Friday, April 06, 2007

If Jesus gets the rabbit to deliver the chocolate eggs, does that mean if the Rabbi strangles the ham, it's kosher?

The cashier at Safeway wished me "Happy Whatever" yesterday, and I guess I can see her point, what with Easter and Passover and all being all mixed in together at this time. Add in the men's world curling championship finals this weekend (a rather spiritual event at our house) and no wonder there is cause for ambiguity.

So to further confuse matters, I thought I would call on a little divine intervention and start off the Friday random shuffle with a selection from an ambiguious work of music - The Messiah. Is it a Christmas thing or an Easter thing? Both actually, so I started the eggs rolling with one of the Easter selections. Odd things started happening toward the end of the playlist, when I think Jesus stepped in and started steering the controls. Kinda like a ouiga board.

1. I know that my Redeemer liveth - (Handel) London Philharmonic Orchestra
2. black tongue - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. talking in code - Margot and the Nuclear So and So's
4. I don't wanna go down to the basement - the Ramones
5. alien - Bush
6. dirty dream number 2 - Belle and Sebastian
7. brothers and sisters - Blur
8. God give me strength - Elvis Costello
9. heaven - Talking Heads
10. these are the fables - New Pornographers
Curling - you either love it or cannot understand why it is allowed to exist. Now I am not normally a fan of televised sports, but I love watching curling. It is just the perfect speed for me. You can go into the kitchen and do a bunch of stuff and come back and you haven't missed anything.
And if you are talking a Canadian men's team, chances are you have one of the Howard brothers in the match and that means some championship hollering. It always sounds like pigs being slaughtered when a Howard is skipping a match.
The Scots may not win too much anymore, but they invented the damn game and I could listen to them talk all day.
And the Finns always have the best names in the history of best names. Markku Uusipaavalniemi has been the skip of the Finnish team for many championships now. I would seriously miss the dude if he missed a year just because I love saying his name.
Hurry hard!


Karen said...

It's like Christmas time - "Happy Holidays".

As for the curling, I'm loving it! What do you think about the white belts? Tres chic.

Anonymous said...

How can the shuffle be random if you are picking the album beforehand??

Allison said...

Woot, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. Love them.

I can't understand why curling is allowed to exist, sorry. At least others get joy from it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those white belts just add that extra touch of class, Karen. Which is why Canada is going to win the whole thing.
Aww, I just saw Germany win and the whole team shared a big jumping up and down man-hug! So cute and so un-German.

I guess you could call it quasi-random if you want to split hairs, Fearless, but it's got to start off somewhere so I'm just giving it a nudge.

Yeah Dust of Retreat is a dandy cd, Al! You have to be a basically slothful person to truly appreciate curling-watching. Plus you can multi-task.

mellowlee said...

Happy Whatever!! LOL That's excellent. I like doing themed Random shuffles sometimes, as I organize my music in folders it's pretty easy to do. That one did get steered in a certain direction eh. Very interesting! I've never understood curling, it's always been a mystery to me. It's funny to watch though :O)

Anonymous said...

I'm a music snob, I have to split hairs, it's in my job description.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It kinda creeped me out when Jesus or somebody like that started directing the flow of the songs, Mel.
With curling, as long as you know a few keys words to toss around, everybody will assume you are a pro. Try it!

Fearless, it's comforting to know that self-sacrificing people like you are out there upholding the standards. Bless you son, you are man doing a man's job.

Deb said...

I truly miss my Mom's interaction as I sit in her room with it on, hoping to stir something in her. Funny, she's almost completely out of it now, but still rattles of the curler's names with ease.

She lived and breathed curling and would watch reruns in the middle of the night. I taped a match for her once and I think she watched it about 500 times (David Nedowin of the Ferby team was her guy....sp?).

Funny, I used to just tape it for her and I hated it. Now I quite enjoy it and watch it when I can.

Deb said...

*that's rattles "off" the curler's names (tired)

Joe said...

Heaven is one of my all-time favorite songs. I love its sound. And bravo for having the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on there too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow, your mom is a true curling fan, Deb. Did she ever go to any of the Briers or Tournaments of Hearts?
I guess because it brings you closer to your mom and lets you hang onto something that is important to her, is why you enjoy watching curling now. Take care of yourself, hon - get some rest.

Heaven is a great song, Bubs. I think I rather prefer the live version on Stop Making Sense to the studio version on Fear of Music, but they're both good.
And Black Tongue is a hell of a song, innit?

Anonymous said...

Curling - love it!

The ham would still be no good because the hog was strangled. Something about the blood...

WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

I got a really confused look when I said Happy Ostara to someone at the grocery store in March! (Pagan Holiday) The cashier just went ... ummmm, ya, ok. lol That's always fun!

I love the spiritual picks! lol Pretty sure Talking in Code has spiritual connotations! Hey, have you seen Jesus Camp yet??? Speaking of speaking in tongues!! Yikes! lol

Have a great holiday!


Evelyne said...

"Happy whatever", love it, i should try it.

Curling = i don't understand why it exists. But in grade 11, my math teacher loved curling and invited some students to a game, I've heard that it is really hard, but still, maybe that if i try it one day, i might like it (or at least understand why people like it so much!).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am a little surprised that curling is at all known in your area, Leazwell - it's more of a northern thing traditionally, but how great that you are a fan!
I'm still confused on the kosher part, but then a lot of things confuse me.

Yikes, Jesus Camp scares the crap out of me, Bev, but I still want to watch it.
hahaha good job educating the Safeway staff on the pagan holidays!

Curling is a very sociable game, Evelyne. It's almost as important to get together for a drink with the whole rink afterward as it is to actually play. But aside from a few drunken bonspiels in my past, I'm strictly a watcher.

Toccata said...

I'm of the "I just don't get it ilk" but my parents and sister are fantatics so I get the play by play all the same!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aren't you just the luckiest thing, Toccata? You get to hear aaaallll about the fine points of the match, whether you want to or not.