Thursday, March 29, 2007

cruisin the zines for all the crucial stuff

As if anybody would believe that they would actually even consider it for one second. I do get a kick out of the NME, especially when they put these non-stories as their front-page headliners. That seems to be NME's stock-in-trade though, innit, making a big fuss over absolutely nothing. lolz. I'll bet Thom is just seething.

This story is awfully tempting though, and I think that I could pull it off. Hell, I would make the trip to Vancouver for that event and I would dazzle them all with my spoon playing.

And this sounds like reason to celebrate - you know I loves me some Scottish indie bands.

Other than canibalizing the internetz for some stories to recyle, I really have nothing original to regale you with. But on Saturday, I'll have a review of a Music for Contortionist, which we are going to see tomorrow night. That, my friends, is something that I am really pumped for. I hear it's boffo. And Sage Theatre always manages to surprise and delight.


John Mutford said...

At least these are magazines toying with the fans. I'm still a little confused by the White Stripes "announcement" that they'll be coming to Nunavut. I've read speculation that it was a joke by the band who were pissed off by Ticketmaster or someone for printing a false roster. If that's true, way to use the Nunavutmiut as a punchline, douche hats.

And if you get the spoon playing gig, can I accompany you on the jug?

Will said...

Now that is quite an interesting rumour. I din't realize they'd actually signed Paul McCartney, which seems like a great move seeing as how Paul's current work totally beats the crap out of anything the Beatles ever "did." Wait, wait a minute - Paul did record his last album with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. I see what's going on here ... you just need to connect the dots. They're forming a cult!

mellowlee said...

Ooooh we have another review to look forward too, excellent!!!!!!!!! Man, I would love to go to that Jarvis concert here in Van!

Anonymous said...

That Radiohead item was hilarious, who the fuck would want to be on the same label as Paul McCartney? ;)
I wish I lived in any of the places Jarvis needs opening bands for, my bands Heavy Metal version of Sorted For E's and Whizz would blow his mind.
Your quote of the day is feckin ace!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The White Stripes said that? Oh now that's a good way to expand your fan base in Canada.
Nice use of "douche hat" though, John!
I would absolutely insist that you accompany my spoon-playing with your legendary jug skills. We could call ourselves the Captain and Tenille. We'd be awesome.

You're scaring me, Will. Next thing you're going to be telling me that Stanley Donwood's going to be designing Maca's next album cover, and that Heather Mills babysits the Yorke kids. Oh my god, they ARE forming a cult!

I'm really looking forward to this play, Mel - should be freaky.
I wonder if there are even any tickets left for Jarv's concert. Perhaps being the opener would be the only way to actually get in. I'd better start practising those spoons.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That would knock about 1000 points off your cool scale right there, Fearless, hanging out with that old has been.
Your band sounds boffo! How could Jarv resist an offering like that? Well, until he heard me on the spoons that is.

Allison said...

Not to wreck the duo, but I could meet you in Van, to add handclaps and tambourine (hidden talent) and between the spoons, and John with the jug we'd definitely have the start to something ;)

You know what bothers me more than NME sometimes, their cosmetically erks me! Hey, who would have thought I could you that line again. Woot!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We need handclaps and a tambourine (you sly thing you), so you are in the band, Al. I'll give Jarvis a call tomorrow and tell him to look no further.

I think Pitchfork's website is worse than NME's actually, just for the sheer crowdedness, but yes NME seem to derive pleasure in pissing people off sometimes, even if it does give them cause to resurrect great phrases like "cosmetically erks".