Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday went right by when I wasn't even looking

I did have an extremely cool story to share with you, this first day on which you are officially allowed to mention the word "Christmas" without getting the death glare from me, which I heard on As It Happens last night, but before I knew it, Friday was over. So I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I did manage to spend waaaaay too much money at the optometrist's today. Eva needed her prescription changed. And that's fair, I accept that. But apparently I have one eye that has become extremely near-sighted, while the other eye has become extremely far-sighted. I'm told that this is why my eyes have been so sore and red and irritated recently.

"Your depth perception is garbage; I don't know how you drive" were the comforting words from Mr. Bedside Manner, just before he told me that my reading glasses were no longer sufficient and that now I need "computer glasses". Now I've never heard of computer glasses, but they are progressives, or whatever they call bifocals these days, and they're only good for seeing things up to 10 feet away. But I'm told they are what you need if you spend much time on the computer.

Oh yes, and because these new lenses need to be a certain depth to accomodate the bifocal thingy, I'm told my old reading glasses frames are not deep enough, so I needed new frames too.

Did I just get scammed? Because I just spent a shitload of money on these.

But they are pretty cool looking.

And I hope I'm not too late with my Friday playlist, but I ran all the way over here with it so, joining in with all the other cool kids, here are the tunes that the laptop spit out today:
1. I will never see the sun - Great Lake Swimmers
2. Prodigal son - Rolling Stones
3. 16 military wives - the Decemberists
4. Papercutz - K-Os
5. Kissability - Sonic Youth
6. I wanted everything - the Ramones
7. Well that was easy - Franz Ferdinand
8. 40' - Franz Ferdinand
9. Furry sings the blues - Joni Mitchell
10. Reverence - the Jesus and Mary Chain
Two Franz songs in a row - that's freaky. But starting off with Great Lake Swimmers, ahhh! Tony Dekker has a voice that will bring you to tears.


phlegmfatale said...

Can't wait to see these glorious marvels you just bought - new glasses are fun!

mellowlee said...

Wow, you would think the guy would give you some sort of discount for buying so much at one time hey? I hope you enjoy them, and take comfort that you really needed them. I know it's a big ouch. I keep putting off going myself!!!

There are some songs on your list I will have to check out!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I will take some photos, PF! I think they are groovier than my reading glasses. I feel like a scenester in them.

Your list is pretty rocking too, Mel!
They don't do discounts at this place. I think they figure all their clients are rich. It is one of those things that you can keep putting off, isn't it? But eventually...

Will said...

I'm kinda hoping that one of these days I might need glasses. I'm hoping you didn't get scammed. As longs as they're cool. Computer glasses - that's a new one.

Dale said...

Congrats on the new fake glasses! Cool list and I'm going to have to see if I can find a few of them online that I haven't heard before.

phlegmfatale said...

OH, Barbara - I just thought you might want to get the word out - on MTV2 Subterranean is letting people vote for favorite underground video thingie. I was going to vote for Imogen Heap, but I noticed Chad Van gaalen was there too. Thought you should know

Leazwell said...

Sorry to hear about your wonky eyes. I got a perscription last Jan. fo rbi-focal thingies but I never filled it. It would have required new frames and I love the ones I have. Besides, too may people including the doctor said they were a pain to get used to. I'll just continue to slide mine down my nose when I'm reading.

Ben Heller said...

I always imagined you putting on the Groucho Marx glasses and false nose when you start posting on your blog.

Evelyne said...

Computer glasses, never heard of those! Glasses are expensive, I should change mine, the prescription need to be changed and the frames too, but right now I almost only wear contact lenses.

But if you feel better with you glasses, you won't feel like you spent all that money for nothing!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think eventually everybody needs glasses, Will. Of course by then they aren't that cool. I never thought I would ever need glasses. I wonder what kind they will invent next.

Fake glasses! haha, it's all a big scam, Dale! They were having no luck with the Nigerian banking thing, so they switched to glasses.
If there's anybody in particular you'd like more info on, please let me know.

Thank you, Phlegmfatale! That's a fantastic site - you could easily get lost in there for several hours. I loved the interview clip where Chad VG was explaining how he traded cds for food when he used to busk.
Thanks again for the great link.

That's what my husband does, Leazwell, while I have to put glasses on to read. I'm not entirely sure why I need bifocals for closeup work only, but maybe it's the giant S on my forehead.

How did you know, Ben? I go into my Groucho Marx persona when I'm on the computer; the rest of the time I'm Mr Magoo.

I guess if you wear contacts, you'd be less likely to change your glasses, Evelyne. Who needs to spend all that money if you don't really have to?
But I agree that if they help my eyes stop aching, it will be money well spent.

Dale said...

I keep hearing about The Decemberists but now that it is December, perhaps I should give them a go? Also, no idea who the Great Lake Swimmers are.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Dale, RUN, don't walk, over to the Decemberists' website and listen to some of their music. They are from Oregon, and perform very literary music, full of pirates and rascals and wars, which sounds boring, but it is so wonderful. Their new cd, The Crane Wife, is quite possibly the most magnificent album I have ever heard.

The Great Lake Swimmers are from London, ON. I saw them at the Calgary folk festival this year. They play very mood-filled, almost ambient-like music, but very indie.
I only have one song of theirs, but need to get some of their music.

Barbara said...

Barbara B. I have had glasses most of my life and NOW you say it's not cool... LOL
Glasses can be cool Barbara B. You can make them cool!

I am working on the spam problem on
Test it for me if you get a chance.
write something involving casinos, porn, ringtone and rape. See what you get.
Did you see me on The Hour Wed. night?
I didn't either... but apparently I was quoted and my pic was put up.
The one time I miss it and that's when George chooses to quote me...

justacoolcat said...

I swear my shuffle isn't so random either. I'll often get two or even three songs by the same band.

Allison said...

yeah for scenester glasses ;P look forward to pics

i think i need stronger perscription too, i have reading glasses, but lately when i wake up my eyes are bloodshot, too much time on the computer! i've had my frames for years, i hear them. but think a new pair might be in order for the new year.
have a good weekend!!

hilary m. said...

I have horrible depth perception too, even with glasses (which I've been wearing since I was two). I have scenester glasses too, they're very nice. =)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the new glasses. Now you'll have new glasses for your new hair!

Hey cool. You and I have a couple of overlaps in the musical artist arena. Joni Mitchell and I go way back! Her music kept me sane during many a crazy time.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nope, Barbara W, the last episode I saw of the Hour was the Tragically Hip special. What was the quote?

I fairly often get two songs from the same band, JACC, but not usually back to back.

I'm told that extensive computer use was what was making my eyes all red and tired too, Allison. Man, they're expensive though!

Mine aren't as scene as yours, Hilary, because sadly, I look awful in really cool ones, but these are quite scene for me. (That must have been challenging wearing glasses at age two)

Joni and I go way back too, Toccata. I haven't thought about her music in a long while, but I'm starting to rediscover it.

Alana said...

Ooooh, new frames! Exciting! :)

I want to see the glasses, lady! *shakes fist*

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The glasses will be arriving on the face in about a week, Alana.

Photos will be posted!

kees said...

I desperately need new goggles but they're SO expensive!!! Looking forward to seeing them Barb bet you look hot.

Dale said...

Thanks for the extra info Barbara. MellowLee fired over 'The Crane Wife 3' and it's great with a nice slow build going on. What I keep trying to figure out is how can we possibly fit all we love or want to love in such a short life? I'll await your answer in 25 words or less, haha.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am the scenest thing you have ever laid eyes upon in those glasses, Kees. Well not really, but I am rather good at self-delusion.

Dale, I don't have your email, but here's a link to the Crane Wife Pts 1&2 that I posted on Bolt a while back:
(that counts as one word btw)
I think the answer to your very good question is that we need to quit our jobs and concentrate on embracing our loves full-time. So far I haven't managed to pull that off, though.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hnag on, Dale, that's not the whole address - try this:

Ruhee said...

YAHOO! I think I put that song on your mix. I can't even remember now, but it talks about the TTC! WIN. (Great Lake Swimmers, I mean)

Glasses are SO exciting. Especially new ones. It's so weird/fun getting used to your face looking different.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You DID put that song on my mix, Ruhee. You have given me the only GLS song I have. I should have bought a cd from them at the folk fest.
Pretty pumped about the new glasses - now Eva can't accuse me of looking like Brian Mulroney any more.

Deb said...

"I Can See Clearly Now"?

"Mr. Bedside Manner"...loved it. He must've attended the same College of Callous Communication that Mom's oncologist went to.

Pics of the new specs?

John Mutford said...

You always manage to find songs I hadn't heard of, by artists I thought I was fluent in.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"college of callous communication" - good one, Deb,and isn't that the truth sometimes? I should be getting these new specs in a week and shall post my mug.

Really, John? That's pretty neat. I'm trying to guess which song now - JAMC? or Sonic Youth?

John Mutford said...

Actually, the Stones song and the Ramones songs made me post that comment. Maybe my fluency doesn't go beyond "greatest hits" eh?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaa the joke's on you, John - that Ramones song was from a greatest hits cd. The Stones on was on Beggars's Banquet I think.

John Mutford said...

Really? I have Ramones Mania, it's not on that one. It's also missing their rendition of Spiderman. Damn faulty compilations!

Anonymous said...

Nice list. Hejira (Furry Sings the Blues) is one of my favorite albums. I actually blogged about it a few months ago-- about finding it in my cd collection after thinking it had been taken when my car got broken into.

Seeing the Ramones on your list reminds me that I have to borrow Ramonesmania back from my 12 year old son to reload it onto my itunes.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I just checked, John - it's on All the Stuff (and More) Vols 1&2, which I found in a used record shop once.

I love happy endings like that, Johnny Yen! Was it in your car all the time?
Those kids, eh, always stealing our music and calling it their own...