Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I wear grey on the outside because grey is how I feel on the inside

Am I weird for loving winter days like this? Days where the entire world is washed in a dim grey light.

It was glorious today. You couldn't distinguish the sky from the earth, and the only contrast was the slightly darker grey of the frost-clad trees sillhouetted against snow-laden clouds. The occasional brush stroke of dusty green from snow-tipped conifers provided the subtlest of contrasts.
Even the cars were grey, covered as they were in two days of slush. The world seems so delicate on days like this.
I feel strangely comforted living in a calm grey world. It make me wonder if I am autistic.

But of course on a calm grey-tinted day, you do need a song with hand claps and tambourines.


Allison said...

Lovely post Barb.
And no, you're not weird for loving grey days (that picture is gorgeous btw), they are oddly calming. I was thinking that while riding the train today, everything was this giant winter blur, but then the sun broke through and everything seemed to come alive, even the

Can't go wrong with B&S. Oh handclaps.

Toccata said...

That picture is so beautiful. I love it when the world looks like that before it starts to melt and turn to a grimy, dirty brown.

Why would living in a calm grey world make you feel autistic?

Deb said...

what a great post...i could really feel that grey day right along with you. and, you know me by now, i confess not knowing that song. but i loved it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Allison. I have to confess to stealing the picture. I kept driving by a stand of trees today and thinkng damn I wish I had the camera, but alas I did not.
The slush does seem to be more lively when the sun is out!
That song's been stuck in my head most of the day!

It's a soothing palette, isn't it, Toccata. I don't even mind the mucky part, but it does look shabby in the sun.
The desire to live in a calm grey world was what made me think of autism. My understanding is that autistic people are hypersensitive to neural input and find too much stimulus to be overwhelming. So I'm speculating that a monochrome world would control the amount of visual input.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And I feel like you were riding along in the car with me, Deb, singing along with that song!
I love the handclaps in that song. And I adore Belle and Sebastian.

Deb said...

ha, it happened again with you you little sylvia browne you.

i just went directly from here to my station where, lo & behold, b & s were playing...a little ditty called the blues are still blue. i love them. they are my new best friends. (remember, i lived under that rock?)

Karen said...

These are the best days of the year. If you time it just right, when there's little traffic, everything seems so calm and serene. Truly peaceful.

mellowlee said...

That picture is beeautiful! Like Allison says, I think grey days are calming! WE can't be dazzled by brilliant blue all the time :O)

Thanks for the hand claps to start the day XO

Evelyne said...

I don't think it's weird to love those grey days, i think they can be comforting sometimes, everything seem to be slower on those days, it feels good.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's a great little B&S ditty, Deb. B&S are everybody's friends!
I'm glad that the security camera I had installed in your house is working so well.

And, Karen, there's the added bonus (some would say trap) of that kind of day being perfect for curling up with a blanket and a book. Not that this ever happens, but we can dream.

Handclaps are a fine way to start the day, Mel! As long as you're not driving. And it's true, it can be too sunny sometimes. I've complained since I moved here that Calgary is too sunny and everybody thinks I am nuts. But I'm pretty sure that why I now have cataracts.

I'm glad you don't think I'm weird, Evelyne. It is nice to go at a slower pace on those grey days. There's comfort food for the winter, why not comfort sky colours?

BeckEye said...

Hand claps and tambourines are two of the five things that make any song immediately better. Horns, harmonica and bongos are the other three.

justacoolcat said...

I love it when the trees are covered in snow and everything matches. Especially when I am far away swimming in a warm ocean.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And cowbells, Beckeye! Never hurts to have more cowbells.

Don't make me come over there and smack you up the side of your head in jealousy, JustA. Because I will. I will even track you down to the warm ocean and give you a smack because I am stuck in Winterland. Oh wait a minute, then I would be in the tropics too. Okay, never mind.

Leazwell said...

Temperatures below freezing everyday here, the skies are blue and the sun is brilliant. Love it! No snow, everything is crystal clear. "Listen while I play - ay- ay - ay - ay ay ay my green tambourine..."

Just another perspective. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

All perspectives are good and welcome, Leazwell. Actually I like the weather to change up occasionally.

Ariel S. Hyre said...

Mmmm. I miss winter. We haven't had any snow at all this year.

That picture is gorgeous and your feelings about it are wonderful. I agree whole-heartedly with you. Reading this calmed me down a lot!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm glad it helped, Minty. Calm is good, especially on days like today.