Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just call me Siskel and Ebert
Remember when I went to see Trainspotting at the Sage Theatre recently?
I was contacted by the Artistic Director today, who apparently liked my write-up and he asked if I would like to review their next production of The Dazzle.
Like, yeah!
(I'm so eloquent)


I don't normally listen to songs on repeat, but I must have listened to The Crane Wife Pt 3 at least 15 times in a row today. It is such a powerful and beautiful song and I don't ever remember Colin Meloy's voice sounding so mesmerizing.
I'm falling a little bit in love with him, and not just because he's so sweet and bookish and slightly pudgy either.
Colin Meloy as a sex symbol? Stranger things have happened.


Allison and I both really like the Futurehead's cover of Hounds of Love, but lately I've been thinking about the original and how I haven't heard it in forever.

Does anybody have the Kate Bush song that perhaps they might like to post sometime?

I'd love to hear it again and you would be my BFF.


668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am sure someone must have the kate bush, but if not, i have her box set. but i don't know how to post music files etc yet.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hey 668, I was just coming over to your place! I'm interested in reading your post on The Hour scheduling (as well as the other interesting things you write, of course).

If you are interested in posting music (not just for the Kate Bush thing, but because you are such a music lover), Bolt.com is really good and really easy to use. And if you need to convert files to mp3 first, Jodix.com has really good free software for converting wma to mp3.

Allison said...

"Hounds of Love" Kate Bush
I meant to put it on the cd I made for you, as I figured you'd already have The Futureheads version. But typical me, I forgot. So here it is.

How awesome they've asked you to do another review!

I'm constantly listening to songs on repeat, especially when I get into a writing/studying grove. Right now I'm listening to the new K-OS album, its delightful.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Allison - you are my BFF! Thanks!

It was great to hear that again. But you know, I do prefer the Futureheads cover. It's so great.

I can see listening on repeat when you are writing or concentrating - it would help you stay in that train of thought. You're going to see K-Os soon, aren't you?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

coming over to my place? yikes! i'd better clean up.... hee heee

haha.. i have bolt down on my list of things i need to look into. i will have to move it up some...:)

my new hour post will be tied into my strombo show recap. i have decided to shove all strombo related stuff into the one post a week. i am having trouble getting into it this week tho. probably because i have three or four other posts that i want to write as well.

however, if you haven't read it, but are interested, there is a bitchy post written the day of the season opener of the hour...

and congrats on being asked to review!

mellowlee said...

That's so cool that you were asked to review that play! I wonder if they will send you complimenary tickets. When's the show? So awesome :)

I love The Crane Wife Pt 3, in fact before I knew you hadn't heard The Crane Wife, I put that song on one of your mixes. That's so funny, I just thought, I bet she LOVES this song (and you hadn't even heard it yet). Sorry I'm so slow sending them out. Hopefully it will be worth it :)

Did you watch the Hour tonight? I caught a tiny part of it, then fell asleep I was so zonked out, and woke up and the Mercer Report was just ending.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh I'll have to check out the season opener, 668. Don't bother cleaning up though, I promise not to check out the bathroom.
I'm pretty pumped on being asked to review - I love doing stuff like that!

They did offer to send complimentary tickets, Mel. Yay! It runs Nov 23 - Dec 3, I think.
What a great idea putting CW3 on a mix! I can't listen to it enough. You know my music taste, don't you? Don't you love that part of making a mix for someone, imagining their reaction to a particular song? That's my favourite part.
No Hour for me again tonight. It's the old too early or too late issue.

Jas B said...

YAY! for you, Barb. I'll bring over my autograph book for you to sign when we meet on thursday. :)

Ben Heller said...

So who's the big theatre critic now the Barbara ? Eat your heart out Village Voice !

This is one of the advantages of Blogger I guess. Before you would have gone to the show, enjoyed it, and thought nothing else of it. Now you feel the need to share your experience with your readers, which leads to thoughtful and expressive reviews (which you're good at). Well done Barbara.

Now....Kate Bush, where do I start ?

I could reel of 50 songs I love by her but some particular favourites.

In no particular order...
Wuthering Heights
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Symphony In Blue
Hammer Horror
Oh England,My Lionheart
Army Dreamers
Night Scented Stock
Sat In Your Lap
There Goes A Tenner
Hounds Of Love
This Woman's Work

That's a start.There's a lot more.

As for albums, most people choose Hounds Of Love and The Dreaming.

I would choose Hounds Of Love and Never Forever. I wasn't keen on The Dreaming.

Sorry for the long comment, I got carried away.

Karen said...

Oh my god Barbara! A new career for you! That's fantastic. You get to blog and see a new play. I'm so jealous.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Jas! You silly! I'm waiting for your big stage production, because I know how you love acting so much hahaha.

Blogging is great that way, isn't it, Ben? And yes, I actually think that it makes me appreciate things such as plays and concerts and new albums more, because I think about them a little more indepth than if I weren't planning to tell the whole world about them.
You are quite a Kate Bush fan! I hada roommate in university who was quite keen on Kate Bush and was thus exposed to her music then, but she really wasn't very mainstream here. Well, I don't know how mainstream she is in the UK either.
What do you think of her new album?
And please never apologize for lengthy comments. You know I love when people get enthusiastic about things, especially music.

I am very lucky, Karen! I don't know if getting a pair of complimentary theatre tickets constitutes a new career, but I'll take it!

Anonymous said...

You most certainly could write for a living. Brava!

scarlet woundsmile said...

I've visited before, but haven't commented. Just felt compelled to say how much I enjoy it here :) cheers!

mellowlee said...

YAY for free tickets! I bet you will have a great time, if it's anything like the last one, plus we all get to hear all about it :) That is the best part of making mixes for sure!! I've been so spoiled lately with all this new music.
I'm home early enough today, I think I will put The Hour on while I make dinner (we're having chicken caesar salad MMMM)

John Mutford said...

Reviewing theatre, eh? That sounds fantastic- free tickets are included I assume?

Will said...

Look at you - theatre critic. That is so damn cool.

I need to get that Decemberists cd, and then I am sure it will be played on repeat.

I, too, love he Futureheads cover of "Hounds of Love." I actually have never heard the original. (Now I will go hide in shame).

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, you scored yourself some Review space?!? ALRIGHT! Too sweet, congratulations my dear friend!!!!!

heh, & I can say that I have your autograph before you were a star. Although you've always shone in my book.

Wow that sounded like ass-kissing. :D

I totally agree with you & Ben, there are things that happen at times that force me to articulate the event in my head for future blogging. Now if only I'd blog more, hah. Eh, nah. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Leazwell, that is so sweet of you! It's a dream of mine...

Hi Scarlet Woundsmile! Welcome! I'm glad you like it here, there are a lot of wonderful people who come to visit. You are always welcome to come by.

I'm pretty pleased about the free tickets, Mel, although being asked was certainly the main prize for me.
You do that as well when you make mixes do you? I just finished burning the victory cds and kept imagining how people would react to various songs.
Lucky you, catching the Hour tonight PLUS chicken!

Free tickets are indeed included, John! Just say the word and I will fly up there to review your production.

Isn't that neat, Will?
The new Decemberists cd is sooo good that it is easy to repeat it endlessly. Just be careful not to fall for Colin Meloy.
Did you listen to Kate Bush's Hounds of Love that Allison put up? It's a classic but I do prefer Futureheads.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle, don't forget that I also have your valued autograph, even though I believe you had a sprained finger at the time, poor babe.

Blogging does force you to pay more attention while the event is happening, doesn't it? That's the upside - the downside is me walking around in a daze because I am writing something in my head. I come across as a complete dork all too often.

Anonymous said...

isn't siskel dead, or is it ebert?
One of those guys anyhow

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Siskel is dead, Kelly (although I always thought Ebert would be first).

hilary m. said...

Yay for Crane Wife Part 3!
I love that song also.
Along with umm..
-Yankee Bayonet
-Sons and Daughters

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are all so great, aren't they, Hilary? These days I am absolutely BOWLED OVER by Crane Wife pt 1. I can't believe how magnificent it is.

John Mutford said...

We haven't even picked a script yet! If we do though, you can have free tickets to the show though. Though you're on your own in terms of tickets to Iqaluit- have you ever checked out the ticket costs? OUCH! You could fly to South America for cheaper.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well in that case, South America for me! No offense, but beaches vs snow - no contest.