Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Zombie Lists, Part I
As we approach the High Holy Days in any list junkie's calendar, we at Bad Tempered Zombie have come to the realization that we have far too many lists to give you in one or even two days. So we're starting our countdown right now.
Without further ado, we present:
The Top 06 Musical Crushes of 06
1. Colin Meloy (the Decemberists)
- single-handedly bringing sexy back to the slightly pudgy bespectacled uber-literary geek.

2. Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian)
- writes slyly subversive music, has the voice of an angel and a Scottish accent.
What more could you ask for?
3. Tom Yorke (Radiohead)
- who doesn't love a curmudgeonly genius musician?
And unlike some celebrity rock stars who profess to save the world and then fly home in their private jets, Thom Yorke is actively seeking an environmentally sound way of touring.
And oh how that man can dance!


4. Neko Case (part-time New Pornographer)

- with the most powerful and astounding voice in music today, and gorgeous to boot, how can you not be in love with her?



5. Wayne Petti (Cuff the Duke and Hylozists)

- poster boy for all the scrawny music geeks who couldn't get any action in high school, who are now modest and self-effacing indie stars - that spells adorable.

6. Chad VanGaalen

- disarming gentle giant with the attention span and the enthusiasm of an 8-year-old boy, who makes his own instruments.

And he got his driver's license this year.



Who's on your list?


Anonymous said...

I have a long standing crush on Ivo Pogorelich. What's not to like? Not only is he gorgeous but he is one amazing piano player.

Then I'm going to go for one rather odd one. Bob Dylan. Why? Because I have always loved his music and I really liked his CD, Modern Times and when I hit his age I hope I too will still be considered relevant.

I second Neko Case. Her voice is absolutely amazing. I bought her Fox Confessor CD voice unknown because I had read four amazing reviews and decided I should give her a try. Three days later I owned every CD of hers I could get my hands on, including The New Pornographers! Thank goodness for used record stores.

mellowlee said...

What an incredible list! Hey you know a mix of your tops would be deeelicious ;) heehee. Man, I just love that Chad. I will have to get some of his stuff! How old did you say he is? Man I feel like a pervert! LOL

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have to admit that I had to google Ivo Pogorelich, Toccata - he's got some impressive resume, doesn't he?
Dylan eh? Well he is an institution.
I just got Neko's first cd, the Virginian, for Christmas. She always maintains that she did not know how to modulate her voice at the time, but even though she belts out every song, it's still glorious.

I'm actually planning a larger list, Mel, of which all those listed today are also members, oddly enough. And that would actually make a decent mix - thanks for the idea.
hehehe he's in his mid-twenties, you perv! (just the perfect age for you, but don't tell Sean I said that)

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I read your response to my adding Bob Dylan! I picture you with a look that clearly says, "I am so not impressed." Hey, I know he's unkempt and always looks as though he is in need of a hot shower and a toothbrush and he can't remember the lyrics to save his life in a concert but what can I tell you? He won me over when I was like 12. Go figure.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha you caught me, Toccata! It was the most non-committal thing I could think of!
It's very sweet of you to remain loyal.

Anonymous said...

Matt Good...even though he's a wanker
Maynard from Tool...sighhhh
Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo...
Henry Rollins...such a brilliant ass kicker (although im not a black flag fan or a rollins band fan at all lol)

Allison said...

My year end lists have been shot to shit, no time. I'm thinking of doing a belated on on Jan.2, which is when I'll be home next.

Yours was a fine one indeed!! Wayne Petti would be on mine of course, even if he is so incredibly wee I could fit him in the pocket of my jeans...well ;P

Also, I'd add K-OS. Hmm, who else, damn you've stumped me...I'll have to think this over and add to your other post :)

Have a good new years Barb!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Matty used to be on my top list, Jen, but he got usurped by the onslaught of the geeks this year. He's just not geeky enough.
Ooooh Henry Rollins though, now he's worthy.

A pocket Wayne! Everybody needs one, Allison!
January 2 would be a premium time to do your lists, and I will probably still be making my endless lists of lists then too.
Have a fabulous New Year's, which is dependent upon whether you are drinking vodka or rum, I guess.

buttz said...

Jarvis. Always Jarvis. The aging librarian look suits him, and his new album is really good!

And Momus. lolololol

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nobody does aging librarian quite like Jarvis Cocker, Butzzzzz. He invented it, I think.

You better be careful, Momus reads this blog REGULARLY, you know.

phlegmfatale said...

Top of my list includes Neko, Thom Yorke and Imogen Heap and not in any particular order. These three gave me my benchmark cds for the year.

By the way - thanks so much for giving the heads-up on the Guitarmageddon on the Colbert show - it was fantastic. I had to dvr it, but I finally watched it yesterday - hilarious. And wow - doesn't Peter Frampton actually look more handsome now? I always thought that long stringy hair looked seedy on him back in the day. He's cute now.

mellowlee said...

Whew, I was afraid you were going to say he was nineteen or something lol!
Oh ya, Henry Rollins is HAWT! *makes sizzling noise*

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neko, Thom, and Imogen were pretty outstanding this year, weren't they, Phlegmfatale?

I'm glad you got to watch Guitarmageddon (isn't that the best name ever?). Yeah, I never cared for the stringy mane on Peter Frampton either, but I would not have recognised him had he not been introduced.

hahaha Mel - good to see you have a conscience!

justacoolcat said...

Great list. Keep them coming; the clock is ticking.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeeks! *twitch*

Thanks for the added pressure, Justa! Remind me to return the favour sometime.

Anonymous said...

actually, howard devoto.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Howard Devoto? The "most important man alive"? Nice choice, Anony.