Saturday, April 21, 2007

me and the hippies, we be hangin

Sure it's still three months away, but I am starting to get seriously excited about the Folk Festival this year. Why, you might ask, why are you already so excited about this admittedly fantastic summer festival, Bad Tempered?

Well kiddies, have a seat and I'll tell you why. This year for the first time I am volunteering at the folk fest. This is a highly sought volunteering gig in Calgary. There is actually a waiting list to volunteer.

This morning I attended an orientation session for volunteers, where I had the added bonus of meeting Hilary, who's a newbie volunteer as well. Your hair looks totally cute by the way, Hilary. Being women of exquisite taste, we ended up signing up to work the same area, so with any luck we'll run into each other during the four days, perhaps even work a shift together.

I went in not really caring where I was placed; I just wanted to get more involved, as it really is a fabulous festival and it sounded like a buttload of fun working for 16 hours over 4 days out in the sunshine and amongst the shade trees of beautiful Prince's Island Park. But when the volunteer coordinator starting listing off the areas for volunteers - beer gardens, hospitality, merchandise, information, artist liaison, I found myself thinking yeah anything except the kid's area or in the sun the whole time.

And then she said record tent and I knew that was the job for me. They want people who have a real interest in talking about the musicians and who are willing to do background research about the participating artists beforehand so that they can advise people who are looking for music by a particular artist, or perhaps advise on other musicians that people might like if they are interested in a particular artist or genre.

Is that a perfect gig or what?

I can hardly wait to start doing my homework.

(Volunteer perks: free four-day passes, 6 all-you-can-eat meals,
a t-shirt, free beer, ample opportunity to meet the artists, and after-parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Niiiiiiice or what?)


hilary m. said...

It was great to meet you Barbara!
I felt very similar when she started talking about the Record Tent, and when I asked her about the permission forms I made sure to check if it was 15-year old territory. I'm not too excited about Ice, Recycling or Family Area (the other recommended underage jobs listed). But wow, I'm already looking forward this. I'll be even more excited when they announce the artists...

ps. on Pitchforkmedia, it lists Final Fantasy at the folk fest for four dates, I'll definitely try to catch this.

Allison said...

Wow, it sounds like that position was tailor made for you! I remember reading your posts from last summer and they were grand, felt as though I was there. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you, and Hilary of course of the adventures in volunteer land.

If Owen Pallet comes that would be extra sublime!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was great to meet you too, Hilary! That was very wise of you to check the permission forms first. haha good thing the beer gardens wasn't the one that instantly appealed to you!
It would be fun if we got a shift together, wouldn't it? Is your friend excited about the record tent as well?
Final Fantasy will put on a great show. I wonder if his BFF Cadence Weapon will be there as well? That would be pretty great.

Adventures in volunteer land! haha Al! That sounds like a self-help book.
I know someone who has been vounteering at the folk fest for years now and it is the highlight of her summer. Even today, nobody was in any hurry to leave after we signed up - we all stayed and talked and got to know each other. I think this will be great.
You know who I am really hoping will be there? Cuff the Duke. Or Hylozoists. Ooo, going to check their website brb.

mellowlee said...

I'm excited for you! And, looking forward to reading about it on your blog! With pics I hope! (took me three tries to type blog... i got glog, blob, and finally blog, nice)

Dale said...

Excellent work Barbara. Sometimes it is a charmed life!

Toccata said...

Where do I sign up?

I cannot believe you snagged such a fantastic job. You are going to have so much fun. Pretty clever of the folk fest organizers I say landing someone that will actually know a lot about the music.

I see by Allison's comment that you posted about it last summer. I didn't know you then but I so hope you will be able to post again this summer. I will be reading them if you do.

Karen said...

The situation is the same here in Edmonton. The Folk Fest is probably the best attended, most anticipated festival of the year (and we have lots!) plus they get the most volunteers (the perks are a big draw!). I think this is perfect for you and surprised that you haven't volunteered there before. Can't wait to hear your report on the festival AND your experience as a volunteer.

Evelyne said...

The record tent seems to be the perfect place for you, and i think that you would really enjoy it!

It is the first time that I hear that so many people want to volunteer for an event, it might mean that it is pretty cool to "work" there.

Dale said...

Oh, and Barbara? I hope you're nominating yourself for Labia Awards for your two labels here (and for a lot of others).

John Mutford said...

Wow, sweet gig! Let's practice:
I'm looking for an artist who sounds like Lily Allen, has Bob Seger-esque lyrics, and dresses like Robin Black. Who do you recommend?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Blog is such a stupid word, innit Mel? They might as well call it a djfoisjnfog. I'll be sure to take photos (or at least get Eva to take them, as I am abysmal).

Thanks Dale, it is stuff like that which makes life purdy sweet. I'm so glad you like the labels! But I must in all fairness remove myself from the competition. I wouldn't want to be accused of sleeping with the judges.

Thanks Toccata! I am pretty chuffed about this opportunity, and of course you know that I will go on and on about the folkfest the entire time. I did a daily review last year (and Eva took a lot of great photos which I stole). If you are ever bored enough to want to stick a fork in your eye, you can actually go to the Folk Festival link on my sidebar. They have all my stuff linked on their blogs section.

I've heard some great things about the Edmonton Folk Fest too, Karen. In fact I think Becky volunteers there. I actually only started going to the festival a couple of years ago, but have rapidly become a huge fan. I hope to become a year-round volunteer someday.

It's kinda weird, Evelyne, but in Calgary soooo many people volunteer all the time. But the folk fest is one of the biggest draws.

Easy-peasy John: Amy Winehouse. Although her voice is actually more like Rambo's than Lily Allen's, but she certainly dresses like Robin Black. How did I do? (Eva suggests the Mighty Boosh, however.)

justacoolcat said...

All those perks plus you get to talk about music? You're practically a rockstar yourself with that deal.

Sounds like a great time!

Deb said...

You were meant for that Barb. (And the freebies seal the deal).

I'd be excited too....good on ya!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I feel rather like a rock star, Just A. I may need to get myself guitar to smash or at least an entourage.

Sweet freebies, eh, Deb? You need any free compost, you let me know; I've got connections now.

WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

Well!!! This is the job for you!!! That is so cool! I was going to suggest a Martha gathering to go, but understandably you will be very, very busy hobbknobbing and such, so we will make it another time. The record tent, I could not think of a better place for you to be!

By the way, I love the tags you put on this one!!! Almost pee'd myself!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh the folk fest would make such an excellent Martha-fest, Bev! Arggh, now I want to do both. Where's that cloning technology they've been promising us?

It's all about the tags, don't you know.

John Mutford said...

Good job. And thanks to Eva as well, I hadn't heard of the Mighty Boosh before. Maybe she should also get a gig at the tent?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think Eva could OWN that record tent, John, as she knows a gazillion times more about music than I do. I'm not sure why she didn't volunteer, perhaps to get away from her mother for a while.

Will said...

Oh that really sounds fun and cool. I am sure you will be well-prepared and do a fantastic job.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Will. I'm sure I will learn tonnes from this experience.