Thursday, May 17, 2007

the case of the chirping power cord

I am not making this up, the power cord for my laptop started chirping again, and I do believe it is euchred. There are only 30 minutes of battery time left, so the child and I are forced to share a computer tonight. Oh the hardship!

I'll have to get a new one first thing tomorrow, because this is making me nuts. I wonder if it's covered by the 7 million year warranty I paid for?

So, muchos sorry for not visiting today, and Allison, I will post the review of the Joel Plaskett concert tomorrow, I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

But tonight, besides the territory wars, there is an Office season finale to watch. Oh there's going to be some mighty fine tv viewing happening tonight!


Allison said...


Hope you get the power cord troubles sorted! No fun sharing a computer. The Office was brilliant. Brilliant. Creed and his blog?? Too good.

Toccata said...

I wanted to be Nancy Drew. I wanted to be Nancy Drew for like ever until I finally came to the realization that I am a scaredy cat and there was no way I could be a detective because that would include having to enter dark eerie places with creepy sounds likes your chirping computer cord.

Enjoy the season finale.

mellowlee said...

Gaaah! Chirping power cord doesn't sound good! I loved Nancy Drew books too. The one I remember most is the 99 stairs :O)

hilary m. said...

I actually read that book, just like Allison!!
But I prefer The Clue Of The Leaning Chimney. My friend reads the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book in English class, I prefer the classics though before she met up with the boys.

Karen said...

Just remember when you go to get a new cord, DON'T go to Office Depot!

Dale said...

Ditto on the Depot as Karen said, I remember reading about that a while ago.

There was a sale on a complete set of Nancy Drew and / or Hardy Boys books at a while back. I loved reading my Hardy Boys books and secretly reading my sister's Nancy Drew books so long ago.

I just installed Windows Vista at home and it looks pretty but it's slowed things down to the point of some frustration. I may just trash it.

Thank you for allowing me to leave a comment that's somehow related to your post but is really all about me. You're a giving soul Barbara.

Oh, and Hot Fuzz was Hifrigginlarious. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Mine makes a high pitched whiney sound like the ringing in my ears. I only notice it if I leave it plugged in the bedroom when I am trying to sleep.

Joe said...

Isn't it amazing the extent to which we're undone when our technology doesn't work? I had my panicky moment a couple days ago when my laptop just...died. I couldn't even turn the thing on. I was frantic.

Turns out the hotel cleaning woman had accidentally unplugged it and the battery died. I finally noticed that, plugged it back in and it was fine. Duh.

Evelyne said...

Damn techology, we need it so much. You have a Toshiba laptop right? I had some problems with my laptop last summer and it took them a lot of time to fix it (because Future Shop people can be stupid sometime) but they changed the motherboard for free (I "forgot" to tell them that it stopped working after I forgot to unplug the computer during a thunderstorm) so if you have warranty, I hope that you won't have to pay fro a new power chord. And don't go to Office Depot!

Conky said...

did they charge you 9834598375983475983.99 for the new one???

justacoolcat said...

Maybe it's really a bird on the inside?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

No kidding, Al? I read Nancy Drew about 150 years ago, so can't really remember which book was which, but I knew there was some reason I was drawn to that particular cover.
Oh lord, the Office WAS brill! I would love/hate to read Creed's blog. And what a surprise ending!

My chirping cord actually sounded kinda pleasant, Toccata, but yes, it's quite a shock when you have the realization that those pursuits you thought were going to be fun and glamorous are actually dirty hard work. Sort of like my short-lived sales rep career.

Oh yeah, I DO remember the 99 Stairs, Mel! That was the one everybody was panting to read, back in grade 6.
I've got a loner power cord right now, which is chirpless.

Is someone still writing the Nancy Drew books, Hilary? I assume Keene is long dead, but I figure there is a formula to writing those.

Oh lord, Karen, Office Depot would have nothing on the runaround I got this afternoon. But all ended well.

Dale, my http:// is your http://. Did you end up buying those Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy books sets then, or are you just secretly borrowing your sister's again?
I've been hearing bad things about Vista. I'm steering clear of it. In fact I'm thinking of going back to DOS.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That sounds a bit worrisome, Leazwell. I'd be lying there all night, thinking that my computer was going to blowup.

I hear you, Bubs! The first time my laptop died, I felt quite nauseous until I straightened out the (very simple) issue. God forbid I should ever accidently delete my blog or something.
And it's the worst when you are away from home and have no backup system. Glad yours was simple, in the end.

It is a Toshiba, Evelyne, and bought through Future Shop but I have to go through Toshiba, as I've had it less than a year. I am getting a new one, and have a loaner in the meanwhile.
That was smart of you to forget to tell them that!

They didn't charge me anything, Jen, but the service plan cost about that. And I had to pay $17.50 for 20 minutes of parking today.

A tiny little bird which is trying desperately to be free, Just A.

Dale said...

I'm on my way back to XP. Blech. I didn't reorder the books but I considered it because I'm a horrifyingly easy to trick consumer.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There's something extremely dangerous about shopping online, Dale, for me anyway. It's far too easy to click things into your shopping cart without considering the consequences. I try to stay clear.

Will said...

The power chord is chirping?

I was so excited to see the Nancy Drew cover on this post because, well, Hillary just loves Nancy Drew ... at least she loved Nancy as a child but now has a real fondness for the aesthetic of those covers, as do I come to think of it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That cord completely freaked me out, Will. And the saga does not end there...

I read all the Nancy Drew books, but more because everybody else did, but I do love the covers.