Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time for a Makeover

This is the picture that Blogger wouldn't let me post yesterday, when I wanted to use it to illustrate the Crane Wife. Isn't it a stunning picture?
I'm not hugely fond of birds, but that painting is so well done, you can see every detail of each feather and reed.
That is now my new wallpaper on my laptop, and I'm pretty well chuffed about it.
I changed the wallpaper on my work computer last week too. For about a year, I had this picture of George Stroumboulongname and I sharing a hug. Awww! (Look how grey my hair is there!). However now that I can no longer watch The Hour , looking at that picture just pisses me off and makes me sad, so I changed it to something that currently makes me deliriously happy.
Ooooh, one good thing that has come out of The Hour scheduling change is that it frees me up to watch My Name is Earl and The Office on Thursday nights. I saw them for the first time this season last week and almost required defibrillation. God, those are wickedly funny shows!
This is what is now currently on my wallpaper at work - the Decemberists. How can anyone not love them? Look at those faces!
On the home computer, we have a very funny photoshopped picture that Eva found called "do not taunt happy fun possum". If she ever finds the file again, I will show you.
I'm going to switch up my wallpaper more often now. Life is too short to be stuck staring at the same picture all the time.
What's on your wallpaper on your computer? How often do you change it? Is it even important to you?
I should revamp my blog too, but I'm too much of a chicken-shit to try. I should just break down and hire somebody. I'd love to have more versatility with the sidebars and sometimes all that green just oppresses me.
I'm off to bake Allison's pumpkin cake now!


mellowlee said...

I love the crane art, great choice for a wallpaper! I change my wallpaper fairly often. Sometimes I use friend's photos they posted, like right now I have a picture of the tree and falling snow that Alana posted, then sent to me. Buster has a gorgeous photo of a cornfeild with rainclouds closing over that he just took that I want to use next. Sometimes I'ts seasonal to get me in the mood of the holiday, or a favorite artist, or art or other things I like : Coffee, Chocolate, etc, Tim Burton movies. Devon doesnt really like it when I put pics of him up, so I try not to do that :)

mellowlee said...

PS if you ever decide to change your template, make sure you "back up" all your links, sitemeter codes, etc in notepad. I learned that the hard way lol!

Allison said...

Love the crane pic, makes me sad though because I just returned from an attempt at cd shopping...they did not have The Decemberists new one :( They did however have three Cuff the Duke cds, which I found odd...SO I bought Microserfs, as you mentioned it the other day, and it was on sale. I figured I don't have enough to

Currently my wallpaper is a picture I posted last Sunday (from out of the train window), and I typically change it every few weeks. Lately I've done a lot of landscape photos, but sometimes it pics with friends.

I'm enlisting my friend (who designed the Strombo layout) to do mine...he just doesn't know it yet ;P

Yeah for more pumpkin cake...was it you that suggested lemon? Next time I wanna try that. Hope it turns out :)

Toccata said...

Maybe because I'm lagging behind in the whole computer scene and wallpaper is something I actually know how to do I change it at least once a week! I'm worried that says something about my life.

Oh, pumpkin cake sounds good. Hmm, I think maybe I'll go and make some pumpkin date muffins instead.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Coffee and chocolate - now those would be lovely wallpapers, Mel.
It's great to use something that is meaningful to you personally. I used to use a great one of the Weakerthans that Eva took at the folk festival, where we were within arm's reach of John K Samson.
I am pretty excited to change up my wallpaper often again now. You get tired of looking at the same stuff, even if it is George.
Now you are scaring me into not changing my template! I think if I do change, I will hire someone to revamp it entirely, as I am an idiot when it comes to computer stuff.

Allison, check your email.
I actually got the Crane Wife for my birthday and Jerry said it was the only copy left in the store.
I hope you like Microserfs, it's one of my favourite books. You said they were making it into a film? I'm there!
That train window picture would make a beautiful wallpaper! I love that one!
It was our friendly neighbourhood baker, Ben, who suggested lemon glaze. I'm actually going to try that.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Pumpkin date muffins!! Oh lord, Toccata, that sounds divine. I'm a sucker for anything with dates in it.

I sort of lost the urge to change up the wallpaper, but it's back now.

I heard you were starting a blog. How's it coming along?

Deb said...

I'm a bird lover, so I very much appreciate the crane pic.

Your old wallpaper is very Meryl that pic of you, it's beeeeea-u-tiful.

I'm with toccata...I change mine about every couple of days....A.D.D., remember?? Also, I agree with the "one of the things I DO know how to do" too. Right now I have a really slammin' MG pic on there (Ty says it looks like he's constipated!! - I'll post it on my blog for you to decide). I just pu it up - it replaced my birthday flowers. Before that was Linds as Batman. I LOVE changing's kind of like a momentary photo album thing that I have going on.

That song just rules the earth, that's all and I love it to death, which is pretty severe.

Toccata said...

My blog is so far a bust! If you click on my tag name you get an empty blog page. I feel like a dork but UVic has a reading break in a week and one of my students is going to help me. Hopefully, I can actually figure it out before that though.

How was your cake? The muffins are delicious. I usually make muffins Sunday mornings but after reading about the pumpkin cake and then clicking on food porn I just had to bake tonight!

Mellowelee if I ever figure out how to even get a template I will keep your advice on hand.

By the way Barbara B that picture of you with George is awesome. Your smile in it is fantastic.

Deb I'm with you on the momentary photo album feel to using wallpaper.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That was a fun night that George pic was taken, Deb - when the Hour taped in Calgary last year.
I have lots of musician photos on my computer and I think I'll end up using a lot of those as wallpaper. They'll keep me inspired.
Going to check on the constipated Matt Good now...

I wish I could remember what I did to start up my blog, Toccata. I think I pretty much just followed the three (?) steps they have listed. Maybe I was just lucky, because I am a computer idiot.
The cake is divine! Now there's all this cake though. I think I'll have to bring some in to work on Monday.
I do have a pretty big shit-eating grin in that George photo, don't I? I was pretty comfy there.

Maureen said...

Thanks for the kick, I haven't changed mine in months - it's a picture I took of a "crane" (or blue heron as we call them here). Off to search for something new - unfortunately mine all have to be kid rated, hahaha.

Karen said...

Pumpkin cake? Man, I'm soooo jealous of Allsion! Mind you, my niece and I made pumpkin raisin cookies for halloween so it's not all bad.

Love the pic of you and Georgie! It's awesome. As for my background, my home computer has a picture from the upcoming movie 300 that I posted on my blog a week or two ago....mmmm 1/2 naked greek warriors played by hottie British/Scottish actors. I'm in heaven.

I'm about to change my blog as well. However, I've created a different blog in order to get it right before changing it. That way once i'm happy with the final product, I just need to copy and paste.

Barbara said...

I bought my computer a short time after my boyfriend died. I have had his picture as my wallpaper from day one. I thought of changing it for a minute when I started dating Bill but I am glad I didn't. Graham will always be there for me.
I have never even thought to put a pic of George up as my unfangirl of me.
I have a poster though ...
Plus a folder full of pics I use for the blog.
Barbara B. I hold out hope that CBC Newsworld will change the time slot for The Hour in the west...the dialog continues.

Ben Heller said...

Did you send the post you wrote on your Strombo site to the TV station Barbara ? I know schedulers are a law unto themselves but you never know.

I like the Crane pic, but then I love all birds, particularly songbirds.

I'm too scared to do anything with blogger backgrounds at the moment. For some reason, even posting has become technically difficult. I even considered moving to yesterday.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Kid rated wallpaper - I guess Kelly the fireguy's new friend is out then, Maureen?

Naked Greek warriors could also make an inspiring wallpaper, Karen.
You sound pretty confident in your blog-changing aspirations. You've changed it before, haven't you? I'm just terrified of mucking everything up.

I can see why you would want to keep your wallpaper of Graham, Barbara W. That's a wonderful way to remember and honour him.
You know, the longer I go without watching the Hour, the less I miss it, I'm sorry to say. You know what life is like; as soon as there is a spare hour something jumps in to fill it. I do feel out of the loop when people are discussing the show and I haven't a clue what they are talking about.

I've been noticing Blogger has been very persnickety the last few days, Ben. It's horribly frustrating and one is almost afraid to breathe for fear of upsetting Blogger.
I have yet to send off a letter to CBC Audience Relations, but I will when I get a spare minute.
I'm assuming in your area, the songbirds do not start singing at 3:30am in the summer? Around here they do, making it a little harder to love them.

John Mutford said...

Call me a minimalist, but I don't have any wallpaper. Simple blue, that's it.

I used to have my MusicMatch set to have the cd art from whatever song was currently playing, but I shut it off a few months ago.

Allison said...

Barb, I'm glad you said it first...the less I watch The Hour too, the less I miss it :(
Maybe I'll catch up online in a few weeks...

Deb said...

(sorry constipation pic yet. Persnickety - that is such a great word...just had to tell you)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

aaahh, that is a sweet photo.

i like to change mine every week. right now, i have the social distortion logo up. this is one i go back to again and again. it makes me happy.

and yes, take mellowlee's advice! i, too, have learned the hard way of what happens when you change your template.

Toccata said...

Well, it looks like I may now be known as rockin-toccata because well, I managed to get at least a profile to show on that ridiculous moniker. Now, if I can only figure out the template thing-a-ma-jig!

Ok, maybe not since I clearly don't even know my own username! I'm going for a walk before I take a sledge hammer to my computer.

Evelyne said...

I really like the bird's picture and the one of you and George, it is a nice hug that you got! And your are not the only one not watching The Hour, I tape the show and try to watch it on weekends but it is getting hard with school...

right now my wallpaper is the sunset and the beer bottles that I posted last week... and I try to change every month or so, at home my parents have a software that changes the wallpaper everyday (you can change it as often as you want) you simply have to say which pictures you want to have as a wallpaper

Barbara Bruederlin said...

John, I am a wannabe-minimalist when it comes to home decorating but I live with two pack rats. On my computer though, the more the merrier. Cd cover art would be extremely cool.

I know, Allison, there's just too much going on in our lives to miss a tv show, no matter how good it is. (And I thought I was just being callous)

I'll be waiting for the constipation picture when it breaks onto the scene, Deb. I love words like "persnickety".

Band stuff makes great wallpaper, 668. I'm going with bands for the next while.

You are getting there, Toccata! Wish I could help, but I think a walk to protect the computer from sledge hammer is a brilliant idea.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love your beer bottles and sunset picture,Evelyne! It is such a great twist on what could be a very traditional picture.

Sorry to hear that you can't watch the Hour very much either. I agree, if you have to tape the show, the chances are pretty good you are not going to watch it.

Toccata said...

I have a profile! I can't believe how ridiculously excited I am about this little accomplishment.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay Toccata! I'm coming over to look at it right now.

kees said...

How weird - I have literally JUST finished messing with my blog design/background/template thing! It's been a lot of work but I enjoyed it - go for it! It's very satisfying.

I like the crane pic very much. I have had the same wallpaper on my PC at work FOR YEARS. It's a really bright gold flower and it makes me happy. My mac is clever and changes it's colourful swirly pattern every 5 minutes so I don't have to change him!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Kees, so happy to have to back. I loke your new template a lot. It wasn't too scary to do?

kees said...

It was pretty scary. I backed stuff up A LOT to begin with then I got a bit cocky and was just deleting and adding stuff left right and centre. When I started this blogging lark I had to ask how to italicise stuff. Now I feel like a god.