Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You'll never be young again...
- Art of Kissing
- Ballboy
That is so true. But a lot of people helped make that a little less painful today. I woke up to some lovely ecards that made me all verklempft, particularly as I didn't even realize that Michelle and GOB knew it was my birthday. There were some lovely new cds waiting on the kitchen table - the new Decemberists (yay!) from Jerry which he had to run all around town for, as all the stores were sold out. And my darling daughter had made me, not one, but two great mixes and, demonstrating that she had been paying attention to my broad hints, put lots of Ballboy songs on them, as well as some great tracks from the Moldy Peaches, Momus, Magazine, Luxembourg, the Magnetic Fields, oh lots of great stuff.
Jas brought in a fabulous chocolate trufle cake at work and I ate a slice before eating my lunch. I figured if I was going to drop dead of old age, at least I've had dessert.
My sweetheart niece Beth sent me a nice chatty email and I got three phone calls from family during supper, goddamnit. Okay that part, not so good. Well the calls were nice, but my supper sure got cold.
How is it possible that I am 48 years old and yet I still channel my inner 8-year old boy? All the time. Can that be healthy? What kind of role model does that make me for my daughter?
Oh well, fuck it, it's my birthday, I can be as immature as I need to be.
Art of Kissing - Ballboy

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John Mutford said...

Happy Birthday to You (Happy Birthday)
Happy Birthday to You (Happy Birthday)
Happy Birthday, Barbsey
Happy Birthday to You!

(Go to hell, you old bastard).

P.S. I'll have the Rolling Stones killed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ahhh thanks, John! I wanna be just like Monty Burns when I grow up.

John Mutford said...

Ha! I'm glad that you

a) got the Simpsons reference (or you followed the link, whatever)

b) didn't get offended by a Burns joke-the picture reminded me of him, not you!

c) are forgiving of people who list everything alphabetically.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I confess I followed the link, but then I got lost in it for a long time as I love reading all the little Simpson's details.
List-making is as crucial as breathing.

Alana said...

Hey, this is something I should know! Why was I not informed??

Ah, so happy birthday Barb. It's not midnight here yet so it still qualifies as an UN-belated birthday wish, I hope you had a good one (it sure sounds like you did!).

I would have e-carded you myself had I known. Instead I will go wash my hands, because somewhat OCD-like I sing happy birthday in my twice while I lather (because that's literally how long people should wash their hands for, it's not just something I came up with, I swear), and instead of saying Happy Birthday To Me, I will replace Me with Barb.

Ooooooooh, just got an idea.

Heh heh heh...

tangentB said...
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Allison said...

Happy Birthday my friend!! (I'm making a post-it note as a reminder to next year) CDs and chocolate cake, man it doesn't get much better.
Why grow old when you can be immature forever? I think this makes you an excellent role model for Eva, I'm sure she'd agree your a pretty kick-ass Mom. My Mom wouldn't even know any of the bands you listed in your post, or any references to South Park, but she let me watch The Simpsons so I can forgive her.

Hope you have a great evening!

Deb said...

I'm singing in my Marilyn voice. I did remember earlier (only because we just recently discussed our Libraism) and thought about you today. Hope you smiled more than is legal and you laughed a big belly laugh at least once today. Wonderful people deserve wonderful birthdays.....all the best to you Barbara!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We were deliberately keeping it pretty quiet, Alana, because birthday hooplas are for young folks. But I certainly appreciate the hand-wash birthday singing - the most unique approach I believe I have ever heard of. (I admit to a littel concern regarding the idea...)

Thanks Allison! That's quite a compliment! I have to admit that Eva goes a long long way in keeping me in the loop. We sort of feed off each other, I'm afraid.

That's so very sweet, Deb - thanks!
And may I return the sentiment right back at you, as I believe it is your birthday tomorrow? Or, oops, was it yesterday? Forgive me if I missed it and please accept my best wishes either way, you lucious Libra you!

Ben Heller said...


Barbara I didn't know. Seems like you had a great day.

You should have given me a hint on my Van Halen post today, because you share your birthday with David Lee Roth.

Lots more food again but you are totally excused today.

Well done, to me you're a girl still, and I think everyone who comes here loves your girlish fun loving charm.

Evelyne said...

Happy birthday!
It seems like a nice birthday!

Barbara said...

Happy belated Birthday Barbara B. !
I think celebrating it for weeks afterwards is the way to go so there will be more celebration to follow...
stay tuned.

kees said...

Happy Birthday lady!!! Sounds like you had a right old time. I have big plans to channel my inner 8-year old boy for many many years to come yet - t'would be unhealthy to repress the little devil so don't you worry. Congratlations!

Karen said...

Birthday? It was your birthday? Damn. I missed it... now I feel bad. Oh well, it's in my calendar for next year. Glad to hear you had a happy day!

mellowlee said...

Happy Birthday Barbara! *adds another CD to the pile* ;)
I'm happy to hear it was such a great day and kudos to Jerry and Eva for making it such a wonderful day! :)

Will said...

somebody give me a beat

go barbara
it's your birthday
gonna party like it's your birthday
gonna eat salmon and pizza like it's your birthday
and you don't give a fuck cuz it's your birthday

hope you don't have to work
office depot's still a jerk
a new decembrists cd would make me go bezerk
you got some mix cd's
for some offspring
and hopefully there's no songs from the offspring

ok that's all i got ... sorry

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aww Ben, you're so sweet, thanks. I'd actually rather not consider the implications of sharing a birthday with David Lee Roth, thanks, as I cannot STAND the guy! Fortunately, I also share a birthday with John Prine and that I can embrace.

Thanks Evelyne, it was really nice.

Thanks Barbara W. Say, do you know something I don't know? Because around here we generally get birthdays over with as quickly as possible.

Well if you plan to keep your inner 8 year old boy alive for decades to come, Kees, then I shall celebrate the fact that mine is here to stay. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

No need to feel badly, Karen. It was not common knowledge and it was pretty low-key - all in all a pretty great day.

hoho Mel, was that the sound of another cd I hear? You sure know the magic words, don't you?

Oh Will!!!! Just when I think I have heard it all, you go and surpass yourself!!! You kill me!
Kill me, I tell you!
And no, I don't have to work today teehee.

WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

Wow, I am a badddd Martha! Happy belated birthday girl!!!! I hope you had a wonderful one!!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nonsense! You are a fabulous Martha, Bev! I hardly remembered the damn thing myself.

Alana said...

LOL, "gonna eat salmon and pizza like it's your birthday".

That's freakin' priceless!

mellowlee said...

Sooooo, I have the cd's all done, but now I think I'm going to pull out some art paper and hand make the cd cover as my printer isn't working. I can't wait to finish these and send em all off! *jumping up and down*

Barbara said...

I'm back to wish you more birthday fun... I'll even sing if you want.
They say it's your birthday!!!!
Ok i'll stop.
Did you watch the season finale you have on tape and compare it to the season opener yet? Did I tell you I saw Jeremy at the opener?
He is as sweet as ever.
I'm not sure men like me calling them sweet though.
I'm rambling now.
It's must be because of the guy I am dating... I'm in 'likes a lot'...he brings a very big smile to my face. we'll see.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i'll add birthday greetings to you as well. my friends and i believe that it is perfectly reasonable to celebrate your birthday all week long. and i love the fact that you ate cake first, because as a workbuddy once said to me, you know you can eat dessert first, you are an adult. .. :)

and my friend just told me about happy birthday and washing hands. and now, i can not stop thinking about it every time i wash my hands. but she told me it was three times. but perhaps with those three syllable names only have to do it twice. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well the salmon and pizza probably refers to the fact that's what Canadians eat, Alana, don't you know. And I can only assume that on birthdays whoa ho, we go nuts!
I sometimes have a hard time deciding which one of you guys kills me more. Not that it's a contest or anything.

Woohoo, Mel! Way to go! And handmade covers too (although it sucks big time about your printer). I'm all excited now.

I did watch the episodes back to back, Barbara W, and thought I'd write a comparison when I get a little spare time - on the weekend maybe.
Yeah you mentioned on the blog post that you saw Jeremy and a bunch of other folks.
And it's nice that your dating is going well.

Thanks 668! Although I have to say that by the end of the day, I've had enough birthday. I'm not good on long goodbyes.
Three times for handwashing seems a little excessive to me - especially if you leave the tap running, which I'm sure you don't...

Alana said...

ALL Canadians eat salmon??

Crap. I knew I felt a little European lately, because I couldn't be PAID to eat salmon! Or anything else that ever swam, for that matter. Yuck.

There goes my patriotism, right out the window, hey?

She's Crafty said...

happy, happy birthday.
I know it seems like I've disappear so so behind on blogging (you saw my schedule!) I am sorry that I didn't send these wishes sooner!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Alana you can still be Canadian if you eat Hawkin's Cheesies. Because nothing says I am Canadian like the inside of your mouth ripped to ratshit.

Thanks, and no worries, Serah! It's not really a big day for me anyway. And your schedule is totally brutal!

hilary m. said...

I'm late! I'm late!

I'm always a late on the news, it's unfortunate. But it sounds like you had a very Happy Birthday indeed!

bestest wishes,

hilary m.

phlegmfatale said...

happy birthday, darling. You're fabulous!