such an eyeopener - makes me realize just how much great music we are not hearing.

Aww, Leazwell, you are making me blush. It really helps that I have these knowledgeable friends who keep me in the loop, and of course I would be lost without my teenager.

ryan said...

I love the jagatha christies so much I'm in them!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Ryan, welcome! I'm looking forward to hearing your band play!