Friday, November 24, 2006

I love you guys!!!!
(said in my best Cartman voice of course)
Can you believe what was in my mailbox today? Not one, but two, packages from my buds. And those packages contained a couple of cds that were extremely sweet to my ears: Grrlz Who Rawk from the vivacious Mellowlee and scenesterius torontoiae from the adorable Ruhee.
My ears are very happy. Thanks so much guys! And good job Canada Post, making this delivery on a Friday!
And speaking of Friday, here's what my computer generated for a Random 10 Playlist this week. I didn't use my laptop today and I did notice a slight difference in musical tastes between the two computers. But they still get along.
I thinl JACC is taking today off to eat turkey and homemade apple pie, but Dale and American Idle are still playing.
1. Me and Giuliani down by the schoolyard - !!!
2. Girl afraid - the Smiths
3. Cross-eyed and painless - Talking Heads
4. Wild world - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
5. Young lust - Pink Floyd
6. The old main drag - the Pogues'
7. On your own - Blur
8. I will see you in far off places - Morrissey
9. The other man - Sloan
10. Our time is now - Mudhoney
Every Christmas I buy a new board game as a gift for the entire family and then I torture them by making them play games with me all Christmas holiday. The dining room (well it's a multi-purpose room and it's not even a room) table is used for eating only at supper on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and the rest of the time it is set up with games in various states of progression.
Do you have any suggestions for a good board game for this Christmas?
It has to be something that you can play with only 2-3 people.


Barbara said...

'Careers' is a classic. So is 'Life'. All kinds of new trivia games but not sure how fun that is with just three of you.

Happy to hear you get good mail.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm not familar with Careers, Barbara W. I'll have to look into that. We actually play quite a lot of trivia games, as we all love barking answers out at each other.

It was a banner mail day!

Leazwell said...

Your musical interest posts usually leave me in the dark as I don't follow it but I am proud to say I enjoy Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, and Morrissey.

There's a great game, the name which escapes me, where you pick a card and you have to get your team to guess the word without giving forbidden clues words. The team which guesses the most words wins, obviously. It's a panic to play. You may know it.

Steffi said...

My favorite board games are Life and Monopoly. Scence it is quite is a dvd/board game. I have only played the harry Potter version though, but there are many varities. Another one I have only played a couple of times but was fantastic...i think it is called Cranium? But the idea is you use all parts of your brain, not just one. So you get to be creative and do trivia, and other stuff.

What are you favorite games?


Dale said...

Life, Payday, Careers, none of it sounds much like a break but they are all fun! Scattergories is loads of fun too. Great Random Ten Barbara and happy to see your Stromboblog is still in the running! Yay!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

my brother and i used to get a board game every year for xmas, so that we would keep busy, while my mom get christmas dinner ready.

i am too tired to suggest right now.

Grumpy Old Bastard said...

Call me old school...hell, just call me old.

Cribbage. Goddess help me, I love cribbage. And Yachtzee. And Hearts. And Gin.

Ah, I hear the riffle of shuffling cards now!


John Mutford said...

I feel like such a geek for recommending it, but we are severely hooked on "Settlers of Catan" and have been for over a year now. Try it, get addicted and then move on to "Cities and Knights of Catan".

michelle said...





I shouldn't even be commenting since I don't have a suggestion. I am sincerely interested in what comes back, though! What a wonderful tradition.

YAY on mail! Ultra yay on music mail!

Allison said...

Board games, board games...I heart them.
We always play around the holidays too. Our favourite game is pictionary, but I'm not allowed to play it anymore with my brother because I once threw a large object at him in the midst, and we've been separated from it.

Our family also likes trivia. So we often play Trivial Pursuit, they have lots of new additions now. Most times we don't use the board we just sit around asking questions. There is also a movie game called Act One that I love, and you get to act out lines from various movies and people have to guess. Last I heard there was a music one coming out....and Yatzee. Love me some Yatzee.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I do know the game, Leazwell, but can't think of the name either. It's lots of fun though, but can be rather frustrating because of course you want to use the word!
I'm glad you approve of the random list this week. My computer must like you.

A couple of you have mentioned Life now, Steffi. I don't think I have ever played it - might have to look into that. I love Clue, because I usually win (lame I know!) and Scrabble but that gets so intense that we give ourselves headaches. I usually like games where you have to use logic to solve things, or games where you blurt out the answer before anyone else.

Scattergories - that sounds appealing, Dale! It sounds fast paced and random. I'll need to check that one out as well.
Thanks for the good wishes on the Stroumboblog. I was pretty surprised (but pleased).

That was a good strategy on your mom's part, 668 - give em the game before Christmas! Smart woman.

Oh yeah, Yachtzee, that's a fine one, GOB. I hardly ever play cards but when I do I always enjoy myself and wonder why I hardly ever play cards. Rumoli!

What is Settlers of Catan, John? I've never heard of it. Is it like D&D or something? Something addictive anyway...

I suck so supremely at Pictionary, Michelle, it's not even funny. But Monopoly, I can get behind that. I think I might have told you about the 3-day Monopoly game I played in grad school once. That was hardcore.

See? Pictionary will do that to you Allison. At least it would to me. Love the trivia games though, and I always liked Charades, although most people in my circle hate it. I always liked giving them the tough song titles like "Oh thou that tellest good tidings to Zion" and stuff like that.

Will said...

Board games rock! but I do not have any good suggestions :( mix cd exchange totally rocks though.

michelle said...

Pictionary is so sad for me Barb... I mean seriously, I can't even draw a decent stick figure. But I can draw a pretty good bird. Like the one you give the asshole who cut you off in traffic, not like the one that gracefully flies in the air.

Your marathon Monopoly game is the one that makes me wonder why you don't rule the world already...

Deb said...

We have both - Careers and Life. We're HUGE board gamers. Hoopla is our current game of's an absolute riot and you play as a team. Two players or more. It's in a very small box, (I hate storing big games) and is a "Cranium" game. I guarantee you'll roll on the floor laughing...we do EVERY TIME.

We have Scattegories too...awesome game. And Adverteasing. I'll list a few more of our "best", to give you some variety. But you just have to try Hoopla.

Deb said...

Urban Myth is good too. You differentiate between fact and fiction.

There's another good one that we were playing a lot before Hoopla came get a word and have to write a definition for it and people have to guess which one is the correct one. The name's escaped me...I'll find it and pass it along. It was another hilariously fun (yet simple) game. Can you tell I'm enthusiastic about board games?

Ben said...

I can't think of any board games, because our family always plays Monopoly at christmas. It's as much an institution as the Queen's Speech in the Heller household come Christmas Day.

Scruples is a great game, but you need to have 5 or 6 people.

Great random 10 today.

Leazwell said...

Balderdash is good, also.

Yehuda said...

Settlers of Catan is wonderful, but it's only 3-4 players. There is an expansion for 5-6, but I would suggest instead simply buying several copies of the game. It's that good.

If you need a large group, then Apples to Apples, Werewolf, Beyon Balderdash, Time's Up, Why Did the Chicken, and many others.

Check out boardgamegeek and search for their party games. They know games.

John Mutford said...

God, no. Settlers isn't like D & D- it's not a role playing game. My wife likens it to Monopoly. But I don't see that, and my wife tends to compare everything to Monopoly. Battleship s nothing like Monopoly.

It is a board game, but one beautiful thing about it is that the board changes everytime. It looks a bit daunting the first time you play, but most people quickly catch on. BUY IT!

Steffi said...

Things in a box! It is awesome, i wonder why I didn't mention it before! There are cards in it with questions about everything and anything like.."Poor excuses to give your teacher for being tardy", and "what is the first thing you would do when you take over the world", and wildly random, wickly funny topics. Each player writes down there answer and folds it, then they are read outloud and you try and guess who each guess belongs too. I have found with only 2-3 plays it is worthless to guess, but still worths days of entertainment to go through the questions and answer outloud or on paper :D I want to buy it myself, but it is $40 the cheapest I have found it in Ottawa. But it is worth it. Great for parties too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Board games do rock, Will, and they're especially good at holiday time when people settle down for a visit and get all nostalgic for simplicity.

I'm waiting for you to come join me so that we can take over the world together, Michelle. It's lonely at the top. I think the first thing we should do is make the playing of Pictionary punishable by banishment.

You are certainly a board gamer, Deb! I will look for Hoopla and Urban Myth sounds fun too. We used to play our own dictionary definition game, simply using a dictionary. I liked that one a lot, because once you have the knack of figuring out the writing style of a dictionary, you win every time. (I'm not all about the winning, but it is fun)

You cannot beat Monopoly, Ben. It's an institution around here as well, although we do pass on the Queen's speech. My mom listens to it though.

I think I've played Balderdash, Leazwell. It WAS fun!

Hi Yehuda, welcome! If Settlers of Catan takes 3-4 players, that's perfect for us. I have actually never seen it here, but then I only look for games once a year.

Thanks for the update, John. I love how your wife compares everything to Monopoly! It's always good to have a basis for comparison.
I will look for Settlers of Catan.

Things in a box sounds like a tonne of fun to just leave sitting out so that people can ask random questions at will, Steffi. We love playing what if games around here - we do it constantly.

Anonymous said...

Your top ten list reminds me I wrote down the Pogues in my notebook list of music to try out. I so enjoyed the song, "Waltzing Matilda" that you posted on Remembrance Day. I have to go buy socks later so I might as well combine not fun shopping with fun shopping!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good plan, Toccata! Might as well have some fun while you are at it. The Pogues have lots of cds; If I Should Fall From Grace with God is an excellent choice, but if you are looking for the cd that actually contains Waltzing Mathilda, it's on Rum, Sodomy and the Lash.

Good luck with the socks.

mellowlee said...

That totally rawks that you got two packages YAY for you! I am so not a games person, so I can't help you there. I always see the classics stacked up right along with the newer games. Operation gave me a nervous breakdown when I was a kid!

John Mutford said...

Ew. Spam.

Anyway, just to hep you out. Settlers can be purchased online at I'm pointing you here not because I have stock in the company, but because it is a hard game to come by.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Awww, poor Mel. Operation can be a pretty brutal game, although it sounds like tetherball is worse!

Thank John. I appreciate the link. I'll go check out the game as I am quite curious now.
Spammers have been vapourized.

mellowlee said...

Yes, between tetherball, Operation, and the wicked scrapes my sister and I would get into over Crazy 8's or Rummy, It's scarred me for life. No wonder I'm a game-o phobe huh? heehee

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yeah, playing with your sibs canbe pretty rough, Mel. My brother tied my up under the back porch for the entire afternoon once on the pretext that we were playing prisoner of war.