Monday, March 05, 2007

We are grateful for our iron lung

It's Radiohead week here at Bad Tempered Zombie!

We are very excited to kick off this week-long celebration of the genius of the most influential band of our generation (and perhaps the next). Today is the lead up to tomorrow's observance of the highest holy day of Radiohead worship.

But what makes Radiohead such an important influence that we would dedicate an entire week to talking about them? I'm pretty sure that it's not because Thom Yorke is such a premium dancer (although he is)

or because Jonny Greenwood could cut diamonds on his cheekbones (although he could), but perhaps the details of tomorrow's festivities will help shed a little light on the force of nature that is Radiohead.
All will be made clear tomorrow, grasshoppers.
Did you know that Radiohead were originally called On a Friday?
Aren't you glad that somebody realized how badly that name sucked? Somehow I just can't see that one carrying the same sort of panache; a fatal lack of coolness factor in that handle.
Radiohead selection of the day:
A car in front of me today had the license plate
-Do you suppose that HIGH AND DRY was already taken?
(insert well-deserved groan here)


John Mutford said...

I've enjoyed Radiohead from the get go. Actually, since they were Radiohead- not On A Friday. However, I've never felt like I was the fan others seem to be. Even for OK Computer, which people seemed to cream over, I just liked it. Oddly, I only came to love it recently- how many years after the fact? Maybe I'm just two steps behind everyone else.

I do love Fake Plastic Trees though. I think it was Rolling Stone that called it one of the sexiest songs ever. It's not for me, but it's still a great song.

Incidently, Radiohead came up the other day. I was listening to Moist's "Breathe" and my wife wanted to know who had ripped off Radiohead's "Creep"- What do you think?

Anonymous said...

many girls wish to be carnal with thom.

but when approached his faces does this: o.0

even more than usual

Allison said...

I'm not going to have anything to add to the comments here this I am the only person alive who has never listened to Radiohead.

Perhaps I shall go and listen to that link now though.

Fearless said...

There are three reasons why radiohead are so great...

1. Johnny Greenwood

2. Johnny Greenwood

3. Johnny Greenwood

And John- it's funny that your wife thought someone ripped off "Creep" when Creep itself was a rip off of the Hollies' "The Air That I Breathe"

You know a band is great when their b-sides are as quality as their a-sides.

Will said...

If there ever were a worthy celebration. Interesting to start with "Fake Plastic Trees," because - though I liked The Bends a lot at the time, and I still think it's a solid album ... that feels like a very different band to me. It really starts at OK Computer for me, although I would have say Kid A is the pinnacle of all pinnacles.

Good thing they changed the band name, but I'm sure it took somebody a lot of nerve to tell Thom how bad it was. I'm really glad that didn't break him.

And he is a really, really good dancer. Mayber a Spazzy Yorke routine should be added to Dancing with the Stars.

micehell said...

I got all confused about Radiohead after Thom Yorke's bad press... then it was like DUH...

it's the music, NOT the press. :D

hey girlfriend, I owe you an email.

love to you, Jer & Eva!

Toccata said...

Hmm, do I dare admit I wouldn't know a Radiohead song if it fell on my head? Oh thank goodness I just read Allison's comment.

Karen said...

Radiohead is the most influential band of our generation? Oh Barbara...I think you are mistaken on this one.

However, since your musical knowledge is far superior to mine, I'm sure that when you tell us why they are so important and influential, my views might change.

JustRun said...

Though Radiohead is not on the list of bands/artists that deeply moved me (or whatever) rock on, sister!

mellowlee said...

i heart sure i still would if they had a lame name, but on a friday isnt good right lol.

i still havent picked a fav radiohead song

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I fully believe we each come to terms with our Radioheadism on our own time, John. I always thought they were good too, but only in the last few years have come to revere them.
I think Fake Plastic Trees is a gorgeous song, but would hardly call it sexy. I don't understand where Rolling Stone is coming from anymore.
You know, I can't conjur up how Breathe sounds. I'll need to dig out the Moist cds.

Anony, I do believe I know the facial expression of which you speak. Thom excels at that one. It's one of his most endearing qualities.

Allison, I consider myself to be pretty unflappable, but you have just succeeded in flapping me. Do you see my mouth flapping open and shut in disbelief?
We must rectify this post-haste!

I won't argue with you on the greatness of Jonny Greenwood, Fearless. He truly is a guitar god, but that doesn't take away from the brilliance of the rest of the band, including the hotly debated frontman.
Have you heard Jonny's solo work btw? I haven't but am very curious as to how it sounds.

I'll bet it was Colin who broke it to Thom, Will; he seems pretty ballsy.
I'm not so sure that I think it sounds like two different bands on the Bends vs OK Computer. Definitely the Bends was less experimental, but I think you can start getting an inkling of the direction they were going to head. They did break free with OK Computer, though, and that changed everything.
And I think all Dancing with the Stars contestants should be required to do a week at the Thom Yorke School of Interpretive Dance.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaaha I took me a second to figure out who "micehell" was! Deft touch.
It SHOULD be about the music, but you know the personalities will always be too fascinating to leave alone.
And I owe YOU an email as well!

You can admit anything here, Toccata. No judgement. BUT we must remedy that void in your life. For the good of your soul.

Ohoh Karen, I sense a bun fight happening. My musical knowledge is superior to nobody's but I do love the flattery. I can only speak from personal preference here, but when I think of the bands that I enjoy, a vast majority of them site Radiohead as an influence. Okay, maybe not as influential as Joy Division, but they still have time.

Thanks JustRun, rock on I shall! And who knows, maybe by the end of Radiohead week, they will move you too.

I have about 12 favourite Radiohead songs, Mel. I was planning to feature one from each album, but for tonight's post I really want to feature the entire album. But fear not, I won't.
At first I thought, no the name really does influence people's reaction to a band, so On A Friday wouldn't cut it, and then I thought of Belle and Sebastian, whom I love with all my heart, and face it, that name is pretty bad. So, you're right.

justacoolcat said...

Go RadioHead!

Though, I have been a huge fan from the start I think there are plenty of arguements against Radiohead being the most influential band of our generation.

I wish it were true, but I'm not ready to make that claim as of now.

Fearless said...

Yes, the entire band is great, Johnny is just my favorite because he is my guitar hero, but I love Thom too, especially his lyrics. I haven't heard Johnny's solo work - slacker.
Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There are indeed plenty of arguments against the extent of Radiohead's influence, Just A, but there are just as many for, I believe.
I guess in the end though, what really matters is the love that's in your heart for them. Ouch, aren't we all glad I don't write lyrics?

Do you play guitar Fearless? I ask because I think that Jonny's talents would be even more impressive to someone who understands guitar. I tried briefly in grade 6 but it didn't take.