Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yesterday, nothing. Today, they're all over the place.

tonic-clonic seizure - a month ago I had never heard the phrase and now I swear I am hearing it daily. And it's not like I am all of a sudden hanging out with epileptics or anything like that (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I suspect that people just like to say "tonic-clonic". I know I do.

counterfeit Chinese Vista - correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Microsoft just release this yesterday? And already the market is flooded with Chinese counterfeits. That's efficient!

naked Harry Potter - now that Harry Potter is strutting his nudie stuff across the stage in Equis, you cannot make a right-hand turn anywhere on the internetz without running into pics of him showing his junk

I'll bet RK Rowling wishes she had killed him off in book 6.

delta - why not just say "change"? It's only one bloody syllable! I can see when you are writing something really quickly and you want to use the trangular delta sign to mean change instead of writing all those (five) letters, or if you are actually solving a mathematical problem. But stop using it in every day language!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - I had no idea what Just A Cool Cat was talking about when he mentioned this news story yesterday. Now that french fry dude is everywhere. Hey, guess the advertising plan worked, eh? Too bad you all got jailed.

Birmingham - first A. chooses to go to grad school there, and then bam! terrorist cell plot foiled. Coincident?


justacoolcat said...

Regarding ATHF,
I suggest everyone take a look at James's site and wath the video.

Best interview ever?

Personally, I think they are making a social-political statement on Vietnam vs Iraq parallels and protest movements or their lawyer told them to not answer any questions about the incident.

Allison said...

Damn, those Harry Potter pictures are everywhere! Usually accompanied with an anger letter from the parents colliation or something. Weirdness.

LOL...there are no coincidences, right? :D
Crazy how many people they've already arrested eh?

I need my happy place, and I missed the Office!! I'll have to find it online...hope it was good!

Deb said...

is it chronic?

Harry Potter, ew. That's so wrong. Like seeing Santa Claus or something.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"there are no pimply-faced kids on the Boston police force"
That is a great video, JustA, and I feel sorry for those guys, since those reporters kept trying to divert the conversationh away from 70s hairstyles.

NO!!!! How did you miss the Office, Allison? It was double-double night, too.
I just heard the release date for the final Harry Potter book has been announced. Wonder if they'll put a nudie Harry on the cover.

Is tonic-clonic seizure chronic, Deb? OMG, I never thought of that - it sort of is! I'm going to be saying that all day now - chronic tonic-clonic seizures.

Allison said...

All is good, thanks to bittorent. People wanted to watch Ugly Betty, so the Office was vetoed.
"Are you nearsighted or farsighted?"
"Both, and that is why I invented the bifocal"

I heart Dwight.

Anonymous said...

Tonic colonic? Dare I ask? I'm afraid to google it since I'm at work right now...

Barbara said...

Tonic what? I don't think I want to know.
Yeah I don't want to see Harry Potter that way...

Do you know what happened to the right sidebar of the stroumboulopouli... it seems to have gone missing...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Dwight is my home-boy, Allison! He's worse than Cartman when he has authoritah.
"I don't believe that he's the real Benjamin Franklin. I'm 95% certain."

hahaha not "colonic", Karen! It is type of epileptic seizure - tonic phase is the stiffening of the muscles, the clonic phase is the spasming of the muscles.
It is a work-safe word, never fear.

See note to Karen, for a medical lesson, Barbara W.
I'm pretty sure RK Rowling doesn't want to see Harry Potter with his p33n hanging out either.
Hmm, you're right - the sidebar is gone. No idea what would have happened to it. Did anyone make any changes to the template?

Anonymous said...

I hate when people speak in shorthand, like that stupid "delta" thing.

Evelyne said...

"why not just say change?" Last semester, I went to the "christmas party" of the microbio students and at one point I realized that they kept using "scientific words" rather than "normal words". It's weird.

Barbara said...

The sidebar is back...thanks for fixing it to whomever fixed it... I'm going out to see The Golden Dogs of Thunder Bay with our friend GreenteaIcetea tonight Barbara B. I'll let you know how the show goes.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That "delta" talk makes me nuts, Beckeye (I know it's you from my email even though blogger claims you are anonymous - blogger is weird).

In a social setting, it's really pathetic, isn't it, Evelyne? They are in the lab anymore!

I think it was just a blogger glitch that fixed itself, Barbara W. Blogger is doing a lot of weird things today.

Will said...

I feel like Daniel there is going to start making young boys feel self-conscious about their bodies. Initially, he made it ok for them to wear glasses. But now they need a six-pack - too much.

I missed the whole Aqua Teen scandal, which is too bad ... cuz I do love me some Aqua Teen.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes, Will, sadly it would appear that boys are now starting to catch up on decades of unrealistic body images formerly enjoyed only by girls.