Friday, December 08, 2006

That cat is lying.

I'm actually in yer dining room, writin' yer Christmas cards.

And generating yer Friday random playlist, because if we do not multi-task, the terrorists will have won.

You know what to do. The team this week includes American Idle, Just a Cool Cat, Mellowlee, Dale, Toccata, 668 ... all the usual cool kids.

1. There were shepherds abiding in the fields - Handel
2. I will see you in far off places - Morrissey
3. All I really want - Alanis Morissette
4. Everybody knows - James
5. It all comes down to Mars - Falconhawk
6. Roland the headless Thompson gunner - Warren Zevon
7. White collar boy - Belle and Sebastian
8. Ed is dead - Pixies
9. Of walking abortion - Manic Street Preachers
10. Fit but you know it - the Streets

Guess who got all the presents that she has to mail away bought in 2 hours today?
Oh yeah, you know it.


Allison said...

Sounds like my kind of shopper, well done! Almost done with the cards?

I too was randomly listening to Alanis Morissette today, my playlist started alphabetically.

Before I forget, Christmas Vacation is on Sunday night on the CBC!!!!!!!!! Yes, it warrents that many exclamation points. Very excited. Although a little sadden I still haven't found my antler cups :( Someday, someday.

Anonymous said...

Now there's a list you don't see everyday! Handel, pretty cool. I actually really like Alanis Morisette's voice but I always have to fast forward through the horrendous flute solo in That I Would Be Good. My version doesn't say who plays the flute but the breathing sure sounds like her.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You too, Allison? I'm a get in and get the hell out kind of shopper. Cards are not quite done, but are well under control. I'm finally getting a handle on this Christms crap.
Thanks for the heads up on Christmas Vacation! I will be glued to the CBC Sunday night. Maybe I'll break out the Kool-aid cups if I can locate them.
I think I read that a Christmas Story is on the 17th and the 24th.
Did you guys get the same awful weather they had in London?

It's weird, Toccata, that Handel would play right off the top like that, especially as I had just sat down to write cards. Fitting somehow.
Alanis has been popping up on my random quite a bit recently, but she's not someone I would usually pick to play.

Anonymous said...

I once had a friend who said, "You should never admit that," after she found out I liked Alanis and dare I say it Dan Hill! Dan Hill was my high school celebrity crush. Now when I hear him I think, "What the hell!" Hey, we all have our dorky stages.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hey how is that falconhawk cd? the clerk at sloth tried to sell it to me on one my trips out there, but i didn't have the bucks at the time.

Anonymous said...

Is the James song a cover of the great Leonard Cohen song?

"Everybody knows the dice were loaded/Everybody knows that the good guys lost..."

He saw this time coming from a mile away, didn't he?

kees said...

I don't think I'll ever get over those 'IM IN UR' things. Genius. Keep 'em coming.

I want some Friday playlist action but I rarely get to blog on a Friday. Busy finishing stuff off before the weekend then off the the pub straight from the lab. Grrr. Maybe next Friday I'll mark in my diary to note down my list.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We certainly do, Toccata, and I'm not even going to tell you about my high school celebrity crush, because even though he is pretty legendary now, at the time he was definitely NOT a cool choice.

I actually haven't listened to the Falconhawk cd all that much yet, 668. It's just a recent addition. But I do like to support local bands and they seem quite lovely.

That's a good question, Johnny Yen. I had to check, but it appears not to be. (But it is good to see Cohen getting recognition).
Here are the James lyrics:

When you took me in your arms
I knew Id reply
You breathed me in so deeply
You took my hand as the music began
I knew I could dance if you led me
Everybody knows your fate, honey, everybody knows your fate

The snake is poised, and is held by your noise
You charm the life out of demons
You kept me up there with the web of your hair
You spun my life into meaning
Everybody knows your fate, honey, everybody knows your fate

Ive seen your stars, so many lives
You seem to shine forever
Do you remember the time
Do you remember the time
Our memories held us together
Everybody knows your fate, honey, everybody knows your fate

Everybodys hopeful, so much feeling
See your face in windows
Hear your calling
Everybody knows your face, honey, everybody knows your fate

See that's what happens when you have a life, Kees, you miss out on stuff like Friday playlist. Do join in when you get a chance though.
Eva is awfully good at finding all the fun stuff on the netz for me. It's like having my own research assistant.

Karen said...

Hmmm, I'm not a "cool kid"? I think I'm going to cry...

Anonymous said...

Barb..question for you: First I'll start off by saying I think both CBC radio and tv are important, I use to listen to cBC radio during the day when i worked in an office as adraftsman, i watch a number of shows on CBC TV (not, not hockey, well that too on occaison) they produce and broadcast lots of programs we would never see otherwise, important ones, but.......

When the CBC receives about 1.2 billion dollars of taxpayer money every year how can it be "Strong and independent"? Its my understanding that the french radio and tv does ok, english radio somewhat ok, but the english tv is a perpetual money loser. I don't think CBC can be independent when they rely on that money, should they be given that public money with no checks and balances about what the do?...I don't know, whats your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

karen you aren't alone...I was never a cool kid..we could have our own un-cool kid club....hee hee

She's Crafty said...

I wish I had it so together. Ella has finally had her photo with Santa. Which means that I should be able to get the xmas cards together next week and send them the following week. I am awful, know. So when your card and cd arrive AFTER christmas you will know its from me. Punctuality failed me as soon as I became a parent (she was 10 days late and I can't seem to get back to being on time for anything!)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Karen, you are so cool that you don't need a Friday random playlist to be cool!

Kelly, I am a huge fan of CBC radio, but I think that tv has some big problems. While radio functions well as a non-commercial entity, tv doesn't know whether to be commercially-competitive or dependent upon government funding. It is suffering from an identity crisis.
Of course the CBC needs checks and balances. There is no institution in the world that should exist without them.

Good for you, Serah - blame it on Ella! JK. Actually I think I am too obsessed with being on schedule, and it makes me grumpy and obsessed and sucks the fun out of everything. I'm a control freak, I admit it.

Anonymous said...

I actually sent two of my boxes away today, woohoo for me!!! I feel better already.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maureen - you win at life!

I'm planning to send mine on Wednesday. Since I don't exchange presents with my sibs' families anymore, I only have 3 boxes to mail away.

Dale said...

No Christmas cards done, no shopping done. I'm going to be done if I don't get on it.

I'm laughing my ass off at Toccata's Alanis / flute / breathing remarks. I love that song but could do without the solo too.

Nice list Barbara!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Get thee to a mall, Dale! Thee and 500,000 other people!
I have to go listen to that Alanis song...

Deb said...

Ugh, Linds just reported it was 15 days till Christmas. I hadn't really thought about it...IT IS THOUGH!! I'm not gets done somehow. I'm spoiled, Dad's doing the dinner (again).

I usually love Christmas shopping and am normally done by now...this year's different. My room that I "hide" stuff in had a flood and is still in a bit of a shamble. I'll have to pull out the Christmas tape to get me in the mood.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's tough to get in the right frame of mind when you have so many other problems weighing on you, Deb. I hope this Christmas goes as smoothly for you as possible, and the right music always helps.