Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nuclear Meltdown Narrowly Averted
Last night I broke my blog. Really badly.
I know I have gone on record as saying that if we do not multi-task, then the terrorists will have won, but sometimes I can carry the multi-tasking to stupid and dangerous levels.
So there I was, merrily wrapping up gifts, while ripping cds onto my laptop, when I decided that I should update my daily quote and lyrics before we settled down for movie night. Do you know how hard it is to wrap presents without using your thumb? It's damn hard, which is why cats have not yet taken over the world, I guess. It's hard enough to wrap presents without using your thumb, but it's even worse when you feel like passing out whenever you accidentally do touch your thumb, but I am starting to sound like a whiner and besides I am digressing horribly.
Now, much as I love my laptop, it has one idiosyncrasy which drive me crazy. The mouse pad is extremely sensitive and will sometimes jump to a different spot without any provocation. And I guess that's what happened last night, because I finished my updating, and had saved the changes in the template and republished (thereby finalizing the changes) before I realized that I had in fact deleted 3/4 of my sidebar, including all of my personal links, my favourite site links, all of my music links, PLUS the links to all of my archived posts since July 2005.
And then I banged my sore thumb.
Then people starting hollering to come down into the family room to watch Talledega Nights: the Legend of Ricky Bobby (yes, we were going for the art house film last night) and I got extremely grumpy, in addition to nauseous.
After the room stopped spinning, I went on the Blogger Help message board and pleaded for help, then went downstairs to watch the film with a heavy heart. Not even Ricky Bobby's grace to "little baby Jesus sitting in your crib watching Baby Einstein developmental dvds, learning about shapes and colours" could shake me out of my funk.
And then my heroes came through. Big time.
Rat suggested that I find a cached version of my blog on the internet and use that to recover my links and, once I found one, Eva showed me how to save the cached version in raw code so that I could pick out and copy the parts I needed. And it worked!
These guys are the bomb. I shall name my first grandchild after them. Somehow.
Here's a wee taste of some of the cds we scored yesterday. Perfect shortbread baking music, I think.


Allison said...

I just came online to check my emails here in dial up land, and found my own blog deleted itself. How, I know not. Anywho, glad yours is up and fixed. I shall return to watching Sunset Blvd with my Gran, and hopefully in a week from now, Blogger will somehow fix everything...or I may disappear f o r e v e r :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Poor Allison! Well rest assured, your blog is floating in the ether somewhere. You could find a cached version, but I know that is not a huge priority for you right now, as you have other things going on. I can help you now that I am an expert.
Best to your Grandma and enjoy Sunset Blvd.
We miss you already.

Anonymous said...

i was gonna mentin about your deleted lists...but figured you just decided we were all freaks and deleted us

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honk! Pass it along to allison!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I can see where that would send anyone into a panic attack. I certainly enjoyed how you blogged about it though. Very funny. I could visualize the panic and then the grump funks setting in!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That would have been a good guess Kelly, but it was actually accidental.

Hi Ron, welcome! I'll pass along the info to Allison, as I'm sure that will work for her too. Thanks again for your help.

It's silly, really,how scary that was, Toccata. I think I am far too dependent upon this fancy internetz thing.

Will said...

Well, first off that is rather frightening, and certainly the kind of thing that would turn my chill demeanor to a bah humbug. But, thankfully, it all worked out. You may have to re-watch Ricky Bobby - you know, to give Will and Sacha their fair due.

If my blog ever dissappears, I'll come asking for help.

Oh, and that Margot and the Nuclear So and So's album is pretty amazing, I think.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have to confess, Will, that I've actually seen the film at the theatre before. Three times might be a little much.

I really like the Margot etc cd too, and one of the first times I heard them was on a mix you made me - so thanks!

Yeah I'm a big old internet expert now.

mellowlee said...

Yikes! I hate it when by blog breaks! I always copy and paste my template into a notepad as a back up.
Just got home from getting Swarma plates. Damn they are good. I am going to have to learn how to cook it and make it for you someday. I was browsing the record store at the airport, and found the Leonard Cohen documentary and bought it!! :D
Hope you are having a good night!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are smart, Mel. I finally leanred that I have to do that. SO now I am ready for the next disaster.

Mmmm, I want something tasty like swarma now...
Eva and I made shortbread cookies and decorated some of them really insanely. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
Yay on the COhen find.

phlegmfatale said...

Whew- I'm glad you salvaged your sidebar - I live in mortal fear of that "Delete Blog" button on the dashboard area - it seems it would be too easy to goof up sometime and eeek!

mellowlee said...

Cookie pics awesome! I don't know if Im going to do any baking now. Maybe just a batch of shortbread. I didn't get around to it this weekend. Well, im off to have hot chocolate and watch Eddie and the Cruisers (the other dvd I bought tonight hehe)

Anonymous said...

I had visited while your site was temporarily screwed up. Glad to see you were able to make things right again.

Barbara said...

I read that and went straight to my template and copy and pasted to wordpad... Maybe we should back up the stroumboulopouli too.
I am finding more spam on the Strombi blog. Should I set up word verify yet?
One more thing Barbara B. I called the Strombo show yesterday to ask George is pestiferous was a real word... it went well and he gave our blog a plug. :-)

Ben said...

What a close scrape that was. Phew. I tried multi tasking once whilst blogging, and I managed to totally delete my blog. I was devastated !

Jesus knows what I'd do if I had a sensitive mouse ?

Never work with children, animals and male bloggers.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I know what you mean about fearing that delete button, Phlegmfatale! It sort of calls to you to push it, doesn't it? Just to see what would happen.

You HAVE to have shortbread at least, Mel. How do you expect to get your Christmas calories up there otherwise?
You did really well in getting some much covetted flix.

Oh it was scary for a bit, John, especially since I am terrible at code.

Yup, the Stroumboulopouli is backed up as well now, Barbara W. I wouldn't worry about word verification just yet; I suspect it will slow right down after Christmas.

I was actually thinking about you after that happened, Ben, because I remember how awful that was when your blog got wiped out. But fortunately you had the foresight to back your posts up in word, as you had some valuable stuff there.
I shall have to add male bloggers to my caution list - thanks for the heads up.

Leazwell said...

My father-in-law used to make the yummiest shortbread with anise seeds.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

With anise seed? That sounds intriguing, Leazwell? I'll bet he didn't decorate them right outta SOuth Park though...

Anonymous said...

If you click the Delete Blog button, you'd next be required to confirm it, to tell Blogger that you're SURE about it. So actually messing up requires two stupid mistakes, not just one!

Ron Southern

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well that is in fact good to know, Ron. So you can press the delete button out of curiousity and still save your skin.