Sunday, October 22, 2006

Postcards from my happy place
Spotted on a t-shirt:
You've! Never Been to a Disco
The Constantines are making music all over the place.
Will Kidman, performing under the name Woolly Leaves, has a solo album out called "Quiet Waters", while Steve Lambke, going by the handle Baby Eagle, has just recorded a solo album as well.
The story of how the Baby Eagle recording session came about is kinda cool and very sweet. Apparently Steve was talking to Christine Fellows in a bar late one night when she offered to record his album at the home she shares in Winnipeg with her husband John K Samson of the Weakerthans. Steve dismissed this as drunk talk until he passed through Winnipeg a few months later and Christine pulled out her calendar and started making plans for Steve to come to their house to record.
You gotta love the Canadian music scene!
And the best news of all? The Constantines are getting ready to work on their next album!!!!!!!!
(and you thought I was excited before!)
Novillero to appear on Monk
posted by novillero Aug 17, ‘06

Winnipeg, Canada’s mod soul power explosion, Novillero, is set to appear on USA Network’s hit TV series, Monk (starring Tony Shalhoub) on August 25 (Canadian air date tba). Two original Novillero songs are performed and lines are spoken, but will Mr. Monk solve the crime?

This June, Mint Records act Novillero spent three days in Los Angeles on the set of Monk, playing themselves, as headliners of an outdoor rock festival. Tony Shaloub’s detective, Monk, jumps up on stage interrupting their performance. While Monk stands centre stage, trying to get the audience to co-operate in his investigation, Novillero yell out, “Forget this guy”, and crash into their song again.

Most of the band had never watched Monk until a few days before the shoot, except for Rod, who’s been a huge Tony Shaloub fan since his “Wings” days, but they were all very excited about the opportunity. “We arrived on set at 6:45 a.m. and there were about 250 extras already there, many of whom were wearing Novillero t-shirts. I didn’t really realize until then that we were the “headliners” of the fake festival. As if! ”

The band were asked to do the show after a music supervisor caught their SXSW set, noting The Flaming Lips were originally tapped to appear but had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict. A true SXSW success story!
Novillero’s Sean, Grant and Rod had the grand opportunity of ‘having lunch’ with Monk co-star Ted Levine (known to many as the serial killer “Buffalo Bill’ in Silence of the Lambs). Ted opened up to the boys, sharing his thoughts on one of his latest movies “The Hills Have Eyes” (‘a little too bloody’) and his favourite music (‘David Bowie’s”Heroes”’ is the tops) among other things. In return Novillero shared some of the Great White North’s secrets, for example why cars have to be plugged in during Winnipeg winters.

The world of TV seems to be catching up with them, as crowd sizes continue to build for Novillero from their intense live shows and busy schedule. A fall tour with The New Pornographers in Canada and their own string of dates in the USA is in the works to help celebrate this great opportunity for the band and a chance for audiences to see the dynamic live show in person.

“Embracing power pop harmonies, sunshine pop horn arrangements, and Krautrock-inspired synths, [a] near-perfect debut” - All Music Guide
Plus, Novillero's video "The Hypothesist" has been nominated for a Western Canada Music Award.
I couldn't find a copy of it, but here's another the video for "The Art of Carrying On", which I think you will enjoy. It features the delicate art of driving in Winnipeg in the winter, while playing drums in the back seat. And it's got Tambourine Guy!


Allison said...

That tambourine man killed me! I love how the last shot of the video was him too. So everyone else on the bus died while playing instruments in the car?
I really liked the song, I'll have to search out more of their stuff. It seems everywhere I turn there is good music these days, I love it!

Yay for a new Constantines record!! Early next year? That would be grand. My goal for '07 is to see them live.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Isn't Tambourine Guy great, Allison? He's just like that in concert too - just so wildly enthusiastic - I love him!

I love that ending shot of him standing in the driveway while the bus goes by (and he still gets to have the big tambourine flourish at the end).

I'm not sure of the timing of the Cons' new record, but if you get to see them live, I would consider crawling over broken glass to have the chance to do so.

mellowlee said...

I love your music posts!!! That song and video were great. LOVE the tamborine guy :)

Deb said...

SAA-wweet! You got the guys on video who've been merging in the front of the line. Good job. Let's turn 'em in.

(great song, as usual)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Mel. Novillero are such a supa band! And isn't that video great? I can't wait to watch them on Monk!

I thought I recognised them from somewhere, Deb! It all makes sense now ... and they seemed like such nice guys...

Anonymous said...

Oh no you didn't!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yes I did, Zoltar!

Will said...

I absolutely love the Canadian music scene - and I love how everyone has multiple bands. That way, you are always satisfied. We could sure learn a lot from the Canadian music scene.

What a great SXSW story - and I love how indie bands are on television shows all the time.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's funny, Will, I was watching Going Coastal last night (which is a Canadian music scene show) and they were talking to bands from Victoria. At one point, the interviewer asked one band member "which band that we've talked to tonight AREN'T you a member of?" So yes, it's true, everybody plays with everybody else.
I guess with it being a relatively small industry, you need to do stuff like that. But I like it too.
I'd love to go to SXSW some day!

Will said...

I'm hoping next year will be my first SXSW pilgrimage.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope you do make it there, Will. That, my friend, would be beyond awesome.