Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday is for random crap

There's a weird, slightly creepy professor whose office is just down the hall from our lab who wears a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flop sandals (without socks) to work every single day, regardless of season. We have been in our new location for one year now and I have never seen him differ from that uniform once. And I see him every day that I am at work.

And these aren't tailored walking shorts, I'm talking about either, but battered crappy old running shorts. Short running shorts.

And now he's growing a semi-santa beard. It looks as though he has dipped the bottom half of his chin in a sink full of bleach.

Have you seen Children of Men yet? Have you read the book? The book was superb! PD James is a well known crime writer and I have always enjoyed her books but Children of Men was quite literally in another league. And I understand they didn't muck up the film version at all.

In addition to Children of Men, there are a couple of films coming soon to a theatre near you that I am all pumped to see. The ever vigilant Karen not only alerted me to this, but she also has some absolutely delicious trailers on her site. Go check them out!

Hot Fuzz
- from the team who made Shaun of the Dead
- this is a dream come true and it looks totally boffo!
Black Sheep
- mutant sheep on a murderous rampage
- one of the tag lines is ":violence of the lambs" and I was so disappointed when I found out that wasn't the actual title.
- still looks like a must see


Anonymous said...

What is about some professors? I once had a prof that wore the same grey pants and dingy blue t-shirt every single day. For a year. It got that we started making a chart to prove the fact that he never changed.

I enjoy P.D. James. I like most anything in the mystery, detective genre thanks in large part to my parents.

Allison said...

Profs really do seem to have a 'uniform' in their own way, don't they? Most of my female film profs always dress in black (arts thing i'm sure). My one Italian film prof always wears this MEC fleece green vest and khakis, everyday. I guess I should just be happy its not faded shorts.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Children of Men, is it out on dvd yet? I'm out of the film loop these days. Must check, thanks for the reminder!

Fearless said...

I liked Children of Men, I am pretty much up for any Clive Owen film at this point.

Hot Fuzz looks Ace! Can't wait for that one, Shaun of the Dead was great, especially loved the "White Lines" scene.

Anonymous said...

Ever Vigilant? Oooh, you make me sound so famous!!! I must confess that while I found the preview for Black Sheep all on my own, the credit for Hot Fuzz must go to Shea (link on my blog).

I don't think I had heard of Children of Men until reading a review over at Wandering Coyote's blog but it sounds fantastic. I've never read any of PD James's work but I did catch The Murder Room on PBS a few months ago...LOVED IT!

As for the prof, is he at least changing his shirt each day (I won't ask about his underwear). I too had one of those unchanging profs - green pants, gold vest, white shirt. How odd. Must be something about teaching university students that drives them slowly insane...

She's Crafty said...

I am waiting for the DVD on Children of Men. That one will be a given to just buy it already, without the first viewing. As for "Hot Fuzz", I couldn't be more excited.

Eww, about the prof. That shit should be reported. There is something disturbing and very wrong about men that wear shorts all the time. I have a big NO policy on that one. If you aren't at the gym or actually running or at the beach...don't wear them.

tydes said...

BWAHAHAHA!!! Those movies look fucking awesome!!! I must now search imdb for Black Sheep. Off I go!

Anonymous said...

There's a guy who goes around here in shorts all the time too. And we've had days down below -50. If you're willing to get frostbite for attention, you've got serious issues.

Didn't I hear George Stromboulopolus talking about Children of Men the other day? Perhaps I'll go see it (if it ever comes here). And killer sheep? So hilarious, I might just have to see that too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't know, Toccata, it's like they feel they have to live up to the crazy professor cliche.
It was my sister who got me started on mysteries. PD James, Minette Walters and Ruth Rendall are my favs. Yours?

I would imagine that arts profs do have a rather different uniform than do science profs, Allison. Science profs are not expected to look in any way cool or cutting edge; in fact it's downright discouraged
COM is still in theatre, you out of the loop girl, you.

I'm not really all that familiar with Clive Owens other stuff, Fearless, although I'm sure if you started to name them I would be going Oh right!
But you do have me scratching my head over the white lines scene in Shaun of the Dead. I can't place that, please enlighten me. I obviously haven't watched the film NEAR enough.
But yes, so pumped for Hot Fuzz!

You are famous in my books, Karen. Good find on the Black Sheep!
PD James is a tops mystery writer. She's pretty much the grande dame of British mysteries these days.
The prof does seem to change his shirt, or at least the colour changes although the style remains identical. I would LOVE to see him on What Not to Wear!!

It's going to be a good winter for movie-watching, Serah! I'll likely end up waiting for the dvd on COM, as well, as my family is pretty lazy about leaving the house.

Re the prof, I'm thinking he should just get a gig with FedEx already, although at least those dudes wear shoes. It's the bare feet that bother me as well.

And they seem to play it straight, as a thriller, Jeff, which I think only adds to the humour.

I was wondering about this dude too, John. What does he wear on the way to work? For all I know he lives in his office.
You may have heard George S talking about COM, but I have't watched the Hour in a while. It's getting a lot of buzz though. How many movie theatres doyou have?

Leazwell said...

He sounds exactly like a guy I went to college with - short shorts and flops EVERYDAY regardless of the weather. I remember asking him why. He said something about just being more comfortable in that get-up than pants etc. I wonder what he does now and what he wears...probably coaches athletics but not so your prof.

Leazwell said...
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Leazwell said...

Ask him!

Will said...

Well, I'll pretty much see anything those Shaun of the Dead guys do. Also, Children of Men does look pretty Good with a capital G.

As for the man in shorts, well ... maybe he is just such a brilliant mind that he hasn't had time to change since the 80s.

justacoolcat said...

Why do I half expect Bruce Campbell to be in Black Sheep?

Berni said...

I just dug out my old copy of The Children Of Men, an old (1992) but brilliantly disturbing look at the not-so-distance future. Isn't P.D. James amazing? I believe she is in her 80's!! I just heard her on CBC Radio and she sounds like Queen Elizabeth with a doctorate in literature. Can't wait to see the movie. Ian Rankin, a Scottish mystery writer, runs a close second in my books. hehe!

Anonymous said...

We have one theatre with 2 screens and the movies change every Friday. It's a great place. They have a healthy mix of popular movies and more indie films.
----*The More You Know

Evelyne said...

Those science teachers! Today the microbio teacher explained what we had to do during the lab and he told us that he doesn't mind looking stupid, he is used to it (before he said that, we were trying not to laugh, after that we were laughing!). Maybe that this prof doesn't mind looking weird... but is he teaching dressed like that (if he is teaching)?

mellowlee said...

I wonder what the story is with the slightly creepy prof. That's so funny. I can just picture him trudging through the snow in sandals BRRR.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

eeeewww.... short shorts.. that's just wrong.

and the amount of mall chicklets i saw wearing flip flops during the winter snow storms here just about killed me. i wanted to slap all of them.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You just never know, Leazwell - this guy is a neuroscience prof - I'll have to find out where he did his degrees.

The Shaun of the Dead gang could act out their trip to the grocery store and I would be there, Will.
I think there may be a fine line between brilliant and weird, in regards to shorts prof.

But can Bruce Campbell do a New Zealand accent, JustA? Or a sheep accent?

You're the one who introduced me to PD James, Berni! I did hear her on Writers and Company on Sunday - she was brilliant. I find it hard to believe she's in her 80's - what a trooper!
I was pretty sure I had a copy of COM as well, and need to dig it out as Eva wants to read it.

I love a neighbour movie house, John. Yours sounds perfect. You are so lucky. How's their popcorn? The popcorn here is crap anymore.

The science ones are the worst, Evelyne! Their minds are not normal.

I understand he has teenage kids, Mel. I wonder what they must think of him.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha @ mall chicklets, 668! I saw a gaggle of them the other day - one with flipflops and a mini and second with Uggs. Guess which one made it over the snowbank better?

justacoolcat said...

Yes and Yes, also he'll wear short short jogging shorts and only sit with his legs wide open.

Now I know I've got your attention.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I may not be able to sleep tonight, Just A!

Anonymous said...

I saw Children of Men a couple of days ago. Darrrrrrrk but good.