Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Do you know what is scary?

Piloting a urban assault vehicle on the way to work at 100 km/hr and having waves of nausea sweep over you. I should have pulled over and then turned around and gone home, but I never get sick, so I figured it was just something passing through me.
I only lasted three hours at work. I'm pretty sure this is only the second or third time that I've missed work due to illness in the eight years that I've worked there. But damn it, I hope I'm better tomorrow, because I start some days off tomorrow and what's the point of being sick on your holidays?

For the record, I never did puke today. Pretty much only tequila will do that to me.
How about you? Are you a puker or an iron-gut? When was the last time you barfed?


Allison said...

That photo is awesome.

Sorry to hear your illin. One can't be sick on holiday, not allowed, get better already.

I don't puke often, even when drinking, seem to have found my cut off. Its somehwhere between a few bottles of wine and few shots of tequila. Rye/whiskey & coke has never let me down, lets hope I don't have to change that.

Last time I was sick was the Blueberry incident of '06. Little blue motherfuckers. I can't even look at them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Morning sickness, eh?? ;)

I have found my cut off, unfortunately, sometimes my friend s buy a bunch of Jaeger Meister shots and yeah... I am never drinking Jaeger again and I hope my friend Brandon forgives me for what I did to his truck last month.

Oh yeah and to continue the theme on the blogs today, MotherFucker, Motherfucker, motherfucker!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i used to puke all the time, and not because of drinking. about once a month, from anywhere between 4-12 hours. seriously.

the last time i threw up was a couple of years ago. in calgary oddly enough.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ps.. i hope you are feeling better for your holidays!

Toccata said...

Oh no, I really hope you are feeling in top form tomorrow. Being sick on holidays is just so wrong.

Well, since I just got over being sick I do not want to discuss my lack of an iron gut.

Anonymous said...

long weekend...2006, on a boat, halibut fishing up at rivers inlet, my guts are good unless it comes to motion sickness

Dale said...

I haven't puked in years and hmm, I'd say it was probably drinking related, and it probably was.

Am I still obligated to elope with you if you're puking through the holidays?

Karen said...

I threw up yesterday morning, repeatedly. It was not pleasant.

John Mutford said...

I hope you're up and about and that this was a short lived thing. Better to have it done and over with by the time Jesus comes to hide eggs in your house.

I'm a sometimes puker. Like most of the others here, I've come to know and respect my cut-off point. But like you, tequila's the one which fools me. I'm fine! Not feeling a thi..RETCH!

JustRun said...

I, thank Heaven and Earth, cannot remember the last time I puked. Not even with Tequila, praise the agave gods.

Hope you're better for your holidays!

Deb said...

I'm more of a gagger than an actual, all out puker. I do the dry heave thing, which might even be worse because there's no relief at the end.

The comments here kill me..."little blue motherfuckers" and "morning sickness"....gotta' love that.

I hope you don't spend your holidays with your head in the toilet...not part of the plan I'm sure so good luck.

Will said...

I tend to get sick about once a year, and I tend to recover pretty quickly. I really hate being sick ... I hate missing work, and I really hate not being productive. Usually when I'm sick though, it is really something out of my control ... like food poisoning. That's usually what causes me to puke. I'm a tough one though. I really try and mentally overcome it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I remember well the incident with the little blue motherfuckers, Al. Much as I like blueberries I will never forgive them for making you so sick.
You know I think it's a sign of maturity when you become ill from food, rather than alcohol, related incidents. Actually the last time I barfed was when I discovered I have become averse to squid, so I'm all mature now too.

Morning sickness? Oh god don't eevn go there Fearless! Although I never once had morning sickness while pregnant.
I think that those car wash places where they detail your car inside and out were just made to deal with Jaegar Meister aftermaths.

Calgary will sometimes do that to people, 668.
You were not blessed with an easy time of things, you poor dear! I can't even imagine going through that on a regular basis.
Thanks for your good wishes -so far so good today!

I totally understand Toccata, it's a little too soon to be laughing about your last illness.
I think I dodged the bullet on this one - old iron guts seems to be back.

Oh yeah, boats! I've never actually barfed on a boat, Kelly, but I sure felt like it sometimes.
The cervacas could have been a factor.

Well technically I did not barf, Dale, but eloping with someone who is threatening to barf is almost as bad, so I release you from all elopement obligations. (Damn my sense of fair play!)

Oh I'm sorry to hear that Karen! I hope you're feeling better today, poor dear. I'm making you something that I hope will help.

Tequila is one sneaky bastard, John, sitting there all innocent looking in the little shot glass. I think that egg-hiding Jesus will be safe to some to our place this year, as the gut seems under control again. I've got the constitution of an ox (and some would say the sensitivity of one as well).

Colour me impressed, Justrun! I think it's safe to say that you could likely drink any of us the rest of us under the table.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well since the toilet hasn't actually been cleaned since our party, hanging my head in there is not an option, Deb. But yech the dry heaves are the worst, getting your gut contents all churned up and then keeping them in there.

I generally try to outthink illness as well, Will. Food poisoning is a tough one though; it took me three bouts of gut-wrenching illness to finally admit I could no longer eat squid. Hey, I never claimed to be a fast learner.

BeckEye said...

Last time I barfed was St. Patrick's Day. It was not good. I usually don't get sick from drinking because I know how to handle myself. I usually get some awful stomach flu either once or twice per year, which really sucks.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

yah, i'll blame calgary. i'm sure it was that. not the mixing of baileys, creme and beer. apparently i thought i had the drinking stomach of a 16 year old.

i think every so often your brain plays a mean trick on you. every so often, it wants to remind you of what not to do in life. ie.. do not mix baileys, creme and beer. you will pay for it. especially on the plane ride home the next day.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ps.. i finally got the latest decemberists and am listening to it now. i am thinking of you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh no! Was it a green beer incident, BeckEye? I understand if you would be too embarassed to admit that. That's a lot of stomach flues!

You actually made me shudder, 668, thinking of a plane ride whilst reeling from the effects of wanton drink mixing. I think that made me into a teetotaller.
Yay for the Decemberists! I love them so much. I hope you're enjoying the cd; I actually just made my sister a mix of pretty songs and put the Crane Wife Pts 1&2 on it because it is such a perfect song.

mellowlee said...

Oh man, Barb! I hope you are feeling better. I am an iron gut, but only because I refuse to upchuck. I would rather suffer than get it over with I am so violently opposed to puking. Silly isn't it? Anyways, I hope you are feeling better lady *HUGS* xoxoxoxoxo

Toccata said...

I'm glad your old iron gut seems to be back. Hope you and Eva are having lots of fun spending money.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now that is truly mind over matter, Mel. Refusing to barf because you are opposed to it - you're like superwoman or something!

Thanks Toccata - we didn't even spend tonnes of money but boy howdy we had fun!