Monday, April 02, 2007

I see one more picture of a cherry tree in blossom, I'm gonna smack a Vancouverite or two

... on account of it snowed all goddamned day yesterday and most of today.

But, on the bright side, I am only working two days this week, and then I'll be off Wednesday through Monday. Eva is on spring break this week and I figure this is a great chance for us to do a little money spending together.
And due to the fact that I am playing mad scramble catch-up in every aspect of my life these days, the weekly Labia Awards are a day late. Late but not forgotten!
I struggled betwixt three particularly good one-liners this week, but the ultimate winner is:
for the label accompanying his post
a label which asks the question we have all wondered from time to time, just perhaps not aloud:
"are they made with real Girl Guides"
Way to keep your finger on the pulse of pop culture, Dale.
Not a single April Fool's trick played in our house yesterday.
I find that a little sad, even though I couldn't muster up the brain cells to come up with one either.
Did anybody get zinged?
Besides Deb, who can always count on her dad.


668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

umm, it friggin' snowed here today!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ps.. my word verification was noxygen. that amused me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm not sure whether I should apologize or laugh, 668. About the snow that is, the noxygen definitely makes me giggle.

hilary m. said...

Ugh, snow.
This is what really makes me jealous of all my friends in Hawaii and Mexico and Dubai.

I didn't get April Fool'd, but my parents called the house and told my brother that he was getting picked up for church on Palm Sunday, and he should get black pants on and leave in 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

did anybody send you a pic of a magnolia tree in blossom?

i wouldn't do that..i am working on a kinder and gentler me.

Conky said...

April Fools Day....our local rock station (who mock Nickelback every 3 mins on air) started playing Nickelback, one song after another for an hour with a new DJ saying the station was gunna play NB 24/7, and a bunch of other amusing things....I got it in about 5 seconds but ppl were calling in ranting and screaming and they aired it all. I loved it haha

Conky said...

PS: i walk past 300 cherry trees in blossom on the 7 min walk to work every day. ha ha

Joe said...

I love that zombie picture!

You reminded me that yesterday was April Fools Day, and I didn't do a single damn prank. I'm slipping in my old age.

Well, there's plenty of time to plan for next year.

Anonymous said...

"Girl Guides" is that what we call "Girl Scouts"?? And was it in reference to "Girl Guide Cookies"??

JustRun said...

Snow?! Ack!

No April Fools tricks played at my house, either. The dog is getting lazy in her old age.

Allison said...

Ha, that is a great label. I kinda forgot it was April Fools.

Enjoy your time off this week, and shopping goodness. I hope the snow disappears soon, really now, not fair. If it makes you feel better its going to snow here this weekend and its raining now.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha good one, Hilary's parents! Teenagers are so easy to fool before noon, it's almost unfair.

Pfft, a kinder, gentler Kelly! Right, and I'm still waiting to hear about that bank account that you hold in Nigeria.

hahaha Nickelback 24/7! Some people are so gullible, Jen, and that's what makes life fun.
You poor thing though, having to walk for a whole 7 minutes. I'll bet you are so jealous of my 45 minute drive.

Isn't that a great photo, Bubs? Cats can do anything, apparently, including battling zombies.
I don't know what happpened to me this April Fool's either, I used to take pride in it.

Correct you are, Fearless! Do your Girl Scouts have chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies in the fall and chocolate mint ones in the spring, like ours do? (I've bought a few boxes in my day.)

Yeah the snow was a good April Fool's trick, Justrun, but it's gone on a little too long to be funny anymore.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That makes me feel a lot better, Al, because I firmly believe in sharing the misery.

April Fools sort of snuck up on me too, but I shall not let Easter go by unnoticed, as there is chocolate and turkey involved.

Will said...

ack! zombies ... thankfully the cat army can save us!!!!!!!!!

Toccata said...

I'm looking through my flowers pics now. Hmm, the roses or the daffodils? Maybe both.

BeckEye said...

Ah, Girl Guides=Girl Scouts. It all makes sense now.

I'm addicted to Thin Mints. None of those little bitches came around this year so I couldn't buy any.

That picture is classic.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, they only come around once a year. But they do have several different kinds of goodness to sell, my favorite being the same as Beckeye's, the thin mint. Especially good when frozen, it's like a little orgasm in your mouth, seriously. I think Girl Guide cookies are a gateway drug and eventually lead to things like eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey in one sitting.


Allison said...

What are these Thin Mints spoken of?? We only get the vanilla or chocolate ones, wtf. Are there more kinds in the States?

I wasn't allowed to be a girl guide because my mom didn't want me pushing cookies on people. Seriously. She also gave out toothbrushes at halloween. Its a wonder I wasn't beat up more as a kid at school.

Dale said...

Barbara, you honour my insanity in the most delightful ways! I hope you clicked my Wednesday in that post!

I'm about to be on holidays for a few days too. Shouldn't we elope or something?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Cats seem to be taking over the internetz, have you noticed, Will? Actually I guess they were always pretty huge, but now they are organizing, which you would think would be an oxymoron.

Toccata, you are playing with fire there, girl!

I'm keen on the vanilla sandwich ones myself, BeckEye. I haven't seen those little tarts in a while myself, come to think of it. And now I want a few dozen of those cookies.

I'm starting to get worried now that at the dearth of cookie selling girls in uniform lately, Fearless. I actually prefer the mint ones frozen - makes me feel like an astronaut or something.

Yes, excellent use of Wednesday photos in your post, Dale. Precisely the sort of thing I have come to expect from your twisted little mind.
And I thought you would never ask.

Evelyne said...

Barb, if it can make you happy, here it is raining or the sky is grey, no sun today!

And nothing happened to me on April Fools, i remember when i was a kid i sticked a fish on the back of my grandma, i thought that it was funny but i told her about the fish just before she left her house to go to the grocery store, plus my last name (and the one of my grandma) can be translated as walleye (or golden)

Karen said...

No April fools day here. It started snowing up here on Sunday night/Monday morning, and it's still snowing Tuesday afternoon.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Haha Evelyne - that's brilliant! Was it a real fish? And how fitting is that, slapping a fish on a walleye?

Maybe this is like that movie Groundhog Day, Karen, only it's April Fool's Day that keep repeating.
Still snowing here too.

Evelyne said...

No Barb, it was a drawing, so it was a fish made out of paper, but it is quite common here to put a fish on someone's back on April 1st. It is the favourite trick!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I did not know about that tradition, Evelyne. I'll bet your grandma was glad it wasn't your pet goldfish or something.

Will said...

Cats are very powerful, yet also very independent. I think if they mobilized they could probably take over the world.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Except for the opposable thumb problem, Will, and I guess that's why they have humans to do their bidding.