Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chris from Family Guy was right;
there is an evil monkey in my closet!

I always knew monkeys were nasty evil creatures. I could never understand why anyone would want one for a pet. Those Barenaked Ladies guys are idiots. No, I haven't always wanted a monkey.

So I felt quite validated to read these newspaper headlines today:

Delhi suffering monkey mayhem

The story goes on to explain how the city of Delhi has been suffering from problems with increasingly unruly monkeys over the last couple of years. Authorities have been shipping large numbers of monkeys to other states, but lately those shipments have been refused. So now the estimated 5,000 monkeys in Delhi are running rampant, "mobbing government buildings, stealing food from children, and even on one occasion threatening national security ... (by breaking into the Ministry of Defense and tearing up secret documents)."

If I wasn't laughing so hard, I'd be saying I told you so!


I worked from home today! There was freezing rain happening this morning and I was hearing about 12 car pile-ups here and 5 car pile-ups there and how people were having to stop their cars to get out and scrape their windshields because their wipers couldn't handle the slush sticking to them. And I have a 30 km one-way commute and I have to drive over two bridge decks.

I had everything I needed with me to work from home, Eva had an assembly all afternoon, so I made the executive decision not to go in. Eva went back to bed till noon (don't tell her teachers), I actually got a pile of work done, and then because I didn't have to commute back home again, I had time to bake Berni's world famous Orange and Cranberry muffins.

Oh my god they are so good, they taste like cake, even with me replacing the white flour with whole wheat. I think I will post the recipe over on the Food Porn blog this weekend, so you should come over, say hi, and check out the recipe. The house of the Food Porn blog is, after all, the only house that Ben Heller has ever wanted to marry. And that's good enough for me.


mellowlee said...

Silly monkeys!!!! I'm glad you got to work from home today. It's awesome that you can do that :) Those muffins sound pretty damn good!! Im in the mood to do some baking!!!

Allison said...

I'm glad you stayed home and avoided the roads. Black ice is very dangerous.

LOL at the monkey story. Monkeys always scared me, no real reason. They just look like trouble. I always loved the line in "If I had a million dollars I buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress, that's cruel."

Oooh, those muffins sound devine! I made chocolate zucchini loaf the other day. It was good :)
You know, we should get Ben to post some of his cake finds. Does anyone have a good recipe for pineapple upside cake? Sorry, I should keep the food talk to the porn site ;P

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was so great, that I never want to go into work again, Mel.

I guess I've committed myself to posting that recipe, haven't I? And if you are in the mood for baking,I'd better start typing...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I figred they didn't need another idiot on the road so I stayed home, Allison.

Monkeys DO look like trouble, don't they? I do like that green dress line, I have to admit, but the monkey line just annoys me.

I have to try the chocolate zucchini (is that how it's spelled? hmm, I guess it is...) cake still - I keep stir frying the zucchini and then there's none left.

I would kill for some pineapple upside cake, I'm serious. And I certainly don't mind (food) porn talk over here.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And I like your new photo! Cute haircut - looks like it was done at a beauty parlour.

Allison said...

Thanks, took that one at home actually. On Thursdays my apt sometimes doubles for various locales. TV night with friends, and we take stupid photos of each other and eat cake.

Oh btw, expect a long email coming your way before the end of the weekend, detailing how much I LOVE all those cds. My ears are so happy :)

Jas Bhambra said...

Yeah, I read it on Sarad's blog (, as to how the monkeys rampaged his friend's home. :)

Its good to stay off road in such conditions, Barb. My commute wasn't bad. The presentation at the meeting was interesting, and so was the lunch! :)

John Mutford said...

Remember that Simpsons episode when they went to Brazil. The Brazilian Department of Tourism was apparently furious that they implied their country was overrun with monkeys and they demanded an apology. In a later episode Bart suggested they go back to Brazil and Homer said no way, the monkey problem had gotten even worse. I love it. How's that for an apology?

Toccata said...

Oh man, now I want pineapple upside down cake. Hmm, I wonder what's lurking in my kitchen that I can whip up quick and fast. All this talk of food has made me forget what I was going to say. I think I'm going to have to go and bake some muffins. Chow!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So glad to hear that Allison! And I definitely owe you a recap of how much I'm grooving on my cds too.

I'll have to read that, Jas. That's amazing - they rampaged his house?
What did you guys have for lunch anyway?

I didn't know that back story about the Brazilian Dept of Tourism, John. That's so great; Simpsons is so slyly subversive. You gotta love that.

I can't usually wait to bake something when I get in that mindset, Tocatta, so I generally just stand in front of the cupboard and pour chocolate chips into my mouth.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

monkeys are so evil! think of all the monkeys in media..are any of them good? let's see, wizard of oz.. no. powerpuff girls... no. marcel from friends.. he was kinda evil at the end. king kong. ok not evil but dangerous. curious george. again not evil but if he would only listen to the man in the yellow hat once in awhile, he wouldn't be so much trouble. my friends and i have yet to come up with a good monkey.

Ben said...

Haha Barbara, I'm preparing for the big day right now.

Girls and food, what more could a man want ?

I bake Pineapple upside down cake about once a month. It's still my favourite cake. The texture of it changes throughout because of the pineapple. I'll email my recipe if you've got room for a guest slot in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime I'll go and prepare my reception speech. Who's giving the house away at the ceremony ?

Barbara said...

I have a no fat cake with pinapple in it recipe I can email you Barbara B.
BNL have the best lines... even if they have monkeys on the postcards sent to them all the time.

What are bridge decks?
Good that you can work from home!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are preaching to the choir here, 668. Not a single good monkey in the media, well except for Judy from the Born Free tv show I used to watch as a kid, and she was a chimpanzee. Just for the record, I think gorillas and apes are okay.

It's going to be a beautiful day, Ben.
And certainly we would be thrilled to have you guest post your pineapple upside down cake. Thank you! Just email any of the food pornographers with it and we'll look after the rest.
On the blessed day, the house will be given away by a local real estate agent, and we are busy cleaning her up right now.

Certainly, Barbara W, that would be great. There's always room for another pineapple upside down cake, regardless of fat levels.
A bridge deck is the flat part of the bridge that is actually over the water - the part that gets really icy - the part which makes me glad that sometimes when the stars are aligned and I have all the info I need in my inbox, I can work from home.

Will said...

Lucky you - getting to work from home. Would very much like to do that myself. I need to get up in some of this food porn action - and I do feel kinda weird saying that.

Toccata said...

Woke up still wanting that pineapple upside down cake! Can you guess what's in the oven?

My brother got bit by a monkey and had to get stitches and a tetnous shot. I wasn't there but wanted desperately to know how the heck he got bit but all I ever got was, "Leave your brother alone and quit asking questions." I do know he had to climb over two fences to get anywhere near the bloody cage. Silly monkey, referring to my brother of course!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

haha.. what is it with brother's and being bit? i remember when i was a wee lass, and asking my dad "do fish have teeth?" and he said "go ask your brother"..apparently, my brother got bit as a fish when he was a boy. i never got many details of how it happened.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't for the life of me imagine why you would feel weird admitting you want some food porn action, Will hahaha!

Not pineapple upside down cake, Toccata? Jealous I am!
See! I knew it! Monkeys will bite you and they probably enticed your brother into climbing over those fences too!

hahaha 668! Brothers do the weirdest shit. Oh the stories I could (and probably should) tell!

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