Friday, January 05, 2007

Being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century...

I made the switch to itunes. I believe I was one of 6 people in the known universe who had not switched over, and now only a handful are left, a dying breed of once-proud dinosaurs. I feel like I have betrayed my people.

But really, if you are going to be listening to podcasts, which I am doing with increasing regularity, itunes is the easiest way to go.

Here then, is the inaugural itunes-generated Friday Random Shuffle Playlist:
1. New York - the Sex Pistols
2. Us and Them - Pink Floyd
3. Circus Envy - R.E.M.
4. Manifest - the Weakerthans
5. How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead
6. Dirty Blvd - Lou Reed
7. Double Takes - Christine Fellows
8. Comfort Ye, My People - Handel
9. I Held Her in My Arms - the Violent Femmes
10. Furnace Room Lullaby - Neko Case
And now that I have become such an overnight technophile, I am also test-driving mydatabus (thanks Allison). May I present the beautiful, mood-filled and ambient-like music of Great Lake Swimmers. Frontman Tony Dekker was asked at the Calgary Folk Festival this summer whether he made his mother cry every time he opened his mouth to sing. I believe he does.

Here is "I Could Be Nothing"


Be gentle with each other this weekend, kiddies. It's going to be a long winter.


Will said...

First off, welcome to iTunes. Cool program I think .. but they don't necessarily have to be running the digital world, or your digital world for that matter. Thanks for the tune. I've been meaning to play Great Lake Swimmers on an upcoming Radio Hour.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the ipod ranks! I actually had no desire to get one until I started dating Kim (now my wife). I saw how handy it was to have all your music in one place. I love having it for the drive to work, and especially for the long drive (550 miles) to see my parents.

Great list, BTW. Dark Side is one of my son Adam's favorite albums (mine as well). Love Lou Reed's "New York." I saw him on that tour-- my late friend Mark was with me at that one. The Feelies were the opening band.

And now I have to load my new Curtis Mayfield box set onto itunes...

Barbara said...

Now you can get the cbc radio 3 podcast delivered to your itunes... every week... FREE
That's what I loe about itunes.
Plus I buy an itunes gift card at Shoppers (get points) then have the credit sitting there when I need a new song...

kelly said...

ummm.....i don't even really know what itunes is...i know its an ipod thing..isn't it?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I support the idea of a little diversity in the digital world as well, Will. And I would love to hear Great Lake Swimmers on the Radio Hour sometime. They are quite special.

Well I don't quite have the ipod yet, Johnny Yen, although the kid has one, but it's turning out that 20GB is way too small.
I haven't listened to Lou Reed's New York in so long that it's odd it showed up on the playlist. It must have such bittersweet memories for you, with Mark being at the concert with you.
You got the Mayfield box set you asked for? Right on!

The Radio 3 podcasts were a large factor in me making the switch, Barbara W. It's just so much easier to receive them that way. But I've never had to pay for a podcast in my life, have you?
You should check out the Radio Hour podcasts on New and Used Records - good stuff there.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

itunes is tied in with ipods, Kelly, but essentially it's just a music storage program for your computer, similar to MediaPlayer.

Anonymous said...

I see you've got a Handel on your Violent Femmes Barbara. Someone had to get that awkwardness out of the way. It's a service I provide.
I love iTunes and have 2 iPods, sue me. Or borrow all my music sometime!

I love this I Could Be Nothing song.

mellowlee said...

Thanks for the song. Beeeautiful voice!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, since Wednesday night's gathering (see today's blog), the memories are sweet again. He gave me so much, and continues to.

Anonymous said...

I haven't done iTunes. Correction- I did then switched back to my loyal MusicMatch. I don't have an iPod (though I'd take a donation!- Anyone?). So as a music player, I didn't think it was as good as MusicMatch- I can just categorize way more, generate more varied playlists, and it has better search features. Though, when I upgraded to MusicMatch 10 the autoDj feature had minor problems, and I couldn't recover the earlier version. Oh well, I still like it more than iTunes for what I use ot for.

Allison said...

We can thank Fearless, as he's the one you directed me towards it.

When you make the files public, and then hit the little globe thingy it should give you the HTML link, which will automatically create a link for you. Its just like linking normally. You can also embed it, but it takes up more space, but easier for those you don't want to download. Hope that helps.

Beautiful song. And yes, itunes is great for podcasts, which like Google are taking over the world.

fineartist said...

iTunes...I can't for the life of me figure out how to make a play list.

I made one once, and now I can't...go figure.

I suck.

Barbara, I just HAVE to say, I love your sense of humor, and I'll try not to stalk you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Dale, you are the icebreaker king, getting all those painful song puns out of the way. What would we do without you?
Tis a gorgeous song, no?

He does have a stunning voice, doesn't he, Mel? And he was sweet enough to remain perfectly still while Eva was taking tonnes of pictures of him this summer. What a guy!

That's a beautiful way to remember him, Johnny Yen. I need to read your post about your gathering of friends.

I'm still learning the ins and outs, as compared to my old MediaPlayer, John. It's a bit of a learning curve, but I think I'm starting to find the importanf stuff.
I'm still waiting for someone in the family *ahem* to get tired of their tiny little 20G ipod so I can inherit it.

Oh so you just link that code through the hyperlink, Allison? I thought I also tried that, but I obviously buggered something up. I will go back and try some more - thanks for the tips.
It's all about the podcast.

And thanks Fearless - you da dude!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi fineartist, welcome! Nice to see you make the leap over here from Justa's place!

I haven't made any playlists on itunes yet - although I usually make tonnes of them, but if I find out any bits of wisdom, I'll pass them along.

Stalk away! We have an attack cat if things get out of hand.

Allison said...

Yeah, and it should work. After you hit the globe, it'll give you a couple options...I find the HTML one the easiest, and you can write what you want the link to say too. HTML code and itunes all in one week. I'd be overwhelmed. Big mugs of vodka this weekend, the last hurrah before going back to work?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Al - I found the globe thingy so was actually able to get the proper code link - looks a LOT better. Before I was trying that Create a Table option. Now I have to play with it to figure out how to write what I want the link to say.

And I think I promised to write a review for the Record Room tomorrow too, didn't I? I'd better hold off on that mug of vodka. (Actually ever since I worked in a lab I have not been able to stand vodka - too much like lab alcohol.)

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I'm a once proud dinosaur....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And you should be proud of your dinosaur heritage, Maureen! Look what all the dinasaurs have accomplished over the years.

Anonymous said...

I just did the ipod thing last summer. I absolutely love it. It's definitely a prized possession. I haven't tried the podcasting thing yet. I should really figure out how to do that.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wish I had an ipod to go with the switch to itunes, Toccata. I'll have to look longingly at the kid's and start dropping hints.

Anonymous said...

This is probably old news to you, but have you heard of I just saw it today, there's a lot of artists I've heard you mention before; Corb Lund, Malajube, etc.

Leazwell said...

You're technomarvelous!

justacoolcat said...

I downloaded iTunes a few weeks ago, but haven't used it.

I did finally get an iPod, but it still sitting on my dresser waiting for me to give it the time it deserves.

Barbara said...

I don't have or use an ipod I just download to my cell phone... That's what cell phones are for right?

mellowlee said...

I got my iPod from Telus for switching from Shaw to them for my Net. It's only 2Gigs, but it seems to be just fine. I would prefer a larger one to put most of my music in, but that will come. Your really should get one Barb, they are awesome! You can get so many toys to attach to them to have them play with speakers, in your car, use them as an alarm, etc etc. Good stuff :) Hey, there are other brands of Mp3 players too, but I think iPods are the best!

Anonymous said...

I found iTunes relatively easy, now my switch to beta blogger, that's another story altogether. I wish I could take it all back but didn't save my blog, fool that I am lol.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have heard of, John, but haven't actually delved ito it much. They sure do have a variety of artists there, which is great. I have to now decide do I give up my obsessive cd buying for digital purchases? Much as I love cds, I am running out of room in the house to store them all.

And YOU invented a new word, Leazwell!

Whatcha been doing with yourself, JustA? No doubt living a real life or something. Or sure, rub it in.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha you are talking to the wrong person about cell phones, Barbara W. I hate the bastards! I only carry one if there is a chance of an emergency and then I never switch it on. Actually I hate phones in general.

I got diddly squat when I switched from Telus to Shaw, Mel. Maybe I should switch back. You know an ipod would be nice, but not essential at this point for me. It would be different if I took transit, though, then I would NEED one.

Oh no, Rositta! I'm extra glad I didn't switch to Beta then. I always wait for others to get all the bugs ironed out first.
Yeah, itunes is pretty simple to use. I quite like it.