Sunday, March 18, 2007

Damn, you clever and creative people are making this difficult

This is not getting any easier, people! You folks keep upping the ante with the witty and evocative labels, and boy howdy it's tough to choose sometimes.
And it doesn't help that, in finest soccer mom fashion, I want everybody to win something. Except, of course, if I am part of the competition, then I'm brutal. Believe me, you don't want to play a board game with me, because I can get mighty obnoxious.
However, we do have a winner for the Labia Award this week:
for his March 14th post entitled
"Reader's Diary #241- Nancy Tafuri: You Are Special Little One"
for which the winning label was:
Walt Disney Killed My Mom
John, being a highly literary sort, has been quite involved in the annual Canada Reads competitions, ensuring that he critically reads each book prior to the competition and then follows the week-long contest very closely, discussing events as they unfold on his own blog, as well as becoming involved in discussions on the Canada Reads site.
Why am I telling you this?
Because the minds behind Canada Reads are asking for our input about what books and what panelists we would like to see on Canada Reads next year. Some of us believe that it is time to get a civilian on the panel, albeit a well-spoken and well-read civilian with a killer sense of humour. Some of us think that John would make a good panelist.
If you would like to recommend John Mutford to be a 2008 panelist for Canada Reads, please drop a note here.
Need a movie recommendation (besides Fido, that is)?
Half Nelson is really very good. It's not the type of film I normally gravitate toward, but this one stands out. Ryan Gosling, of course, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, and he was really fine, no question, but I thought that it was Shareeka Epps, who plays his 13-year-old student who knows about his (increasingly less) secret crack addiction, who really shines.
Check it out if you are looking for something that is not exactly uplifting, but does have an element of hopefulness.
Have a stellar week, you fabulous folks.


Deb said...

I love the labias...they're a highlight of my week (good one John!).

Yes, I will recommend John because I think, from what I know of him via here/you, he'd make a fine panelist.

I had an alcoholic science teacher who snuck into his little storage room for a chug or two of vodka. We actually bribed him...pass us and we won't bust you. Done deal. Fifteen year olds - such power.

Allison said...

I'm so glad John took home the award this week, that label made me laugh out loud.

I've been curious about Half Nelson, glad to hear its good. There are so many films I need to go and rent, I feel like I didn't watch nearly as many pictures last year as I should.

Karen said...

I never think to come up with wicked labels, mine are generally tame and boring. I'll have to try better ... just like you, I'm highly competitive (we really must get together for a trivial pursuit throwdown).

I like that Canada Reads uses Canadian celebrities and not just authors and literary critics. That would be too boring. But you're right. Throw a well read Joe Canuck into the mix, and I think it would be much more interesting. And, admittedly, I still have yet to read any of the books from last year or this year...

Dale said...

I love it when you threaten to deny us your labia Barbara.

Good idea on having a civvie on the panel and I applaud John's ability to read ahead, follow along and to have found the time to read to begin with.

Walt Disney killed a lot of Moms.

John Mutford said...

Because I have opened the doors, now maybe Halle Berry can win one of these things.

Seriously, thanks. Whenever I write a particularly dull label now, I'm shamed.

As for Half Nelson, I might give it a shot based on your recommendation. As a teacher, you'd think I'd be all over it. Yet I'm so sick of all these "Teachers as Heroes" movies. Like your labia awards, they're often too much to live up to! But this teacher is on crack? Heck, I could do that. (Kidding, employer spies). I found myself scurrying to watch many of the Oscar nods this year, yet there were a couple that even Oscar didn't sell me on seeing, Half Nelson was one, Pursuit of Happyness was the other.

John Mutford said...

I hope you don't exempt yourself from the award. "Crack Teachers Are Fun" is pretty funny in its own right.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You may not have learned any science that year, Deb, but you sure did learn the art of the deal. Nicely done.

You need two weeks of sitting on your couch with the dvd player and a big bag of popcorn, Al. You've got some catching up to do. Or maybe you could just catch the 30 second bunnies versions.

A trivial pursuit smackdown would be beyond awesome, Karen. It would be a blood match, I suspect.
I quite liked having celebs on Canada Reads as well, my favourite being John K Samson, naturally, as he is my homey.

You know I can't say no for long, Dale.
Yeah, John reads more in one week than I manage in half a year. Psst, I think he skims!
Walt Disney is responsible for single-handedly wiping out half of the entire anthropomorphic wildlife mother population.

Halle Berry can only win one of these babies if she is funnier than you guys. And that is a pretty tall order, John.
Half Nelson is certainly not one of your lame, slow clap building into a standing ovation, teacher movies. I cringed many times. You should show it to your class!
Sadly,I have to exempt myself and immediate family from the Labia awards. Insider info, you know.

Toccata said...

I too love the labias.

Deb's comment made me think of my old typing teacher that used to sneak a little gin more than a little often during the day. We loved her though. She would type along and sing to the records and afterwards you would look at what she had typed and she wasn't even close to hitting the right keys.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha she was sure having fun playing the part of the typing teacher, though, wasn't she, Toccata? We had an English teacher who used to sneak smokes in the closet at the back of the room.