Friday, April 27, 2007

William Reid's hair

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That, naturally, is a huge topic of conversation around the house lately, what with the Coachella Music Festival beginning this afternoon. What does William's hair look like these days? We know that Jim has shorn his and is looking like a still fit but much more sensible elder rocker, but William has always been a wild card. Big prize to the first person who can send me a photo of William Reid at Coachella.
I hope the Jesus and Mary Chain will be getting lots of love from the festival crowd. I'm pretty sure they will be, as I can't possibly be the only person who is having vapours at the thought of the second coming of the JAMC.
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Jarvis Cocker also appears to have had his locks trimmed in anticipation of performing in the desert. He will of course also be playing a show in Vancouver next week, to which I desperately wanted to go, to the point of looking into scoring tickets. Sadly, Jarv will be playing at an adult only venue and my concert buddy does not yet qualify. It would have made a great 16th birthday present for her though, n'est pas?

Isn't young Albert Cocker adorable?

So for all of you who will not be watching the Jesus and Mary Chain, Jarvis Cocker, Bjork, Sonic Youth, Rufus Wainwright, Tokyo Police Club, Of Montreal, Gogol Bordello, Arcade Fire, the Decemberists, Arctic Monkeys, the Good the Bad and the Queen, Peaches, New Pornographers, the Black Keys, !!!, Andrew Bird, Air, MSTRKRFT, Peter Bjorn & John (but I am seeing them in a few weeks - yay!), Happy Mondays, Rage Against the Machine, Kaiser Chiefs, Lily Allen, Junior Boys, Klaxons, Amy Winehouse, Lupe Fiasco, or Mika this weekend, you are not alone, my friends. I feel your pain.

It should come as no great surprise that this Friday's Random Playlist gives a nod to the great wall of music coming from the desert this weekend:

April Skies - the Jesus and Mary Chain
Barely Legal - the Strokes
I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Sugababes cover
Middle of Nowhere - Hot Hot Heat
Kiss Me - Uncut
Satellite - the Dave Matthews Band
Blue Light - Bloc Party
Anything - Kinnie Starr
Ballad of a Comeback Kid - New Pornographers
Atlantis to Interzone - Klaxons

So join me in slapping on the sunblock and settling down in front of YouTube to live vicariously, pretending that we're teenagers again. The JAMC on the beach in their leather pants - HAHA! - they're going to love Coachella!


Will said...

Not at Coachella this weekend, however the desert heat does not sound too appealing - JAMC be damned. Anyway, with Cocker - I think it's all in the glasses. Throw some Buddy Holly glasses on a guy and I get a man crush - Graham Coxon, Peter Sellars, young Elvis Costello. Can ya blame me?

Allison said...
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Allison said...

Ah, reading that list is like turning the knife. Sigh. I'm sure there will be lots of coverage though, as you say with YouTube, so we'll feel like we were in the thick of it!

There are maybe 4 songs off that Uncut album (Modern Currencies) that I love, I'm just sad the rest isn't like that. Kiss Me is grand though.

Anonymous said...

best show ever for me was the Whiskey_a_go-Go double-header in '88...i was @ the glasshouse show, 50 minute set was a let down, but after 17-minute ones in their prime maybe it was epic, & holy cow those guys were right-William is fat but unlike Jim(who looked pretty good-unchanged in 20 odd years) he's still rocking the classic J&M Chain hair & leather which was rather absurd...he could play a lot better (wasted?) back in the 80's tho...(as far as aging Scotch/Irish music icons we can forgive A Fat Old Van Morrison & A Fat Old Brian Wilson but A Fat Old William Reid?)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I cannot blame you in the slightest, Will. Those guys rock the geek chic to the nth degree, and I would suggest that you can throw Colin Meloy into that mix as well. Although I suspect it's not just the glasses that do it for me.

I think you may have listeed to Modern Currencies a few more times than I have, Al, as I only love 2 songs off it. I'll obviously have to give it a few more listens so I can catch up.
I really don't mind not being in the desert, actually, so YouTube probably works best for me all round.

Hi Anony, thanks for weighing in (pun only partially intended). William's gone pudgy has he? But still trying to squeeze into the leathers? Oh that's unfortunate on so many levels.
I agree that Jim looks pretty great - they both sound quite different musically from the old days. I wonder how they'll pull off the old songs. I hope it's not embarassing anyway.

Will said...

I have not gone pudgy!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha Will! And your hair looks good too! You know what though, I would still love you if you had gone pudgy.

John Mutford said...

Leather pants at the beach. JAMC were probably smelling a little funky too.

I can't believe that concert bill. Wow. Anyone need a right arm? Left eye?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ewww, way to kill the romance, John! Doesn't that lineup just about kill you? And those are only the bands that I would like to see - I've left a tonne of them off the list.

Unknown said...

y bn t mxc?

hll y bn t mxc!

Toccata said...

What an incredible lineup. You probably already know this, but Coachella has a blog page and there are already some blogs posted.

Don't forget to spray on some insect repellant along with the sunscreen.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Eva: u bn yvsdrpn n jm n bby?

I haven't actually checked their blogs, Toccata - thanks for the headsup. NME has a Coachella blog but it isn't saying much yet. Knowing the NME, the blogger is probably drunk.

Dale said...

Could you somehow pass your concert going yung un as Jarvis' love child? (this is a perfect spot for an all access joke). I think I was supposed to swing by and pick you up for Coachella but my van broke down. Next year maybe?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And I've been sitting on the front porch with my little suitcase and bag o' road snacks for three days now! Thanks for letting me know, Dale! Sheesh!

Although, from a time point reference, that Jarvis lovechild idea could work (if I had ever met Jarvis, and if ... well there are a lot of what ifs).

phlegmfatale said...

hmmmm, coachella. I'm having coachella envy, alas!

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep using the word "Random" to describe your playlists??

JAMC are great on record but suck live, unless you think someone looking like they don't even want to be there is highly entertaining.

Stereogum should have a complete Coachella run down including pics. Possible some pics of the Johansson and Mary Chain.

Deb said...

I also have a concert buddy who's 16 which means I only do the all ages shows as well (which is why I missed David Usher). Sacrifices.

If you check out you'll probably find a great review of Coachella...I think you'd like his blog.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I could certainly live without the sun and the heat, Phlegmfatale, but damn there are some awesome bands playing.

A list has got to start somewhere, Fearless! (Plus I know it bugs you)
NME actually have pretty good coverage now that they've sobered up and gotten wifi. Plus a pic of pudgy William. I understand that Friday night's JAMC concert was actually really good, depsite the weird Scarlett Johansson thing. Nice to see them do a concert longer than 12 minutes.

You and I are in the same boat, Deb. Part of me is saying hurry and and turn 18 so we can go to all these other shows, but then of course I come to my senses.
Your friend hasn't started posting about Coachella yet, but I'll check back there - thanks.

Fearless said...

If you put your iTunes or Ipod on Shuffle it will randomly find a starting tune for you. Technology is amazing this days, eh?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I use media player, as itunes went all weird on me once.

Danny Tagalog said...

You should have seen Cocker! - he's right on form I hear now. Sad to hear about the shorn hair....liked the hippy look on him

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Never fear, Danny, it would appear that it was only a very minor trim that Jarv had. The Cocker locks are safe.

And you are right, I should have gone to that concert regardless. It's only a 12 hour drive.

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