Wednesday, November 08, 2006

But sometimes it's fun when the Jehovah's Witnesses knock on the door...
Like today, one of them came by - only one, it was very odd. I think they must have been in a hurry and the other one was doing the other side of the street, because she didn't even want to talk to me about how to not go to hell or anything. She just shoved a Watchtower at me and took off.
So naturally I taped it to Eva's bedroom door, so that she can learn how to tell false religions from true religions. Because they just don't teach you that shit in high school anymore.
She hasn't found it yet, but when she does, I have a feeling that it will launch another battle along the lines of the Blunt-attack wars.
I don't really feel that it's my place to interfere in the politics of another nation, but I am so heartened by the sea change in the land to the south the last couple of days. Well done, my American neighbours!
In other world news, oh Petah, what have you done now?


Rupert said...

That picture made me laugh so hard I gagged on my drink.

Well done.

hilary m. said...

We got one of those a couple of weeks ago.
My mum was mystified when the woman just came up to the door and gave it to her. Usually my mum just says "you're wasting your time if you want to convert me" and asks if they'd like to weed her garden.

Is the watchtower pamphlet the one with the picture of like the evil sorceress or something on it? I got an evil sorceress.

Karen said...

I had to do a double take on that pair of knockers. WOW.

And yes, oh so glad that the americans are finally coming to their senses. And buh-bye Rumsfeld!

Allison said...

LMFAO!!!! That picture is priceless.
Another way to keep them off, put a Jesus fish, or Star of David on the door, works like a charm. Even better, the Jesus fish, with the legs.

It IS odd that only one of them came.

Allison said...

I forgot to add...a family friend has put both the fish and the Darwin fish on his door. He's decided it works best to confuse ;)

mellowlee said...

I love that photo :) One of the good things about living in an apartment building with no buzzer, is that we don't get bothered that way yay.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

haha.. fish and darwin. i like it.

they keep sending this really ancient one to my house. i keep worrying that my dog is going to jump up and give the poor guy a heart attack.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Whoa, easy there, Rob!
Google is great for borrowing all those pictures I wish I had thought of.

Hilary, my mom always used to yell, "get away from the windows, the Jehovah's Witnesses are coming down the street!"
But nope, our Watchtower has a lightening storm (very prophetic looking) on the cover and the words "The End of False Religion". The evil sorceress sounds way more fun.

Those knockers sort of sneak up on you, don't they, Karen?
It's been a pretty great day in American politics, that's for sure.

Allison, I have a hobo sign on the front porch that apparently means "bad tempered owner lives here", but I guess JWs do not speak hobo.
A Darwin fish would be ultra-cool!

There are advantages to apartment living, Mel. Think of me next time you are lounging around carefree while I am fighting off JWs with a broom.

And I don't think you are supposed to resuscitate JWs either, 668. Isn't that against their beliefs? You'd just have to stand there and watch him flail around. That would not be nice.

Toccata said...

Oh my gosh. These comments are killing me! Hilary, your mom sounds awesome. My mom did the old, "Hide, the JW's are on the sidewalk," yell.

I'm lucky like Mellowlee. I live in a rather decrepit looking "character" home converted into apartments so I have no hope of someone saving my soul, or whatever it is they do.

Jas Bhambra said...

So glad to hear about the results on the south side.

That picture sure is hilarious. :)

Ben said...

Excellent picture Barbara LOL.

Thank heavens they've got rid of that war monger Rumsfelt. Even his own Army hated him and his arrogant attitude.

There's very few days when Pete's not in the news, and yet he's still got legions of fans.

Karen said...

Now I want a Darwin Fish.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That must be the standard mom yell, Toccata, well except for Hilary's mom that is. They probably think the devil himself lives at your place. Lucky!

Things are definitely looking up south of the border, Jas.

I wonder what Rumsfeld's replacement is like, Ben. I haven't heard much about him. But I do think it's a case of all the dominoes falling right now.
Pete continues to fascinate with his horrible behaviour, doesn't he?

That would be pretty cool, Karen.

mellowlee said...

I can just picture you fighting them off with a broom LOL I am totally a duck behind the sofa when the JWs come around kind of gal :)

mellowlee said...

PS I've listened to the CD a few times already and love it Thanks again!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I talk big, Mel, but in reality I would be cowering behind the couch, given a choice. It's only when I'm caught off guard that I wield a broom.

I am loving my cds as well. Totally gobsmacked by the birthday cd now as well! It's going to take a while for me to give these all the proper listen they deserve.

Will said...

I am ashamed to say that I do not have the same awareness of Canadian politics that you do of America. I am, however, happy to hear your kind words. It was just so exciting to see the democrats get the senate - as that seemed just too good to be true. The tides are really turning ... Bush's approval ratings have been so low, so it was great to see this general anti-war sentiment expressed in numbers.

Will said...

And keep up with the Blunt attacks!

Will said...

I'm pro-Blunt attack war ... but that's about it on that front.

kees said...

Loving the picture, very much so. Stu is the WORST when it comes to people preaching. He invites them on in for a heated debate. I once met up with him in town and he hissed at me "don't come near me - I've just told that guy over there I'm gay". Apparently they'd got into a bit of a 'discussion' about the evils of homosexuality.

Also like to say yes, very happy about all the political goings on across the pond. "Buh-Bye Rumsfeld" woohoo!!!!

John Mutford said...

When I was a teenager, I owned a duck. It was an imprinted duck (drake, actually), having been born in an incubator. It was difficult when we had to keep him outside. Well, not that difficult. Duck shit stains carpets. Anyway, whenever we opened the front door, the duck would come running and try to get back inside.

One day a Jehova's Witness came to the door. I was a polite teen, unable to tell her to beat it as she went on and on about hell and Christ. My older sister came out to rescue me, but upon seeing the Jehova's Witness, chicken out leaving the two of us to try miserably to stifle back laughter (which in hindsight, was probably ruder than telling her to scram). Anyway, long story short, the duck came to our rescue. As it hopped (comically, in our view) up the steps, the Witness turned and ran off as if Satan had now developed webbed feet. Needless to say, the duck was allowed in that day and was awarded with stale bread.

Thanks for bringing back the memory.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Here's a fast lesson in current Canadian politics, Will. Substitute the name Stephen Harper for George W Bush, and you are good to go. Wel, not exactly, but we do often refer to Harper as Bush Lite.
Around this house, our motto is "make Blunt-attack war, not love".

Right on, Stu! He's a bit of a firecracker, isn't he, Kees?
I love when people are able to pull off things like that. Jerry's friend's dad used to answer the door nude when the various religious groups came around.

hahaha what a great story, John! I'll bet that duck was just strutting around like Chuck Norris after that! A goose, yes I can certainly see running from a goose, but a duck? That is so great - I want an attack duck now.

Evelyne said...

If they come back Barbara, don't argue with them, my brother did that once and they kept coming back to talk to my brother... he explained them that a couple of things happening in the Bible can be explain with science, but the funniest part of it was that one of them thought that my brother was right...
And it is so funny when they come, we try to hide or we fight to let someone else talk with them... and they usually come when I'm the only one home, that i just woke up and i'm still wearing pyjamas... so they give me things to read and they leave...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hahaha.. note to self: if ancient JW collapses on my porch, due to large dog jumping up, remember do not resuscitate. perhaps i'll just send poochie out to lick him.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh no, never argue with them, Evelyne, they love that! Unless you can say some really outrageous things, or you're nude or something (although that works best if you are a man).

I can just see it, 668, telling your dog, "no don't lick his face - you might end up rescucitating him:.

kees said...

Hey anonymous!! Get bent!!!

Yeah Stu is something of a firecracker :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Anonymous spammer has been banished to hell, Kees, so now it looks like you are yelling at nobody at all hahaha! But I know that you were protecting my honour.

kees said...

Hehehe! State-normal for me Barb, yelling at nobody at all :)

Did you banish him or did Blogger do the honours? Only a geniune person commented on my blog anonymously and now it's totally vanished. Maybe I need to change my settings or summit?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I had the pleasure of kicking their spammer ass straight to hell, Kees. How odd that you had an anony comment disappear, unless that person changed their mind about commenting and came back to delete it. It's the only explanation I can think of.

Anonymous said...


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