Sunday, March 04, 2007

If we don't pimp for our friends, who will?

Firstly, congratulations to Will for getting the deed done and making it all official: New and Used Records is now a label, and not only that, but they have already signed their first artists - the highly unconventional Passionistas. Please head over to Will's blog when you get a chance and let him know how proud we are that we knew him when.
A big pat on the back to Xiuli, friend of the family and wife of my coworker for the feature article on the front page of the Sports section of the Calgary Herald this Friday. Xiuli, a former world champion speed-skater, was recently honoured with the Jack Donohue Award as Canada's top coach, not just in speed-skating, but in all sport. Xiuli is largely responsible for the Olympic success of such athletes as Clara Hughes, and I could not be more proud to know her.
Finally, I am pleased to announce a new feature here at Bad Tempered Zombie - recognition of the best label of the week. Since the inception of labels on Blogger, I was initially skeptical, but soon grew to love the creative and subversive possibilities inherent within that little space.
Allow me to announce the winner of the inaugural Best Label of the Week Award, the Labia:


who wins for his post "I've Got Her Pegged" about Heather Mills McCartney's plans to appear on Dancing With the Stars, which was beautifully labelled:

"she hasn't got a leg to stand on, well she does have one actually"

Well done, Dale. It's attention to detail like that, which makes us all so proud to know you. Please accept this Labia Award. You will need to return it next Sunday. In good condition, please.


Allison said...

The news of a New and Used Record label deserves a woot indeed!!! Will is the man.

I too was skeptical of the labels, but now they just make me smile when used in a clever and witty way. Dale does deserve this first award, hands down. Kudos to him.

Toccata said...

Seconds to the woot for Will. That must feel so incredible!

I have got to read Dale's piece because that label alone had me laughing out loud.

Deb said...

Yeah rock!

I'm enjoying the labels almost as much as the actual posts. I think some of yours have been award winners Barb. I'll give examples later (Canucks ppv is on).

mellowlee said...

Yay Will!!! :O)

I agree, Dale deserves the first best label of the week award. Big WOOOOT for Daleo! LMAO at the award name

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think labels are really encouraging us to stretch our creativity, Allison. I hope Dale and Will will buy all their fans a round of drinks to celebrate their success.

Read some of his other stuff too, Toccata, you'll have tea flying out your nose. Well, maybe not.

That's sweet of you, Deb, but members of Zombie Inc are not eligible to enter the contest.

hehehe I must say I am rather proud of that award name myself, Mel. Wonder how Dale feels about being the winner of the first Labia.

Will said...

Thanks everyone!!!!!!! :)
and thanks Barbara, feels like you've been pimpin for me from day one (and I mean that in the best possible way, though I imagine it might look awkward to someone who might be reading comments on your page for the very first time). Anyhow, I think we could call you the official New and Used Records pimp. But you know, it's hard out here for a new and used records pimp.

Ok, now screw the record label, I need to win this blog label award. I don't have anything that comes place to Ms. Mills there, but I'm working on it. The brain is already turning its wheels. Come to think of it, "hard out here for a new and used records pimp" sounds like a good label, eh?

Will said...

oh, and let me add two things - congrats to your family friend ... that sounds really awesome.

also, if the n&ur bands ever make their way through canada, you will have a spot on the guest list. heck, our whole canadian contingent will receive the royal treatment.

Dale said...

Barbara, the real award should go to you for naming it The Labia. There are so many things I could say. Just a minute, I've written a few things down.

I humbly accept this Labia and am honoured at how you've accepted me into the folds of your blog communities.

I will give it up reluctantly and wearily at week's end and endeavour to always remain humble yet competitive enough to try and win it back.

Thank you to my commenters, your commenters, the Lord God Jesus Christ someone's personal saviour and of course my lawyers, get to bed you little scamps. And Barbara? Your hustle and flow amazes me always. Thank you, thank you.

Will! That's great news for you and a job well done after a ton of hard work. Your 'hard out here for a ...' label is a worthy contender to usurp my labial crown. You'll thank me for not spelling usurp with an l later.

That's a huge honour for your pal Xiuli! Congratulations! It's just been one of those posts!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I personally am going to hold you to the guest list spot, Will. I'll be the one hanging in the dressing room, drinking all the Merlot. And an official title of New and Used Records pimp? Woohoo, I'm going to get myself a badge, cause I've got hos in different area codes.

You forgot to thank the Vietnamese bagel lady, Dale, but other than that it was a beautiful acceptance speech. I had tears in my eyes. And at least you remembered the lawyers.
You've set the bar pretty high with the labels, and I'm sure competition will be pretty fierce (watch out for that Will fellow).

Will said...

Maybe some of those ho's in different area codes could put us in touch with the hip rock venues. We'll see about a badge, and then write it off on taxes. Like a sheriff's badge?

JustRun said...

Oh my goodness, my coworkers are going to wonder what exactly is making me laugh so hard.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Exactly, Will. Like a sheriff's badge. I've always fancied one of those.
And I may not be a ho, but I can give you some names etc for some good venues in Calgary, if you're looking up here.

It's one of the dangers of blog checking at work, JustRun. Happens to me all the time too, and then I have to cough or something to cover up my indiscretions.

BeckEye said...

Aw, I want to start my own record label. :(

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Me too, Beckeye! Hanging with my favourite bands, that I found, what could be more fun?