Saturday, May 12, 2007

Don't mess with them, they're Vikings

Peter Bjørn and Jøhn are pretty darned adørable, with thøse Swedish accents and anti-cøøl løøks, and I am happy tø repørt that they put øn lively shøw, in which they embraced the audience like a new-føund best friend. They are as charming and accessible as their søngs, and Friday's cøncert was feel-gøød evening øf handclaps and jumping up and døwn and barely discernable tales tøld in thick Swedish accents.

The band was øriginally a duø cønsisting øf Peter Møren and Bjørn Yttling, whø were heavily influenced by the shøegazer sound. When Jøhn Eriksson jøined the band as drummer, that søund mørphed intø the tasty and insanely catchy tunes that they perførm today. Yøu can still clearly hear the shøegazer influence in their music, particularly in søngs like Up Against The Wall [mp3] (my persønal favourite), a søng which, while nøt brief in the first place, they managed tø stretch øut intø a rather epic piece at the cøncert.

Their cataløgue is deeper than yøu wøuld at first expect, and the cøncert shøwcased many ølder pieces nøt føund øn Writer's Bløck, as well as inventive rewørkings øf søngs such as Amsterdam [mp3], which was played as an acøustic bit with the audience supplying the missing handclaps, and the unbelievably infectious Yøung Følks, where Peter sang bøth male and female parts. And whø knew that Swedes could beat bøx like that?

The audience, cønsisting largely øf indie kids, were clearly up for the cøncert and had, I was pleased tø see, før the møst part chøsen their attire with great care. Shøe-wear seemed tø skew either tøward flip-fløps ør cøwbøy bøøts (which I am assuming was an irønic backlash tø living in Cøwtøwn) but it was the gløw-in-the-dark runners that really caught my eye. Frøcks aplenty were spøtted, giving the hall the feel øf a Jenny Lewis løøk-alike cøntest at times. Løved the lad who appeared tø be nøthing møre than a giant frø stuck øn tøp øf a pair øf tøøthpicks, but my all-time favøurite ensemble had tø be the strapless gøwn with cøwbøy bøøts, tøpped by a bleached pagebøy. Very pøst-mødern retrø-irønic.

The first øpening act was Faunts, frøm Edmøntøn. They were pretty spectacular. Their music feels quite Møgwai-like, a little reminiscent øf Sigur Røs, with perhaps a tøuch øf Hyløzøists thrøwn intø the mix. They play very richly textured ambient-like music, largely instrumental, which builds upøn itself in layers and layers. And yøu know høw I'm a sucker før a building søng. I ended up buying bøth øf their cds.

They are definitely a band I would recømmend that you see live. m4 (part II) [mp3] is øne øf the søngs they played øn Friday, and if you are interested in høw music is made, this is a fascinating øne to watch being perførmed.
The øther øpening act was Gerønimø. They were an extremely ørdinary prairie emø band. And the fact that the frøntman løøked a little like Jared Letø gave me nø chøice but tø hate them a little bit. We actually wandered øff during their set, and discøvered a wall øf fame which had phøtøs øf søme øf the acts that played MacEwan Hall øver the years. I was pretty gøbsmacked tø discøver that Radiøhead played the hall in 1996.
By now yøu all will have seen the videø for Yøung Følks abøut a gajilliøn times, sø I'll leave yøu with the videø for Øbjects øf My Affectiøn instead:


Serah said...

Who doesn't love PB&J?

The Vancouver show fell right on my mom's bday. There was a possibility that we were having a 50th bday party for her so going to the concert wasn't an option...until she took off to the dominican republic and by then the concert was very sold out. Glad to hear a review of what I missed.

Thanks for the mother's day wishes, same to you ;)

Allison said...

And to think I just dusted off my gold cowboy boots ;) "Very post-modern retro-ironic", ha, that's great!!

I'm glad to hear the concert was good, I love everything about this album, and band, hopefully I'll get a chance to see them when they come around again. I enjoy the Faunts too, isn't it great when the opening act sets a good tone for the rest of the show?

This video has given me a fear of ping pong.

I hope your Mother's day was relaxing and that you don't have to cook!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's a shame, Serah. All that concert missing for nothing! That can be your mother's day gift to your mom.

Al, you would have been the belle of the ball with your gold cowboy boots. Seriously.
I owe you a big thanks for introducing me to PB&J. You sure know good music, my friend! And Faunts are great! I don't know why I hadn't heard them before.
That video was making my back ache!

Dale said...

And thanks to you for introducing them to me Barbara, I like it! Nice review of the show and audience who usually are part of the show anyway aren't they?

BeckEye said...

Where did you get all those fantastic O's?

Whoa - my word verification word is actually a word. "Peace." Peace out, yo. Flurm.

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, you also know you're a mother when your child poops in the tub and you fish it out. Happy mother's day!!!
I also loved your O's and your music.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm glad the Vikingness is sitting well with you, Dale. And for me, the people-watching is a huge part of the night, which is one of the reasons I love the indie shows so much. Idie kids were the best clothes!

Flurm to you as well, Beckeye! I think the closest I've ever had for a real word in WV was gindo or something like that.
I wish I could claim special Viking powers on the O's, but I just copied them out of Word. Yeah it was a bit of work, but I am an idiot that way.

Yeah Berni, you fish it out and then you put the kids back in the tub without changing the water. We've all done it.
Some good tunes eh?

justacoolcat said...

I'll have to check out the Fausts and the links when I have sound.

JustRun said...

Cool review! Sounds good all around.
Also, I like the word "Vikingness." :)

Anonymous said...

i didn't like the fausts at all, (aside from their first song, two people on drums always gets me!) and much preferred the second band, although it could be that they were prettier. hmm.
i love pb&j! everytime peter tried to act sexy though, i admit, i giggled.
- nh

Danny Tagalog said...

I'm in awe of the ease to which you ose those Swedish 'o's' too!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How can a computer guy like yourself not have sound at work, Just A? Doesn't it make you crazy?
Well regardless, I hope you enjoy the the tunes.

I've sort of secretly always wanted to be a Viking, Justrun, which was tough, coming from a German background.

Hi NH, and welcome! I had forgotten about Peter acting all sexy - that was hilarious!
Well, we both agree on PB&J and that's grand - we'll just have to agree to disagree on the openers.

Why thank you, Danny! I feel so very Scandinavian right about now.

John Mutford said...

I love your reviews lately- especially the reviews of the audience. As a people watcher (not a peeping tom, I swear), I think we need more of that.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Why thanks, John! I love the people watching part myself, sometimes it's more fun than the music. And I don't have to pretend I know the difference between a guitar riff and a drum solo. Okay, well I guess I know that much.

K.B said...

I just have to point out that the letters you have used are norwegian, not swedish. But there isn't that big of a difference betweeen us so it really doesn't matter that much. ;)

In swedish Bjorn would spell his name like this: Björn.

K.B said...

Oh, and one more thing. Norwegian, Danish, Islandic or Swedish, it does not matter. We are all vikings up here... ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love Vikings, KB!

But I really do have to apologize for my ignorance about your language. I did take that letter "o" from a Norwegian correspondance, so of course it makes sense that it turns out to be Norwegian rather than Swedish. I really should know better than to make assumptions like that, though, since as a Canadian, I get annoyed when I am mistaken for an American. Thanks for setting the record straight.

K.B said...

No worries. If ever need anything in swedish, just let me know. :)

Even if it was norwegian, your post was entertaining. You had a Scandinavian accent...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thank you, KB! I feel quite worldly now.

Will said...

Ok ... so I totally thought I commented on this, but apparently not. So, I love that PB&J record and not just because their acronym is PB&J. I still listen to "Young Folks" pretty heavily but then the rest of the album ... just great tunes really. And Faunts, I remember downloading a couple of their songs and really liking them, so I need to go back and find some more.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That whole album is pretty great, innit Will? Some of their older stuff is more shoegazerish, so not as insanely catchy, but also good.

I liked Faunts a lot. They made lots of music.